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Improvement Mod from Pete
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Jul 18 @ 1:20pm
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Improvement Mod from Pete

Pete's Improvement Mod version 28 (2019-09-22)
This mod makes adjustments throughout Craft The World to improve the quality of gameplay. Dwarves are faster and can carry more, all the common resources in the game are renewable, and the invasion hordes aren't nearly as strong so survivability is improved.

  • Games begin with a wooden hatch in your inventory (but not the recipe unlocked to craft them).
  • Dwarves base carrying capacity increased from 3 to 4.
  • Dwarves level much faster (especially levels 2-6).
  • Dwarves base movement is 20% faster when walking, 75% faster when climbing walls, and 100% faster when climbing ladders.
  • Dwarves automatic rest threshold changed from 40% to 60%.
  • Male dwarves are slightly larger (15%)
  • Male dwarves can now spawn additional hair colors (including beards, eyebrows, etc.): black, gray, white
  • Female dwarves can now spawn additional hair colors: black, pink, purple, blue, green
  • All blocks with the wide property set have been updated so they are no longer wide, including beds, sofas, statues, lockers, and other placeable objects.
  • Planted wheat can be replaced directly without waiting for them to grow their full cycle first.
  • The default recipe for crafting clay now yields 5 instead of 2.
  • The default recipe for crafting seeds now yields 5 instead of 2.
  • The default recipe for crafting coal no longer requires dirt.
  • A recipe for combining a pink crystal, gold ingot, and mithril ingot to produce some magic boots has been added.
  • A recipe for combining 2 iron to produce 6 needles has been added.
  • All monsters (from the base game) that can drop weapons or equipment now have a much higher chance to drop that equipment.
  • The invasion horde will only contain skeletons, skeleton knights, and gargoyles; no zombies, beholders, or giants. The number of gargoyles that can spawn has been reduced.
  • Slugs have a very small chance to drop gems (1%) and mithril (0.1%).
  • Beetles can drop dirt (10%) and sand (25%).
  • Chickens can drop stone (50%).
  • Sheep can drop extra wool (50% for +1, 25% for +2) and have meat drop variance (50% for +1 instead of always +1).
  • Boars and snow turtles have leather drop variance (50% chance for +1, 25% for +2 instead of always +1).
  • Spiders can drop dirt (25%) and webs (50%).
  • Zombies can drop coal (20%) and iron (10%).
  • Bloated zombies can drop coal (x2 60%), iron (25%), silver (x2, 10%), and gold (2%).
  • Skeletons can drop coal (10%), roots (5%), stones (20%), and gold (3%).
  • Skeleton knights can drop coal (20%), roots (10%), stones (40%), gold (6%), and mithril (2%).
  • Ghosts (the one that harasses your storage) can drop mithril (0.1%).
  • Yetis will drop more tallow.
  • The Magic Explosion spell cost was reduced from 20 mana to 10 mana.
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Public_Enema 18 hours ago 
The monster portal seems to spawn vanilla numbers. It amps up as time goes by so I'm assuming that's vanilla?
Nexeques Nov 18 @ 12:48am 
I'm new to the game, so i don't even know which parts - but since I couldn't see the hatch, I assumed the mod on the whole?

I have about 36-37 hours in it but the first 35 were during early Early Access.

More recently, I found the base game is too difficult/annoying when it spawns goblins to fight, at least early on.
My dwarves then waste minutes of time mostly running around/running away - and that was with equipping them with the best hat, weapon, tools & maybe armour, that I could craft up to that point.
Mean.Cloud  [author] Nov 17 @ 11:27am 
Nobody's mentioned what part isn't working. It's unfortunate that every time they patch (which is frequent), it breaks mod functionality -- the point of the workshop was to prevent that from being a regular occurrence.
SergeyArk Nov 16 @ 10:19pm 
So much hoping for update ( I especially hope for a stripped down version of the mod with all the buns except the weakening of the waves )
Public_Enema Nov 12 @ 2:28am 
It seems to not work with the latest patch. Hoping for an update...
Nexeques Nov 11 @ 10:54pm 
I would also love to know if/when this mod is fixed, please :) :)
Vex Oct 28 @ 10:27pm 
I really hope this mod gets updated. It has a lot of things I would have loved to see happen. The biggest QoL thing I was looking forward to was no more "Wide" blocks. Such a simple thing. ;_;
Skrymaster Oct 9 @ 10:05am 
Nowadays there's so many tools to deal with invasions it's not even funny. On hard difficulty, once player reaches silverworking and engineering (which shouldn't take too long), can place catapults on their house, 3 on each side of the roof. Those things WRECK hordes of mobs, AOE massive damage. The only time a player couldn't keep up and survive with the mobs is if they don't properly prepare for the first 1-2 waves, or if they don't use the tools available to them for base defense (brick/steel walls, catapults, turrets, stone loopholes(those things actually reduce dwarf received damage if dwarves are behind them when fighting). The only problematic mob that should be taken out ASAP are the trolls, those can instadestroy wall segments when they catapult zombies.
Mean.Cloud  [author] Oct 9 @ 8:41am 
@Ondrugs: as described in the summary -- "and the invasion hordes aren't nearly as strong so survivability is improved". This lets the player turn the single player campaign into a sandbox mode, finishing (or not, if they choose) at their leisure. That's the intent of the mod -- make sure that there are no finite resources or invasions so powerful that it's impossible to continue. The base game is (or at least used to be 5 years ago when I began this mod) very unforgiving with escalating horde strength after you play an extended time.
Ondrugs Oct 9 @ 3:50am 
sounds nice,... except of making the game easier? "The invasion horde will only contain skeletons, skeleton knights, and gargoyles; no zombies, beholders, or giants. The number of gargoyles that can spawn has been reduced."