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Fjördur - A Nordic Adventure
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Aug 18, 2019 @ 8:48am
Jul 2 @ 1:19pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Fjördur - A Nordic Adventure

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Fjördur PVE
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Welcome to Fjördur!

This is a map by Nekatus & Trappel and you can find the most important infos here:
  • A new map developed by Trappel & Nekatus
  • A cold map with 3 islands and a nordic setting
  • A mix of cold landscape, beautiful nordic landscapes and a deepsea trench with some nice surprises
  • We DONT want to be "the one" map that includes all DLC content. We are gonna add some DLC content but we are not sure what to add yet
  • It's our hobby project and we are trying our best to make this map as beautiful as possible
  • Maybe we gonna add some more new biomes

EVERYTHING that is listed may change. This are just our plans for the future.
Valguero was a huge success for us and we learned tons of stuff. I'm sure that we are gonna do a great map!
We need your help to improve our map and we are sure that you guys are gonna help us a lot!

I will answer the most asked questions here:
Are we gonna add wyverns: Yes
Are we gonna add griffins: Yes
Are we gonna add reapers: Probably
Are we gonna add rock drakes: Yes
Are we gonna add Extinction drops/element veins: Maybe a custom version of orbital drops and veins
Are we gonna add Extinction titans: Maybe!
Are we gonna add a custom boss: No
Are we gonna add a custom boss arena: Probably/depends on bosses you will be able to fight on Fjördur



A special thanks to the following people:
Hiro for creating graphics & buttons for us. Follow him on Twitch [] & Twitter.

MrRadioactiv for creating Models for us. Follow him on Patreon [] & Steam.

Cpt.Oatmeal for helping me with the setup of new amazing skins for me.

Freyja, Tony & Schaari for testing every Fjördur patch

Support us

Don't forget to rate and comment :)
Have fun and enjoy!

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Devel ( The Expendables ) Sep 26 @ 5:21am 
emm wie stehen die changsen dass ein wenig ;) mehr gegner in der hölen auftauchen ? ^^ so 60-100% mehr gegner ^^
Nekatus  [author] Sep 26 @ 5:11am 
@deepblackexist in den nächsten 1-2 Wochen kommt das letzte große Update womit die Oberfläche bzw die Grundmap Fjördur zu 100% abgeschlossen wird. Danach kommen "nurnoch" die Parallelwelten die mit der normalen Map nichts zutun haben bzw euch nicht beeinflussen :)
deepblackexist Sep 26 @ 2:35am 
Einen schönen guten Tag ✌️ ich bin sehr neugierig und mich würde brennend interessieren wann die Karte fertig ist 😅? Würde sie gerne wenn sie fertig ist spielen 🦖 ich hoffe man bekommt ein paar Infos 🙈 liebe Grüße von einen Fjördur Fan
Totengraeber Sep 25 @ 7:16am 
next update goes on air end of september... if i remember correctly... info from his last devkit stream...

and u will need all DLCs to play the map with all its features (take a look in description)
davegraham74 Sep 20 @ 9:26am 
@nekatus loving the map but I use beacon to change the supply drops could you plz tell me what supply drop did you use e.g the centre,ragnarok etc.
Thank you
l.hinnemann Sep 16 @ 1:14pm 
Hallo , schliesse mich an wann kommt das nächste Update , wann endlich Wyvern ? Wann kann man die Map komlett nutzen? Liebe Grüsse , ein Fan deiner Arbeit..:steamhappy:
Devel ( The Expendables ) Sep 16 @ 11:03am 
hiho , die karte ist mega mörderrisch gut und super schön geworden . Wann machst du den die Barieren auf um in die anderen Biome rein zu kommen ^^ Und kommen in der Höhlen auch noch mehr gegner sporne rein ? dass wäre super cool ^^
Skogsturken Sep 16 @ 6:43am 
oldkane you dont need all dlc's. I personaly dont but I can still use the map just fine.
DagothWave Sep 15 @ 2:25pm 
wait its all skyrim " always has been"