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Storm's Living Biomes
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Jul 6 @ 12:10pm
Jul 12 @ 4:09pm
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Storm's Living Biomes

Storm's Living Biomes is designed to provide a more vibrant environment in rimworld that is also mod friendly towards (I believe) all mods more or less. In this mod, the tree densities will never hit the level of Deads Dense Biomes; however, it is still a fair bit more dense than the vanilla game to provide a stronger "Foresty" feeling to the game's many biomes given the world we crash land on is supposed to be pretty sparsely inhabited!

Compatible Mods:
-[RF] Archipelago
-[RF] Realistic Planets

Just make sure the load order is:

-[RF] Realistic Planets
-[RF] Archipelago
-Storm's Living Biomes
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Stormblind  [author] Jul 11 @ 12:03am 
Updated. Sorry about that. I've split it off into its own separate mod specifically for Terra Project. Unfortunately, due to the coding, There's nothing I can do about the errors, which would theoretically make it a required mod for the addition to work out :)
Olivia Jul 10 @ 10:57pm 
I don't think it is causing any problems, other than that though.
Olivia Jul 10 @ 8:11pm 
It looks like your "compatibilites" are more like requirements. My game menu is now plastered with red errors corresponding to things from terra project.
JerryC Jul 10 @ 6:39pm 
Figured out the cause I needed to download Terra Project as well. Is there a way to have it work with just RF's mods? Sorry bit new to rimworld modding
JerryC Jul 10 @ 6:28pm 
I have both of RF's mods and with the new update i'm getting a lot of errors when loading in the game and its also not letting me create new worlds.
Stormblind  [author] Jul 10 @ 3:22pm 
Should be CE friendly as it's purely defines work; and only targets the biome definitions. Nothing else.
Ghost Pains Jul 7 @ 5:32pm 
This looks cool! If it's combat extended friendly, I'd like to add it to my next playthrough.
Stormblind  [author] Jul 7 @ 12:10pm 
May start looking at ways to incorporate the old dead biome mods: Project Terra Biomes with modified plant thickness, Caves with mushroom thickness, etc. Many of the Biome mods are dead in the water sadly; so hopefully this can provide them a way to come back to life.
Stormblind  [author] Jul 7 @ 12:07pm 
Alrighty! Updated to be fully compatible with Both [RF]archipelago's, and [RF]Realistic Planets additional biomes. If you want extremely alive, and vibrant Oasis', Shrublands, Grasslands, etc: This will now satisfy that! :)
I2ID Jul 7 @ 11:59am 
Another thing i like to do is once i have an established colony is to explore the map a little,
use real ruins mod & settle impassible terrain mod to find a tile and start archeologically unearthing an old base (walls and doors only). this is a sort of lite mountain vault base exploring experiance.
A biome with this would be interesting if it is a similar rarity of RF's oasis

Also i think it would have to be done in the same way that caves were added to beta18 where its an added special to a biome, rather than a specific biome.

^.^ hopefully these give some inspiration and yes i see the irony of suggesting dead and abandoned biomes in your living biomes comments. . .
Im likeing the trees you have it makes hunting wildlife an option again on boreal forests.