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Broken Nodes Detector
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Broken Nodes Detector

Locates invisible problems with your transport system and helps fix them.

Press Ctrl+Zero(configurable in mod options) in-game to display the mod panel.

Fix broken nodes
The broken node bug[] causes vehicles to despawn when they reach a certain segment of road or rail.
  • Click Run detector to scan the city
  • It will find one problem at a time and highlight it on the map
  • Either bulldoze it or move it slightly to repair
  • Repeat the process until no problems found

Fix ghost nodes
Ghost nodes can cause "Array Index" errors and problems with pathfinding.
  • Click Remove Ghost Nodes to find and remove any ghost nodes

Fix transport routes and stops
Broken transport routes can prevent vehicles from spawning or prevent cims from reaching their destinations.
  • Click Detect disconnected PT stops to scan the city
  • Problems are listed one at a time; click Find next to see each one
  • Click Remove to delete a broken line or stop

Find too short segments
May cause simulation slowdown or other weird vehicle simulation issues (like stop for no reason)
  • Click Detect too short segments to scan the city
  • Once scan finished, results show number potentially too short segments; click Find next to see each one
  • Use MoveIt to stretch it a bit. You can ignore cul-de-sac segments(I haven't found reliable way to skip them automatically)
  • Repeat scan if necessary

Find disconnected buildings(experimental)
Disconnected buildings may cause 0/1/0/1 service vehicle usage problem (Hearse/Garbage trucks etc.)
Use Check Road Access for Growables before scanning to find disconnected building of all types
  • Click Scan for disconnected buildings to scan the city
  • Once scan finished, results show number of disonnected buildings; click Find next to see each one
  • Use MoveIt mod to move building closer to the road or just remove
  • Repeat scan if necessary

Popular Discussions View All (1)
Mar 30 @ 2:26pm
PT routes being detached all the time
< >
LegoProfessor May 17 @ 11:00pm 
ThanX for the hint :-)
I will check "MorePathUnits" to see what will happen
Krzychu1245  [author] May 17 @ 9:14am 
@LegoProfessor I need something to test because that process can break things. If you see a lot of broken lines then make you you've not hit the PathUnit limit -> it will prevent from creating valid path/connections so they'll always be broken (until one of vehicle gets valid path and update the line)
Killpanda May 17 @ 8:54am 
You are a saint.
LegoProfessor May 17 @ 8:09am 
Hi Krzychu1245
I still have "hundreds" of broken PT-lines :-)
Your mod is great as it find those orphan stops
But if there are more then to broken lines resp two broken stops in one line, your mod only show the first two. No chance to step to the third and so on :-)
Krzychu1245  [author] May 12 @ 4:21pm 
@braudian 88 I really doubt.
Did you subscribe to dependency? Maybe check game log first (output_log.txt) - in 99% cases contains the info about the reason why game crashed.
braudian 88 May 12 @ 1:36pm 
This mod doesn't enter the game, at 80% of the load the game crashes
Erke Apr 28 @ 7:31pm 
Update: I ran the tool. It found a broken bus line called "0" I deleted it but the broken stops and their icons are still on the map.
Erke Apr 28 @ 7:09pm 
Hi, I was editing my one and only bus line. It was broken and I mistakingly right clicked on one of the broken stops. Now the bus line turned phantom. Don't show up in the bus lines window but the broken bust stops are all over the city and I can't remove them.

"Fix transport routes and stops" allow me to fix them without touching anything else in my city or my savefile?
NWPD118 Apr 28 @ 12:32pm 
You did a perfect job. I searched 5 hours because of a broken Underground Line. Thank you so mutch for this Mod. all you out there who have the skills to program. Thank you for all the great mods and assets. It is such an interesting game and your program, refine the menu. Good health and good time :steamthumbsup:
hyuntoe Apr 13 @ 6:57am 
okay! Thanks for answer!