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Common Ailments
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Jul 15 @ 11:33am
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Common Ailments


Adds various common illnesses and conditions.


Common Ailments adds a number of non-lethal and less significant ailments to Rimworld, these include:

Common cold
Conjunctivitis (Eye infection)
Hay fever
Knicks (Minor cuts)
Sinusitis (Nasal condition)
Skin rash
Sore throat

The intention is to increase difficulty slightly as well as additional realism.

There is a random chance for a minor ailment to be contracted which is modified by the pawns characteristics, current health and needs, as well as environmental and activity factors.

Certain drugs, in addition to medicines, both vanilla and supported modded versions will allow for these ailments to be cured (over a short time span) or simply not contracted if taken as preventative regular drug taking practices. Though of course, "all" drugs will still allow for their effects to apply some response to the ailment factors as relevant.

It is suggested/recommended to utilise the mod with a view to the use of drug scheduling and the inclusion of mods that provide these additional options, though the mod can be used without them as a standalone addition.

It is also worth noting that the ailments are not just afforded as potential conditions for the player colonists but will also be equally contracted by all applicable "humanlike" races including NPC factions.

Mod Notes

Races considered as able to contract Common Ailments must be Human like and contain the standard organic hediffgiver set i.e. (HediffGiverSetDef of "OrganicStandard").

Mod options are included to toggle the ailments on and off, set the start day for ailments to begin and determine the frequency and base chance for ailments to be calculated for a potential contraction. This allows some control for the preferred level of difficulty or scale of the effects to game play.

Additionally there is a mod option to determine if the ailments can be used as part of game scenarios (excludes Knicks and Sprains). (Note that changes to this setting will only be applied after restarting Rimworld).

Can be added to new saves and can be readily removed but would suggest doing so after a respite period with the mod option toggled off so as to allow for any ailments to dissipate.


The following mods in addition to vanilla have had their drugs patched to allow for best use with this mod:

Diseases Overhauled (Beta)
Medical Supplements
Multiplayer Support (beta)
RimCuisine 1.0
Social Supplements
VGP Garden Medicine

(And I will be happy to discuss with other mod authors how to add compatibility for the various ailments by associating their relevant drugs using "xpath" patching. I regularly use Rimworld discord).



Future Considerations

Add common ailments as potential outcomes/additions to illness/condition hediffs where more serious illnesses and conditions are in effect and/or review current offsetting process for the chance to contract Common Ailments when having additional illnesses and conditions.

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
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Pelador  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:34am 

Multiplayer native support (beta).
Pelador  [author] Jul 14 @ 7:44am 
@Update @Zaune_tgw

Some cure revisions for common cold, earache and sinusitis.

There is no compatibility patch for Meds+ that enables the custom cure process as yet, but as drugs their inherent properties will apply to the common ailments.
zaune_thegreywyvern Jul 14 @ 5:20am 
I'd be interested to see how this interacts with Medicines+. It might turn out to be more realistic if the latter isn't patched given how it implements antibiotics, which logically shouldn't affect viral infections.
Pelador  [author] Jul 13 @ 10:19am 

Improvements to patch methods.
NotStop Jul 12 @ 5:55pm 
Nice I was just thinking it would be cool if there were more things in Rimworld than Plague and Mechanites.
Pelador  [author] Jul 11 @ 3:33pm 
@Tactical Idiots

Also worth pointing out you will reduce the number of occurrences where "preventative" medicines are applied to the ailments.

In fact with Medical Supplements you can almost eliminate the majority of the common ailments when you have a competent and established pharmacy and are using policies to apply regular scheduled drug taking.
Pelador  [author] Jul 11 @ 3:27pm 
@Tactical Idiots

Sure you already realise this, but lowering the base % chance of contracting an ailment will also reduce the number of occurrences.

Let me know if you want me to extend the limits of the settings at all, as this can be readily applied (within reason) to allow for more play style choices if needed.
Tactical Idiots Jul 11 @ 12:34pm 
sorry I just found the settings to choose how often it occurs
Tactical Idiots Jul 11 @ 12:33pm 
i feel like it happens way to often. though only got like 6 days of play time with it so far it has happened 3 times.

Might be wrong I'll play some more with it
Pelador  [author] Jul 11 @ 9:01am 

I agree and good idea. But you will be pleased to know that currently the main illnesses in the game act as adding an additional factor to the chance of contracting a common illness but these could be added as outcomes to the main illnesses and conditions as random outcomes.

I will consider adding the common ailments as potential outcomes from more serious illnesses and conditions in the future over an above these offsets or perhaps considering the impact of the existing illnesses to have a greater impact or more specific impact.

i.e. will review current mechanics here.