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Aug 13, 2019 @ 3:32pm
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The SRTS, which stands for, "Short Range Transport Shuttle" and is often seen in glitterworlds and as the name describes, capable of shuttling large quantities of resources, equipment, and troops. Although usually equiped with advanced weaponry, this model sports a lack of arnaments for a more streamlined and efficient shuttle .

This is a Reskin of "A Simple Cargo Pod Transport Mod" by AKreedz风影 with a few edits (The author has given up the project, and allowed others to use the code). I love his mod and ever since I found it I felt it lacked a certian... "Tactical" look to it.
Enter the SRTS, this mod creates a whole new object called the Short Range Transport Shuttle, it sports a 800L Chemfuel Tank for long range travel, and has a few tweaks.


Q: What is Different from CPT?
A: Apart from the texture the SRTS adds,

Carry Weight 4000
Fuel Tank 800L
Total HP 2000
work to build 500

Recipe: 1000 Steel, 200 Plasteel, 16 components, 3 advanced components.

Q: WOW my dude thats a lot of resources?
A: Yes, this is a spacer item and it has the capability to fly from one end of the map to the other and return, this is a late game item.. sorry

Q: Kaww is that a Pelican I see...
A: Lol, no... unless you are accusing me of taking a top down picture of a pelican, modifying the colour, and applying it as a texture in which case I am entirely guilty...

Shout out too NECEROS, he has made a more modern version of the mod and appears to fixed a lot of my issues. In addition chechout the helicopter mod by chicken plucker for a the helicopter version. Finally feel free to edit this mod, like AKreedz I don't intend to edit this mod anymore due to work reasons, but use the code as you will and have fun!!

Thanks too AKreedz风影, his mod has been in my load order for forever and his code was very well done :)
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Morgan Freedman
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CephalonLemons Sep 11 @ 8:52pm 
Ok, thanks, anyway I will give it a try. :)
TechnoFox  [author] Sep 11 @ 3:25pm 
He Cephalon, unfortunately this model was made way before sos2 was a thing and due to the version I don't intend to make it for sos2 but thanks for the comment
CephalonLemons Sep 11 @ 1:13pm 
Is it compatible with SoS2?
Emelio Lizardo Jul 11 @ 5:33am 
Would you be interested in developing a mod for primitive but useful vehicles?

Give the user the ability to research and build:

drag sled
dog sled
push cart
beast pulled wagon
fuel car
fuel truck
Angrysquirrel Mar 5 @ 9:56am 
Holding out for OHU dropships. That mod is the cat's balls.
Alice Degraff Mar 4 @ 5:30am 
I noticed that later lol :) I just forgot to remove my comment.
TechnoFox  [author] Mar 3 @ 10:06pm 
lol there is a 1.1.. Not returning to modding for Rimworld anymore, but I'd be remiss if I did not at least update the mod
Alice Degraff Mar 3 @ 8:13pm 
"Finally feel free to edit this mod, like AKreedz I don't intend to edit this mod anymore due to work reasons, but use the code as you will and have fun!!"
Second to last paragraph in the description.

So I assume that means that no he will not be putting out a patch for 1.1 guys and gals.
stevehknight Mar 3 @ 1:49am 
eye81......look in your pawns inventory