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Improvement Mod from Pete
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Jul 18, 2019 @ 1:20pm
Sep 22, 2019 @ 7:55am
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Improvement Mod from Pete

Pete's Improvement Mod version 28 (2019-09-22)
This mod makes adjustments throughout Craft The World to improve the quality of gameplay. Dwarves are faster and can carry more, all the common resources in the game are renewable, and the invasion hordes aren't nearly as strong so survivability is improved.

  • Games begin with a wooden hatch in your inventory (but not the recipe unlocked to craft them).
  • Dwarves base carrying capacity increased from 3 to 4.
  • Dwarves level much faster (especially levels 2-6).
  • Dwarves base movement is 20% faster when walking, 75% faster when climbing walls, and 100% faster when climbing ladders.
  • Dwarves automatic rest threshold changed from 40% to 60%.
  • Male dwarves are slightly larger (15%)
  • Male dwarves can now spawn additional hair colors (including beards, eyebrows, etc.): black, gray, white
  • Female dwarves can now spawn additional hair colors: black, pink, purple, blue, green
  • All blocks with the wide property set have been updated so they are no longer wide, including beds, sofas, statues, lockers, and other placeable objects.
  • Planted wheat can be replaced directly without waiting for them to grow their full cycle first.
  • The default recipe for crafting clay now yields 5 instead of 2.
  • The default recipe for crafting seeds now yields 5 instead of 2.
  • The default recipe for crafting coal no longer requires dirt.
  • A recipe for combining a pink crystal, gold ingot, and mithril ingot to produce some magic boots has been added.
  • A recipe for combining 2 iron to produce 6 needles has been added.
  • All monsters (from the base game) that can drop weapons or equipment now have a much higher chance to drop that equipment.
  • The invasion horde will only contain skeletons, skeleton knights, and gargoyles; no zombies, beholders, or giants. The number of gargoyles that can spawn has been reduced.
  • Slugs have a very small chance to drop gems (1%) and mithril (0.1%).
  • Beetles can drop dirt (10%) and sand (25%).
  • Chickens can drop stone (50%).
  • Sheep can drop extra wool (50% for +1, 25% for +2) and have meat drop variance (50% for +1 instead of always +1).
  • Boars and snow turtles have leather drop variance (50% chance for +1, 25% for +2 instead of always +1).
  • Spiders can drop dirt (25%) and webs (50%).
  • Zombies can drop coal (20%) and iron (10%).
  • Bloated zombies can drop coal (x2 60%), iron (25%), silver (x2, 10%), and gold (2%).
  • Skeletons can drop coal (10%), roots (5%), stones (20%), and gold (3%).
  • Skeleton knights can drop coal (20%), roots (10%), stones (40%), gold (6%), and mithril (2%).
  • Ghosts (the one that harasses your storage) can drop mithril (0.1%).
  • Yetis will drop more tallow.
  • The Magic Explosion spell cost was reduced from 20 mana to 10 mana.
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Koru Oct 20 @ 11:59am 
Does not seem to work.
robgw3 Oct 17 @ 2:28am 
This doesn't seem to be working, at the very least the invasion part isn't because the very first invasion I faced after loading the mod had both beholders and giants. I cant really tell if the dwarfs carry more or not because I cant tell how much they are carrying...
肃穆星海 Aug 18 @ 5:51am 
theoverlord35 Jul 7 @ 9:23pm 
Automatic rest threshold is definitely not at 60% with this mod running. Please look into this . . . Maybe add a slider for rest threshold in the Custom behavior dialog?
pieterisme Mar 27 @ 1:49am 
Is this working? Game version 1.7.002. The mod is installed and enabled via workshop but doesn't seem to work.. compared to non workshop version seems to have many less files?
Raven_2012 Jan 25 @ 9:28pm 
Is this working? isochronous stated there were some issues with latest patch.
isochronous Jan 8 @ 7:04am 
Rather than continue to spam your comments with updates, I just started a discussion thread instead where I've collected all of the possibly unintended differences between your XML mods and the game files.
isochronous Jan 7 @ 8:51pm 
Sorry, looks like the pak="" thing isn't on all the blocks, just the beds (so far as I've checked). Going to keep digging into things a little, see if I can get anything working myself.
isochronous Jan 7 @ 9:15am 
For anyone else wondering what Come Back was saying, he just translated the description for this mod to Chinese.
isochronous Jan 7 @ 9:12am 
It appears to me as if MOST things are not working in the latest patch. The only thing that seems as if it is working is the faster leveling for our dwarves... though it's possible some of the other dwarf tweaks are there as well, it's just harder to tell.

Looking at the XML myself, the only difference I see between the vanilla game files and your own (aside from the replace="merge" and removing the wide property) is that the vanilla game files have a `pak=""` attribute on the block entries, while yours does not. Maybe adding that is all that should be necessary to fix things? I certainly can't find any other difference.

And @Come Back, it would help if you posted in English.