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Go Explore!
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Jul 24, 2019 @ 11:12am
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Go Explore!

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A spark from a Glitterworld
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Go Explore! - A new event mod

This mod provides new events and exciting opportunities for exploration.
Go explore ancient cities and try to capture a space ship.

New Events

Lost City
An ancient city got somehow destroyed.
You can travel there and loot resources and items but beware the danger!

There are currently 3 different "Lost Cities":
Bombarded city - The city is under constant orbital bombardment. Grab your loot before it will be destroyed.
Infested city - The city is infested with insect hives. Try to avoid them and grab some loot or exterminate them all.
Toxic city - Everything is under a constant toxic rain. The former inhabitant build some shelters to survive and store their stuff. Open them up at your own risk.

Ship core startup
You detect a neraby energy signature of a ship core that is powering up!
Go investigate. Maybe you can take over the ship or scrap it down for parts.
You'll have to kill the former owners though...

Ambrosia addicted animals
There is a large ambrosia sprout nearby!
However some animals seem to be hooked on the fruits and will defend them from intruders.

New settlement
A faction expanded and created a settlement in your general area.

Research request
A non-hostile factions is stuck with a problem and is requesting your best researcher to help them out.
If you send a good researcher you will end up with a boost to your relationship and some research points to a random unfinished research.

Prison camp
A non-hostile factions asks you for help to free some of their prisoners from a camp near you colony.
You have to defeat the hostile defenders or help the prisoners flee.

Intercepted Message
Your comm unit intercepted an unencrypted message. It indicates a nearby location where some loot is stored.
You suspect it could also be a trap to lure your caravan into an ambush.

  • Yes you can add it to an existing savegame
  • Yes the mod is fully compatible with all commonly used mods
  • Yes it is even compatible with CE - Combat Extended
  • Yes the mod is even compatible with RimCities and Real Ruins. It is compatible with ALL commonly used mods

Check out my other major mod:
Sparkling Worlds Full Mod

  • Albion - creator of this mod and most of the code
  • ChickenPlucker - did the awesome preview
  • Mehni - helped with the code for the prisoners in the prison camp events
  • Halno - created the textures for the storage boxes
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Alex6ix Apr 24 @ 5:58am 
@ДРУЖЕЛЮБНЫЙ ДРУГ It adds a space ship mission, so I highly doubt it.
Jiopaba Apr 17 @ 1:16pm 
@Jixxor I've been using this mod for four years and I've never once seen such a thing. It doesn't even seem particularly biased towards making settlements within a reasonable distance of you. So even if it's possible you'd basically have to lose a one in several thousand lottery for it to be an issue. In the hundred times I've seen that event occur over the years I don't think it's ever been closer than like 15 tiles even once.
Jixxor Apr 13 @ 4:48am 
The "New setltement" event, will it create settlements 'too close' so that it will start degrading relations to that faction? What I mean is when you select to create a settlement too close to a faction you get the warning that you will receive regular relation penalty for it.
ЧВК ФЕМБОЙЧИК Apr 12 @ 11:18am 
Medieval mods friendly?
Pos 5 Apr 9 @ 2:16am 
Thanks for the update!
xkp92110(orick) Mar 26 @ 6:41am 
Can you add hostile faction message for prison camp quest spot?
I don't know which one hostile faction until pawns enter prison camp.
Albion  [author] Mar 22 @ 6:28am 
I updated the mod to version 1.5. Enjoy.
Albion  [author] Mar 22 @ 6:28am 
Once you helped the prisoners there should be a message informing you of your success. There you should also have a "go to location" button which will bring you to the exact place your reward is dropped (Its dropped in your base).
agentwolf44 Jan 16 @ 9:33pm 
I'm also having issues with the Prison Camp quest. Regardless of if I help the prisoners escape or kill the bandits/make them flee I'm not getting the reward.
Holyfrog Dec 29, 2023 @ 8:26pm 
Is someone having problem with prison camp quest? I kill all the hostile faction there, free the hostage then they leave the map and nothing happen, someone now what to do or if its a known bug?