Golf It!

Golf It!

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Micro Mini Golf
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Jun 15, 2019 @ 12:32am
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Micro Mini Golf

Strokes - 12 or 15
Time Limit - 2:00
Collision - OFF - Very important
No Special Clubs


You and your friends were all enjoying a pleasurable, late night stroll in the woods, when you notice that one of your friends is constantly looking to their left. Curious about this distraction, you also look over.

You notice a peculiar light glistening in the darkness in the woods. Unsure of the source, you attempt to ignore it. This task unfortunately appears to be too diffucult, since the light continues to catch your gaze.

Eventually, everyone is captivated by the light. Seeing it as a lost cause, you suggest to explore this light. As you get closer, the actual source of the light becomes clear.

The light is shown to be illuminating a tiny minature golf course. Seeing as you all were there, you decided to play the course. Upon starting, you very quickly realize something is wrong.

Ignoring the obvious of everythig being tiny, you quickly realize other things. The strength of your shots feels... off. You play as you usually do, but you feel like your hits are hitting harder. Yet, even as that is, you notice that the ball is somehow not going as far. The gravity seems to be stronger as well, though you determine that might be a byproduct of being small. Also, despite your best efforts, you can't hit another players ball.

You decide all you can do is play the course, hopefully breaking this accursed lights attractive power, allowing you and your friends to continue on your walk, and eventually get home.

You hope that you aren't trapped here forever...