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Hosav's Pets Extended
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Aug 17 @ 1:44pm
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Hosav's Pets Extended

Adds 29 more pets into the game from existing animals and bosses, some custom variants of already existing animals and bosses.

All pet icons feature small text saying HPE, standing for Hosav's Pets Extended, so you can easily identify the pets

They are spawned from admin control panel, and can be used as for example quest rewards with Pippi

New pets:
Komodo Albino Bear (Elder White Bear) Child of Jhil Albino Bat Demon Bat Demon Deathknight Iron King Goat Demonic Goat Giant Spider Giant Snake Undead Dragon Deep One Monstrosity Green Dragon Hatchling Red Dragon Hatchling White Dragon Hatchling Imp Imp King Sand Beast Werehyena Werewolf Bull Spitting Iguana Westie, Friendly Fishman (in memory of my dead pet - has healing aura) Scorpion Queen Spider Queen (Black Giant Spider) Red Mother Dragon Albino Komodo Ravenous Wolf Mummy

The best pets imo are currently, Deathknight, Iron King, White Dragon, Undead Dragon, Giant Snake, Giant Spider, Imp King, Werewolf, Deep One Monstrosity and Westie.

The mod uses Item Table IDs

This mod uses Thrall IDs
211-239, 255

Mod ID

.pak name

All pets share the same diet, but honestly, it's just a minor thing
Their diets have been fixed but might get additional adjustments in the future

More pets to come, recommend some you'd like to see in the comments as well!
Enjoy the mod.
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𝕯𝓲𝓰𝔞𝓷 Nov 3 @ 6:18pm 
Thx anyway for the quick response :) Also, any way you could make extended mods some sort of ui to edit their stats? like dmg or so? cuz i noticed werewolf is reallllllly weak when im fighting with the Endgame weapon mod :P that u made :) just so i could adjust it to make them usefull :P
Hosav  [author] Nov 3 @ 1:43pm 
Would have guessed so since last I tried the mod was after the update and all seemed fine hehe :D
𝕯𝓲𝓰𝔞𝓷 Nov 3 @ 12:04pm 
Ok i found a fix its no prob :) Seems its GM02 Magical Thralls :O oddly enough o.O same issue with mobs not using weapons o.O which is weird, disabling it seems to have fixed it
Hosav  [author] Nov 3 @ 12:03pm 
Is it just the Werewolf? I can look into it.
𝕯𝓲𝓰𝔞𝓷 Nov 3 @ 10:36am 
Also how come the Werewolf isnt attacking? :O he just stands there with combat stance but never attacks?
saph0704 Oct 13 @ 12:48pm 
saph0704 Oct 13 @ 9:04am 
Hosav can you add a Thag (Wine celler boss) pet?
Ozel Oct 11 @ 3:48pm 
Ahhh...Thank you. That is unfortunate and explains a lot of what I was experiencing. I will be sure to post my ThrallIIDs in my mod so that it is very clear what is and is not compatible. For game longevity I would not be surprised if they revise the structure of function. I understand the reason for 255. I just would not have figured that out on my own. 
Hosav  [author] Oct 11 @ 3:38pm 
@Ozel, there is only 255 slots like Enums in this DataTable. If you look in the modding Discord, you can see which are available in the pinned Excel document. Feel free to override my IDs if you wish or another if there are none available, but make sure to put some sort of disclaimer that you override said mod's IDs.
Ozel Oct 11 @ 3:23pm 
I have a question regarding your Thrall IDs. I have been working on a mod of my own; a lore friendly religious pets mod that is much simpler than yours. But am not finding many thrall IDs that "work" outside of the ones you are using. Did you come by the numbers through trial and error? In other words when I use numbers in that range my mod is successful, when I try numbers say in the 300 or 500 range I get random animals or 'failed to spawn' errors.