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Klemm L 25 d VII R
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Klemm L 25 d VII R

Klemm L.25, later Klemm Kl 25 was a successful German light leisure, sports and training monoplane aircraft, developed in 1928. More than 600 aircraft were built, and manufacturing licenses were sold to the United Kingdom and the United States.

With a low cantilever wing, fixed landing gear, and two open cockpits, the aircraft was developed by Hanns Klemm who used his previous design, the Klemm Kl 20, as a starting point. It first flew on a 20 hp (15 kW) Mercedes engine.[1] About 30 different versions of the Kl 25 were made, and these were equipped with engines ranging from 32 to 70 kW (43 to 94 hp). The fuselage was covered with plywood.

Depending on the model, the aircraft's weight was 620 to 720 kg (1,367 to 1,587 lb), and it had a 10.5 to 13 m (34 to 43 ft) wingspan. Takeoff was achieved at only 50 km/h (31 mph) and the maximum speed was between 150 to 160 km/h (93 to 99 mph).

In relation to similar aircraft of the time, assembly was very easy, and this made it a very popular aircraft. According to the sales brochures, only 25% of the engine's power was needed to keep the aircraft flying, compared to biplanes of the period, which required 50% engine power.

About 600 were built in Germany between 1929 and 1936, serving with various flight training organizations, with either wheels, skis, or floats. 15 were sold to Britain before the Second World War,[1] being fitted with a variety of domestic engines, while 28 more were built by British Klemm Aeroplane Company as the B.A. Swallow. Production in the United States was carried out by the Aeromarine-Klemm Company which enjoyed moderate success, as well as developing models for the American market, in isolation from the parent company, with about 120 built of all models.

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darren67 Jul 5 @ 1:31pm 
I could have looked it up, but that is not fair. Artificial intelligence! My friend's Father had a brother and they showed me some family pictures...they had no idea what an SS uniform meant. They don't know what happened to him as he jumped the wall in 1954 as the Russians were after him.
Bandion  [author] Jul 5 @ 12:51pm 
He was downed over France by a Murane Saulnier and lost a friend and his leg as he ditched on a field after he keept the bird flying as long as possible, to let the rest of the crew bail out. So the war was over before it came to the fight above Britain. Well that maybe saved his life in the cruel times. Ah Magdeburg. 50% hit :)
darren67 Jul 5 @ 12:38pm 
Maybe your Grandfather was one of the pilots trying to find the factory my Grandfather worked in. Small world. I used to work with a lady who's father was a paratrooper, like me, was captured in Normandy and became a POW in Sheffield. After the war he stayed and married a local girl. He was from Magdeberg (I must have spelt that so bad it would start an international incident).
darren67 Jul 5 @ 12:35pm 
...on my way to check it out. Thanks.
Bandion  [author] Jul 5 @ 12:24pm 
The British and US designs i like too. The Hurrican and Spitfire are fine Planes. My Grandfather flew the Heinkel 111. Maybe this is why i like planes.
If you like the FW190 maybe my plane asset is something for you?
There you can see the FW190 at 5:40
darren67 Jul 5 @ 12:13pm 
German plane design was far better than the British/US. Except the Grandfather worked on it! The Focke-Wolfe was always my favourite.

I look forward to seeing your airfield!
Bandion  [author] Jul 5 @ 11:31am 
:) okay from the sarcasm point of view you can say anything with wings was used by the Luftwaffe by this time. Even bricks... as long it had a red tail :P

I like many of the planes from this epoche like the 108 "Taifun" or the Ju88. But its a small line to model them without offending people. I for myself like it if the scenerie fits well to the time Epoche i play in TPF. If its 1933 it should look like 1933. Same with the 60´s 70´s and so on ^^

Some day i need to learn how to script a 1914 Airfield so i can wander trough the ages of Flight beginning with Fokker EIII; Rumpler Taube till i reach our actual times. And we realy need some modern small Airfields in TPF :/
darren67 Jul 5 @ 11:01am 
I was just being sarcastic. However, I do admire your knowledge.
Bandion  [author] Jul 5 @ 10:58am 
@darren, sure was it a Trainer / Courier / Transport ( )/ Scout in use of the Luftwaffe ( like this replica) till better Planes where build but also the Lufthansa used it . As far as i know was it a fine Sportplane which was used by Flightschools in our Country but also used by "Military" Sport / Flight / Glidingclubs ( ).
darren67 Jul 4 @ 11:07am 
When you say "various flight training organisations", do you mean the Luftwaffe? Nobody saw that one coming. Even more stunning models...thanks again.