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Hosav's Pets Extended
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Aug 17, 2019 @ 1:44pm
Jan 28 @ 5:55pm
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Hosav's Pets Extended

Adds 41 more pets into the game from existing animals and bosses, some custom variants of already existing animals and bosses.
And some totally custom pets with custom models, animations, textures etc...

All pet icons feature small text saying HPE, standing for Hosav's Pets Extended, so you can easily identify the pets

They are spawned from admin control panel, and can be used as for example quest rewards with Pippi

New pets:
Komodo Albino Bear (Elder White Bear) Child of Jhil Albino Bat Demon Bat Demon Deathknight Iron King Goat Demonic Goat Giant Spider Giant Snake Demonic Spider Deep One Monstrosity Green Dragon Hatchling Red Dragon Hatchling White Dragon Hatchling Imp Imp King Sand Beast Werehyena Werewolf Bull Spitting Iguana Westie, Friendly Fishman (in memory of my dead pet - has healing aura) Scorpion Queen Spider Queen (Black Giant Spider) Red Mother Dragon Albino Komodo Ravenous Wolf Mummy Pig (Mount) Domesticated Dog (3 variants - may be used as offensive spawned NPCs in the world as admin spawned NPCs as well) Serpentmen (can switch up mesh and customize) Reptillian Monstrosity Elite Serpentmen (2 variants - can equip one handed weapons in their first inventory slot) Smoke Demon (can equip two handed weapon in it's first inventory slot) Rotbranch

The mod uses Item Table IDs

This mod uses Thrall IDs

Mod ID

.pak name

All pets share the same diet, but honestly, it's just a minor thing
Their diets have been fixed but might get additional adjustments in the future

More pets to come, recommend some you'd like to see in the comments as well!
Enjoy the mod.

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Hosav  [author] Aug 13 @ 9:36am 
Currently only spawnable through Pippi or admin panel
Lan (Dragon Prince) Aug 10 @ 12:27pm 
how do I make them hatch inside the animal pen? they are not crafting, but I can spawn in for example the hatching from the admin control panel as a item etc am i doing something wrong?
QueenRaven Jul 31 @ 8:28am 
I just love this mod for Conan Exiles!!!!!!! You are the one the best mod developers ever!!!!!:medidynasty_wolf:
QueenRaven Jul 31 @ 8:26am 
I would also like to griffen mounts too. Please could you add them.
QueenRaven Jul 31 @ 8:25am 
I would like to see more horses, unicorns, Pegasus, like wyverns mount to fly on, dragons mount to fly on.
GothicAlice Jul 30 @ 9:39pm 
Is there a way to edit their stats for them to be more vanilla balanced?
QueenRaven Jul 21 @ 6:15am 
trying to tame the babies up in the animal pen
QueenRaven Jul 21 @ 6:12am 
what do these pets eat eat????
Hentai Dude Jul 19 @ 12:56pm 
Please make them obtainable bro, its a amazing mod btw. And for example as balance the bosses could be weaker when "tamed" but can be obtained from slaying the actual boss itself. Please do this bro, idk know how complicated that is but please just make them legit for singleplayer
Greenchilistudioz May 4 @ 1:40am 
I am surprise that serpent men brutes aren't included, could blame you for forgetting it, they are few and far between in numbers compare to skinnier cousins, still great mod!