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Star Trek: New Civilisations
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Star Trek: New Civilisations


Star Trek: New Civilisations
A Star Trek mod: STNC-2306b
Stellaris 3.8.3 compatible

New Civilisations is a Star Trek mod for Stellaris, presenting players with a large number of empires to choose to lead to dominance in a number of Star Trek settings. Formerly known as "Strange New Worlds", the project name was changed to avoid confusion with the new TV series in development.

A Steam Workshop bug incorrectly states the size of this mod. It is in fact 6gb+.

Translation ongoing - see discussions for information on how to contribute

Major Features
Over 800 unique ship sizes and 2,000 ship sections across nearly 90 graphical cultures. Classic designs from Starfleet, the Klingons, Dominion and others sit alongside full shipsets for races such as the Zahl, Ba'ul, Husnock, Karemma, Nyberrite Alliance, Interstellar Concordium, Kreetassan, Nygean, Na'kuhl Protectorate, Vaadwaur Supremacy and many others.

Over 160 unique species with unique clothing options. From all the classic races such as the Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians and Borg, through to even the more obscure members of the Star Trek Galaxy, such as the Troyans, Paradans, Kzinti, Grazerites, Amaralans, Kessok and more.

Many hundreds of events, anomalies, dig sites and crisis chains. Including:
  • Borg Invasion crisis.
  • Dominion Invasion crisis.
  • Mirror Universe Invasion crisis.
  • Prime Universe infiltration crisis.
  • Unity Device crisis.
  • Fluidic Space crisis.
  • Andromedan Invasion crisis.
  • Sphere Builder crisis.
  • Rightful Heir, Gambit, Altamid, Romulan Drone Ship, Skorr and many other mid-game event chains.
  • Anomalies from every Trek series, such as Lower Deck's Sentient Cave, The Original Series' Space Seed, Next Generation's Power Play, Deep Space Nine's Meridian, and many, many more.

Mechanics and Features:
Institutions and Agencies allowing for players to set policies and interact with parts of their empire. Including:
  • Science Directorate - make choices about the kinds of technology that are made available to research.
  • Iconography and Design Bureau - set the uniforms your empire's leaders wear.
  • Naval Museum - retire and re-activate older ship designs.
  • Temporal Benefactor - engage in the Temporal Cold War to acquire unique rewards.
  • Federation Council - oversee the application of new members to the Federation, and promote peace in the quadrant.
  • Klingon Council - interact with the various Great Houses that make up the Klingon Empire.
  • Trill Symbiosis Commission - assign symbionts to aspiring candidates.
  • And many more!

Exploration Clusters allow for exploration to continue into the late-game and beyond.

Improvements to the terraforming system, allowing players multiple methods of increasing or reducing heat, atmosphere etc. in order to make a planet more suitable for their needs.

Multiple maps available, including three sizes of full galaxy map, quadrant-specific maps, and a Starfleet Battles inspired multiplayer-friendly map.

Many new Megastructures added, including Subspace Relays, Fleet Yards and Trading Stations which allow for the purchase of ships, trade goods, relics and rumours and intelligence.

Technology, Economy and Empire Setup:
Revamped and optimised technology tree. Improvements in behind-the-scenes categorisation and structure enable a number of mechanics and systems that would otherwise be impossible.

Streamlined economic system eliminates much late-game slowdown without compromising on key systems.

Improved empire and government setup, allowing players to better customise their empires during gameplay, and removing many hyper-specific restrictions on civics, traits etc.

For players with the First Contact DLC, cloaking will take advantage of the new active states and mechanics, but still provide the old in-combat advantages. For players without the DLC, cloaking will use the old STNC system with evasion and damage bonuses in-combat.

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Looking to support Star Trek: New Civilisations?
New Civilisations is a passion project, and no payment is or ever will be required. That said, if you would like to donate a cup of coffee's worth[], your support would be very much appreciated.
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walshicus  [author] 3 hours ago 
Drop the save somewhere and I'll take a look at what's going wrong.

That said, I do plan to add something agenda-related to address this in the not-too-distant future.
Excellcium 8 hours ago 

I'm not able to declare war as the borg. I've read past comments re must be neighbours and give it some time, but after 100 years I still can't declare war on any of the 3 neighbours in the delta quad.

They also haven't declared war on me yet, which is odd usually they would have by now. Is there a known workaround?
Mr_Wizz Jun 6 @ 11:25am 
What program have You used to improve portraits of humans, romulans etc?
Sleepinghorse Jun 6 @ 6:36am 
Thanks Harabec. That is what's happening.
walshicus  [author] Jun 6 @ 4:48am 
Kaisond - will take a look at those!

Harabec - if you post a save I'll take a look see - that dig site thing sounds odd.
Harabec Jun 6 @ 2:07am 
Did you negotiate the vassalage or did you conquer them? When conquered the vassalage doesn't really seem to follow oppressive rules. Its only when you vassalise them diplomatically and set not expansion that it seems to fully work properly.
Sleepinghorse Jun 6 @ 12:11am 
Why do my subjugated vassals keep expanding when I have oppressive vassalage selected in policies?
Harabec Jun 3 @ 7:19am 
Im still having issues with the 2 romulan qustlines. Been searching every alpha + beta quadrant cluster for over 50 years now, and to begin with there were a couple of hints (I got 2 clues to the menthar homeworld at the start, plus a few mentions about lost colony ships and a hostile world called irunhe or something like that) but then nothing for ages. Have a couple of archaeological dig sites in D'kel cluster but they are broken (when I click the button to begin the site, the window just flickers and returns as it was before clicking)
kaisond1 Jun 3 @ 6:26am 
Hello again Walshicus, I just letting you know that the outposts that you find when you explore the nebula's which can generate extra resources are not working. For example I maxed out an outpost which should create 12 extra dilithium but it does not show up on the resource counter.
Sniggles Jun 3 @ 1:57am 
@walshicus Sure, here:

It happened again just recently with a Kolinahr event chain: the scientist left to take part in the Kolinahr event, but while she was properly removed from my list of available leaders the leader pool continued to reflect that I had her employed. When she returned she seemed to be partially duplicated; she took up two leader slots, but as only one leader. The game registers the "first" her as being there, and even gives me a notice that I have an idle leader employed, but there's nobody there. I suspect this is also what happened with Archer in some way, as he was my pick to tackle the Xindi and he also had that brief period where he was removed from my control before that event chain ended.

I'm unsure if it's something specific to the mod or a part of the most recent patch, but it seems like whatever method is used to temporarily remove leaders for event sequences like that is destructive.