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TGV (2nd Gen) Atlantique/Reseau
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TGV (2nd Gen) Atlantique/Reseau

The TGV Atlantique/Reseau (TGV-A/R) is a class of high-speed trains used in France by SNCF. These trains were built by Alstom and were the second generation of TGV trains.

※ The Coupling Set Are Available!

※ Headlights & Taillights
There is a limitation to this game. I am unable to make the light glow when the light is placed behind the glass.

Top speed: 300km/h & 320km/h
Power: 8800 kw

1989 Classical Atlantique Livery
2005 New Atlantique Livery
2011 Carmillon Livery

95 (10 car sets)

Author note:

Hey guys!
Thank you for all the kind response in the past, but I am a bit reluctant to reply here due to the steam has a really bad comment system. So if you truly have the question for me you could go to the

Future Plan

For those who has the interest toward my future production, Currently I have two goal. First, I intended to make a High-speed train of the world series. Since most of the High-speed train in the workshop are from Germany, France and China. So I decided to start making High-speed train from other countries such as say Japan and Italy, Second, I also going to make a series of trains of my country, Taiwan.


Hey everyone!
As you all know, making train mods are difficult. Taking a lot of time and energy, it makes me hungry!!! So if you like my work and want to support me. You can buy me something to eat through Paypal. (Link below)

P.S. Of course. It's under the premise of you are not struggling with your life, I won't die if you are unable to feed me! Haha~ So don't feel compelled to do that and I will continue to release mods in the future. Have a good day!
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BlueHazard Aug 1 @ 11:41pm 
Very nice model! I was just wondering about the sounds it makes. It seems to keep rising and rising, even when decelerating. Does the real one sound like that too?
Enzojz Jul 26 @ 9:59am 
@AngeloGiulio Damiano I think the mod for ETR1000 exists already. If not, an CRH380D could be its sister.
Palama Party Jul 26 @ 5:19am 
love this mod also what tracks do u use they look very nice
Naink Jul 24 @ 8:30am 
Hey !
What a fuc**ng nice work !! I love it !

Just a small mistake on the atlantic livrery, there are only 3 coach of 1rst class (green design), 1 bar coach and 4 coach of 2nd class 5red design ! Maybe for your project, you can add the Eurostar on your list ? :p
AngeloGiulio Damiano Jul 24 @ 3:45am 
Future Play: For Italy I recommend the train FrecciaRossa1000, this train was born in 2015, it have 8 coach (1 "executive", 2 and 3 "business", 4 "premium", 5-8 "standard"), max speed: 400km/h (in real life).
I love this train!
Vakan Jul 22 @ 11:45am 
I love them. Thanx for your work.
carlos75 Jul 22 @ 10:23am 
toniterraes83 Jul 22 @ 9:47am 
What about Spanish hight speed trains?
michalm-ller Jul 21 @ 5:38am 
Cool TGVs. Two of them are looking like the TGV Duplex.
taidachin Jul 21 @ 1:55am