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Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany: Compatibility Data for Non-Owners
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Jun 21 @ 3:38am
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Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany: Compatibility Data for Non-Owners

You do not need to subscribe to this Workshop item if you already own Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany ("GM").

This Workshop item serves to allow players who wish to participate in multiplayer content containing GM assets (vehicles, weapons, etc.) without the need to buy it. It also allows you to preview and try out the assets in Virtual Arsenal.

After subscribing to this Workshop item and downloading the data, you can visit the "MODS" tab in the Arma 3 Launcher, load the Global Mobilization Compatibility Data, and hit PLAY.

If you are unsure which type of data you are running (this Workshop item or premium), simply hover over the GM icon in Arma 3's in-game menu. If you're running the compatibility data, the icon will say "Public data" and list GM's version after it. If you've purchased GM, the icon will just state GM's current version.

For more information about the restrictions, please check out our blogpost about the DLC Strategy for Arma 3[]

To purchase GM and get access to the content of the Creator DLC, please go to the Steam Store page[]

For more information about the Arma 3 Creator DLC initiative, please visit our official website[]

Known issues & limitations:
- Workshop shows wrong filesize of 530 MB. The actual filesize is 20.5 GB.

- Please unsubscribe from the Workshop item if you intend to buy the DLC to prevent data duplication.

- GM's singleplayer campaign, "State Scarlet", and the Weferlingen terrain do not show purchase prompt correctly.

- First mission will terminate immediately after accessing the content.
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RueLight 9 hours ago 
still have a soundbug if people play with and without GM on the same server, nice!
Sebi Jul 16 @ 9:22am 
(sorry i had to post like this bc "comment was to long")
Sebi Jul 16 @ 9:21am 
Like yea... I get it, it's optional, but for ex look on how the new also optional "Contact" dlc is going to work. All the sci-fi stuff gonna be optional (and by optional i mean an actuall optional dlc in the launcher, not a mod on the workshop) but the normal camos and stuff are going to be in the base game, on how it's supposed to be. I get it that they didn't want to add this in the base game, as it doesn't match the time-stamp, who tf cares? Why not give the players the option on wether to use or not use these assets, instead of not giving them this option not at all, just because "it's outta the time-stamp", yeah... no kidding. I understand thing, but still. And as I said, i'm not giving hate towards Vertemacht, but BI. I actually like the idea of helping smaller external studios with this idea, but it's a very bad execution.
Sebi Jul 16 @ 9:21am 
Well yes, i know that. But you decided to make that "compromise", not BI. And nobody is giving hate towards Vertemacht, but the approach BI had on this. Like don't get me wrong, when I saw this I (and prob the whole playerbase) had "Arma 2 remake" vibes instantly. But then when I (and prob the whole playerbase) realised on how it actually works, I was just.... very very disappointed.
Mondkalb Jul 16 @ 9:12am 
BI (Our publisher) decided that CDLC such as GM should not be part of the default installation of Arma 3. This is IMO the biggest reason GM as a product receives so much hate, because it splits the owners of this DLC away from the regular base of players in Arma 3.

If it were up to us, we would've made GM to become part of the standard installation just like the other DLCs by BI.

So, in order to find a way to still make GM available to everyone without them having to buy it (So that GM can behave like any other unowned DLC, thus not splitting the playerbase), we reached a compromise with BI to make GM available here on the Steam Workshop to download for free.

This is upload 1:1 the same data that you can download via Steam when you buy the DLC. Which means the DLC restrictions still apply. Nobody is being cheated here. Its just an alternative way to download the data.
Sebi Jul 16 @ 8:58am 
@Mason No, it was supposed to be made as a "optional dlc" where ppl that didn't had the dlc could not even interact with it in any way. But yet ppl who owned the dlc could join same servers with the ones that didn't have it, and spoil their game. But BI quickly realised that wasn't gonna work since they got called out, so they "were forced" to release this "free side" of the dlc which is LITERALLY a mod on the a3 workshop LOL
Mason™ of Germany Jul 16 @ 12:06am 
@Bigg Gunny Wiggin
It should work. Cham specifically has this mod on the workshop as a dependancy because it's required.
Mason™ of Germany Jul 16 @ 12:05am 
False. It's "free" to allow owners and non owners to play together just like how it is with BI's DLCs
Sebi Jul 15 @ 6:19pm 
not a dlc, but a paid mod, then made half free because they got called out lol
Bigg Gunny Wiggin Jul 15 @ 5:52pm 
Am i supposed to be able to see and interact with the new BUILDINGS using this free dlc?
If so, is there any reason why i am not seeing any buildings at all on "Cham" for example? Be respectful in your response, Please.