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[2019] New in Space Engineers?! - a How to... Guide :)
By callme-jk
Guide for new players and to become a pro... u know?! Oo - Learn how you can play and build in a better way... and how to become more viewers on Twitch, because your gameplay isnt so boring anymore, because of using only handtools with no plan at all... xD

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Ok, lets start...
Become better in Space Engineers:

bad way: no plan at all (its in all area of life = nothing! :)), run around in survival with basic handtools place and start welding... result: feel pain, grind, no skill..., timewaste. (you have no friends anymore, because they waited too long for you to building your trash-grid. they are all died.) :)

good way: start first in creative. become a plan at all! (game, blocks and what you rly want to build! :P) create blueprints in creative. switch to survival (you has already good mining-/welding-ships in your portfolio!) use projector and welding- / ships / stations (faster because of inventory-use of the ships/stations) and/or use elite tools. have fun and need google to translate "grind".... LOL :)

good way: press F1... xD (before you ask stupid things in forum!)
good way: take a look on keybindings... before you need to^^

good way: Dont press Y to save (not rly) power... or auto-cleaner removes your grid! ;P
(there is no need to disable grid-power... - worst idea ever! in case you want to keep your grid!)

good way - bonus: use alt gr + f10 with copy/paste

good way - mirror mode: learn how to use
good way - game-settings: setup what you like, before you play a new world.
good way - teamplay: join faction / looking for friends (know Discord!)

very good way - server: play only on server with Discord / contact to admin!
good way - savezone: ask admin on server for a savezone!

good way - learning: watch all update-videos of SE (game-channel) start with the oldest...

good way - become more skilled in (cool) design: go workshop, find something cool you like... start with easy one... and level up, try in the future harder stuff, download and rebuild it... train yourself here. i.e. use old stuff without survival-system, becasue pre-created before this update came out. Upgrade / resurrect these blueprints..., but keep the original design.

Makes me boring sad, when I watch all these no-skill streamers on twitch, and how they only can play in the bad way-modus.... rly sad! Oh, and btw.... rly, very boring to watch! :P But if you love the hard grind, the pain and all of that stuff... and dont care at all about 0-10 viewers on twitch, use only bad way-modus... xD and your are already done here, just move on... :)

Performance Advice:

Another Performance Advice: Use a space-station / big-blocks ship as a station in the the terminal.
(create thruster und gyros for stations, too. you will know someday, why) xD

In case you are still around, ok, lets start... :)

[] to lose something... Oo
Originally posted by Nuker:
A weird thing that i have is creating ships in survival and if they are a combat ship i'll never use them for their intended purpose. This is not even in PvP settings but in singleplayer PvE settings as well. It sucks that i cant use because i am afraid of losing all the progress i made in building them. Has anyone else had this before?

Originally posted by jk:
Play like: "A placed block is a lost block...." jk

and fast you will make some progess in this feeling, btw control + b beside projectors and welders.... This line^ came from times without blueprints/projectors... we see, the game became very easy.... and still is this feeling of fear around? - What a joke. :) (but thats normal here...) and now lets fast hide under the stone, again... xD (jumpdrive ftw - and expect some boring times)

Btw: We could play and survive in the past, too.... (without fear, blueprints, projectors or safe zones and jumpdrives) Was btw a better feeling, like now.... and more fun, more to do and not: base done, boring, game over... Oo - its a funny thing, when your enemy knows where are you placed.

The Game-dlc´s
Nice and yeah not so nice.... -.-



Space Engineers Deluxe Version

Its the old classic (outdated) version of the game... Not a better version of the game like in others Games, where the word "Deluxe" is in use... - Keep this in mind, but the Dlc-Details tells you the same... Maybe "Classic Version" sounds better here then "Deluxe Version"... xD #whatever LOL I dont have it, because I´m around since day 1 and I dont need it, because I know the old days... But decide yourself... :) Update with Economy: Makes now more sense for Gold-Skin and new Music-Track.

Deco-Blocks dlc... - There is a little problem with it... -.-

Workshop-Stuff with Deco-Dlc:

In case you dont have the Dlc, you can spawn them from the workshop (or not whatever the current status is here. One say this, another that... And I cant test this anymore, because I own it and expect it to buy it... (its a default thing we should have))

The first Dlc of Space Engineers wasnt implemented in a good way..., thats for sure! - And maybe is still a thing!) -- In case you can spawn the blueprint, expect missing blocks and configs of cockpits/terminals.... or inside and you cant use or build it... :( #whatever

At the end, alot of trouble for nothing and expect to buy at least the Deco-Dlc. You can use all grid-/block-/config-stuff and have the option to use indoor-blocks... And you have access to configs of the workshop-items, in case there is something placed. Its not nice, but thats it.

The game-price isnt rly high, so thats not a big deal to buy the dlc, but for sure, this goes much better! Nobody need Community / Workshop split... :P The Dlc 2: The Style-Pack was much better implemented. (only eye-candy and not missing stuff that should be part of the maingame, like indoor-blocks / industry-cockpit and toolbar-configs of Workshop-Stuff.) But it is, what it is... Yeah. :)

Disable Game-Intro...
One time is ok, but not always?...

Use Steam-Settings to disable launch-video:

- Right click on Space Engineers in your Libary -> Properties -> Start Option and

then add this: -skipintro

Game YouTube Channel
Use Update-Videos to learn about the game:
(from oldest to newest - still best way, little bit dated but easy to learn)

Game Chat (online & offline) / GPS
This game comes with an online & offline (!) chat, you know? - Use it!... ;P

Info: Press F1 -> Chat and see the rank / channel-colors. In case someone is offline, he/she get the message, when she/he comes online, again! ;)

Enter in the chat: /help for infos


/g for global chat
/f for faction chat
/w player-name for whisper chat

/timestamp on/off for time in chat

chat keeps the last used modus, now! ;)
(no longer switch back to global) yeah... ;P

Btw use in chat:

/help /gps and you can read:

/gps Adds a new GPS point from your current position. Add "share" to share with everyone, or "faction" to share with your faction. Anything other then (share/faction) will be regarded as name and new gps will be named in such way.

Some Block-Types Overview
A little block-overview...


Create: Drills, Welder, Grinder

Collectors / Ejectors: Collector, Connector (big version for ejector, too), Small Ejector

Storage-Blocks: Container, Tanks, Landing Gears
Communication: Antenna, Beacon, Laser-Antenna

Wheels & Thrusters:

- Wheels (these round rubber-ground-things there...)
- Atmo-Thruster for planet-area (need power)
- Hydrogen-Thruster for both: space and planet-zones (need fuel / runs out fast!)
- Ion for space (need power)

Life-System and fuel, beside suit-reload:

- Item: Oxygen-/Hydrogen-Bottles (need big connections / pipe for grid-transfer! / can be used to install a life-support-system inside of a cockpit-inventory / grid without oxygen-generator/tanks. calc with 7 bottles oxygen per cockpit to have a good value/time. One cockpit-tank is around 1/3 of an oxygen-bottle.)

- Char-/Ship-Reloading:
Survival-Kit, Medical Room (5x faster then Survival Kit), Connector for ships.
(use terminals on Survival- and Medic-Block to reload health, energy, oxygen and hydrogen)

- Oxygen-Farm (3 per char! - full sun!)
- Oxygen-/Hyrdogen-Generator (need ice)
- Oxygen-/Hydrogen-Tanks
- Air-Vent (can collect air in planet-area of earth to fill oxygen-tanks fast! ;))


- Store-, Contract-Block (trading & missions)
- Safe Zone Block (1x chip = 1 hour safezone-shield)
- Gravity-Generators (create gravity by yourself)
- Mass-Block (more mass in grid and grab-feature)
- JumpDrive (travel to other planets with it)


Basic Ressource: Check planets for: Stone to get all basic ores / Ice for fuel & life-support (can be found on frozen lakes and an planet poles or on moons, in case you need alot)

Advanced Ressources:

Space only: Uranium for Reactors (Astroid), Platinum for Ion-Thrusters (Astroids / Moons)
Special: Silver, Gold for special high-tech stuff


Game-Start: Survival-Kit, Basic Assembler
Later-Game: Light-Refinery, Refinery, Assembler

The Progress-Tree
Best way to use Progress-Tree:

In case you have to use progress-tree on a server, switch to small blocks... where you can! There is no need to waste alot of mats for it, when it works with less mats/small blocks, too... ;)
You can, of course, ask someone in your faction to share his progress-tree, too. #easy

Again, learn the game in singleplayer and creative-mode first... Its better then starting on a server.... A server is more fun, but with more skill its more fun for all... and you can rly launch something there...

Btw: KSH, I´m still waiting for a "real" skill-system.... ;P System of: Life is Feudal YO is nice... :)

The Economy-System
when its done™

Safe Zone Power-Use - Overview:

500 meter = 1x big reactor = 300 mw (max output of big reactor)
250 meter = 1x big reactor = ~ 150 mw
100 meter = 1x big reactor = ~ 60 mw
80 meter 1x big reactor = ~ 48 mw
40 meter = 24 mw
20 meter = 12 mw

small reactor max output 15 mw

- No edit or sorting of trades (need delete and new placing!) -.-

- Game set up a minimum price on items! - based on: amount of stuff in the world (stream-info) players or admins cant go under this price with Store-Blocks. - Private Player-Trading is something else....
F3 -> button near other player or over Container use.

- Private player trading comes with options you cant use in Store-Block: Bounty on Heads, Ship-Selling, trade stuff for own prices..., own deals.

- No Hydrogen / Oxygen trade for players over Store... ! -.- (npcs only!)
- No Ship-trade for players or sell own blueprints over Store... ! -.- (npcs only!)

- Clean Bank Log with trash-infos: (just add 1 SC around 27 times)
Around 25-27 positions for last money-transfers of faction-bank in the log visible.

- Abuse Safe Zones:

- Money Value €uro <-> Space Credits - lets become a feeling on this:


NPC - Trading-Stations in Space

When we look the ds-software, it seems they spawn in space, here the default-values:

- source ds-software
- m = meters (not sure why this is not km, makes it easier to setup? Oo)
- * = info popup in ds-software

Station Inner Radius: 10000000.00
*The inner radius where [m] (center is in 0.0.0) where stations can spawn. Does not effect planet-bound stations. (Surface Outpost and orbital stations.)

Station Outer Radius End: 30000000.00
*The outer radius where [m] (center is in 0.0.0) where stations can spawn. Does not effect planet-bound stations. (Surface Outpost and orbital stations.)

Station Outer Radios Start: 10000000.00
*The outer radius where [m] (center is in 0.0.0) where stations can spawn. Does not effect planet-bound stations. (Surface Outpost and orbital stations.)

NPC Factions Count: 15

I think we spawn currently out of range... (inner ring is around: 10.000 km away from 0.0.0) We see, one Jump can bring you to 2.000 Km from center... and we need 10.000 Km! - On the other side, you can read in forum that they spawn in 10 Km range....! - Btw, there is no datapad in space-pod, too. Or visible contacts... - Whatever this is.... bugt popup-infos, or wrong default values... New, or better no infos in ds-software sux and seems to be bugt, too. (like always - bad job with an overcomplicated system, too....! The inner radius, the outer-radius and then we have the not so outer radios... argh... wtf... keep this! :P) Oo

The Contract-System
when its done™

Press Ü
for Contract-Window.

- No Reputation-System for players....
- No Hydrogen / Oxygen trade for players... ! -.-
- No Ship-trade for players or sell own blueprints over Store... ! -.-

- Trade like the guy in Robocop: " I BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR - HAHAHAHA"

Contract-Block and order some stuff for just one Space Credit and set amount to max... - Maybe someone is in the mood for this, because of the big amount of trading....

Hide your stuff... & Hacking-System
There is no need to have everything in one place... In case you dont use/have a safe zone, hide your backup-stuff in space with using the GPS-System. In combination with autopilot or remote-block is nice to use, too ;)



Take ownership with half baked vanilla-hacking:

(just ignore that you have to use: grinder/welder instead of a "real" hacking tool) ;)

Grind down all blocks with functions and weld up again... (these blocks have a computer-item in the block-recepts and in the block-healthbar you can see a hacking line) grind below this line and weld up again and the ownership is yours.... Much fun with all of the rest..., because you have to do this with all blocks for complete ownership. There is currently no other way in Vanilla... -.- Oh and have some time, "hacking" isnt so fast like normal "grinding"...

With this you can: take over ownership, steal items of containers, take complete grid. :)

Not sure currently with PCU, last tests months ago, this stays on the side of the creater in first place... Maybe its still the case. - Grid-Ownership-system and PCU-system/block-limits are two different systems... of the same cake... -.- Much fun with hijacking and be a good pirate... :)

Transfer Items, Power & Gas
Move stuff around... trading is fun!

Transfer Items:

- Use Sorter-Block with White-/Blacklist config
- Use Connector and Pipe-System
- Use Collector in combination with Ejectors

- Ejector is a small block, but you can use a big Connector as an Ejector, too. In case you want to use a big grid-system.

Transfer Power between grids with a battery-pack:


Transfer Gas:

In case it still works:

- Use Pipe-System (Connector can collect/eject items, beside Vents)

- Room between Vents:

Place between the two tanks a grid-room for air-transfer over the room with vents. Maybe it works only in space.

- On Earth you can also use fans to suck in and thus fill oxygen tanks or cockpits. For spaceships, the belief has now been removed, the air-tranfer hangar room to shiptank. Maybe it works only in planet-area currently.

- In case you want trade empty Hydrogen-Tanks, use a thruster with full thrust und burn it empty. Lock the tank first in place. :)

Connect Grids together
Lets connect them...

In case you want to trade complete grids, landing gear is your friend, beside other options. With the option to connect grids, you can use a Jump Drive - System with a small ship, too. Or create sub-blocks for moving/trading with a trade-ship.. And, of course, we can use it to create grids with a printer.

Some samples:
Use these blocks to connect grids together:
(big with big - or- big with small -or- same size only!)

- Connector: big and small

- Connector-Block: same sizes

- Landing Gear: big and small

- Big rotor with small rotor-head: big with small
(check settings, first remove big head and then add small head - good for grid-printer)

Use Grids over Antenna
No need to move... I stay here...! ;P

With the combination of an Antenna-Block and the Remote-Block on your ship or drone.... There is no need to move your char anymore... Because the Remote-Block dont have the auto-pilot feature, only... ;)

- Press: Shift + K to use grids over antenna & remote-block

And connect grids with your char.... (antenna+remote-block required on the grid you want to use for this! And keep an eye on antenna-range-(area of operation)) With this, there is no need to leave your base anymore, in case you have an antenna-system out there... ;) You can use in this way grids too, that dont have a cockpit, but a remote-block...

Basic Grid-Blocks to use always...
Use Basic Grid-Blocks by default...

There is a little standard you should place inside of the grid. Beside items, like oxygen-, hydrogen-bottles, basic-version of char-tools, weapon+ammo... Place always some default-blocks inside of your creations, too:

Antenna | Beacon | Life-Support | Remote-Control | Projector | Ore-Sensor | Timerblock for autopilot

- Minimum of 1-2 Thruster for each direction. (station, too! good to keep it in place! (beside terminal))
- Enough gyroscopes (but not too much! a big tanker dont need the feeling of a fighter) ;)
- Save power with a minimum of gyroscopes, they need alot!
- Enough power-blocks for extrem fly-action without power-overloading.
- 7 Uranium-Barren per reactor | 100-1k for Stations
- Life-Support System (oxygen-tanks/bottles in cockpit, oxygen-generator with ice. in stations use air-vent to fill rooms with oxygen. place airlock is not the worst idea, too.)
- In case you build a big ship, maybe a jumpdrive or more, is a good idea, too.
- Its of course up to you, but i dont like a jumpdrive-feature in a station... xD

- Keep in mind to place the projector block correctly: one line is front and cross is top! ;)
- Same with remote-block... check how you need to place it right.

Mirror-Mode: Learn how to use...
Lets create fast big grids with this tool... - (works in Creative-Mode only!)

With the Mirror-Mode we can create rly fast grids. (grids = small/big ship or station)
But dont forget to look the status.... In case you need mirror-mode on or off... xD Remember, mirrow-mode dont works with subgrids (rotor/pistons - its a new grid -.- wtf...) and in Survival-Mode.

We see, best way to create grids is creative-mode, in case we ignore items... xD

And best way to build grids in Survival-Mode is with projectors... Prefer grids without Rotors/Pistons, because Projectors cant still handle this...! - What a shame! :P In case you used rotors/pistons, create of this subgrids an own blueprints and try to work around this crap.... Or use like me, just Admin-Mode in Survial. One click and good... :P -.- (Time for 100% projector-feature)

Simple way:

Active/Inactive mirror-mode: N

active = you see layers... || inactive = you dont see layers.
Or: Watch the small icon in the UI to see mirror-mode-status.
Use block-size UI info, too, during creating process.

Create a mirrow-layer:

Select an armor-block and point on an existing grid (same size of grid), now press M and you can see a layer. This shows you where you can use mirror-mode... move the mouse and see how this layer is moving, until you press left mouse-button to place it... Press M more then one time to place more layers... (Z, Y, X axis) With N you can disable mirror-mode, I press this too, when i want to disable placeing new layers... ;) Easy. Use N again, to use now mirror-mode with created layers... - Have fun.

Delete a mirrow-layer:

Use active-mirrow-mode and press M until you have the layer where you can touch a mirrow-layer with... now press right mouse-button. You hear a sound and layer is deleted.

Video for mirrow-mode:

Reset Pivot-Point in Projections...
Pivot-Point, lets replace it...

Info: The Pivot point defines projection placement, it is the point that is placed at the location of the projector block. - In case we want to change the pivot-point: (start at: 6:24)

Nice to have: Grid-Tools
Grid-Tools makes life better...

Little hint: config your block, and just copy it with same settings ingame! - Control + C/V is your friend! There is no need to setup it always, again for each block you place, in case you want the same setttings! (for the same block)




Info: Big Block size: 2,5m * size of (width/height same value) to calc/feel the size ingame. ;)

Originally posted by CRYTIS:
Open Space Engineers in Window mode.
Minimize it and go to:
put in the height and with of the circle you want to create.
re open Space Engineers next to the circle generator.
You're welcome :)
Special Sub-Grids
Use Grid-Standards for happyness
Easy life with grid-standards..., because we have always the same feeling of handling!

Another guide of myself, in case you want to have a grid-standard in your blueprints:
Lets become Industry-Giant
An expert starts here now with some blueprints in the hand and now lets become ready to build a grid-factory, whatever we prefer... Lets build or de-build it... and lets make some SpaceCredits!... Oh...! (no economy-system... - there is still something missing... grrrr)

Yeah, this is big fun, when we talk about grid-printer... Like in the ingame-videos of the background.

However your printer/factory looks... There are many ways to create a grid-printer...
Use pistons/rotors or use wheels/thrusters with moving welding/grinding-blocks... or use a build-ship to create a simple basic-ship and then build it up, like in one of the oldest game-videos, still hot:

Another video for mass-production of a rocket, in this case static welding-blocks. Good, when we just create always the same blueprint:

Here an example for creating grids and recycle grids:

Grid-Printer: big grid creates small grids here

With this, its rly easy to become an Industry-Giant in Survival Mode, or just replace fast and easy lost grids... :) And now lets just wait for an economy-system. :P (I´m already waiting for years on this) But next dlc maybe come with this... We will see, maybe the leaked infos are right here.

Lets place an Underground-Base
Easy way to place it:

Step by step, use:

- voxelhand max size and delete the ground... make a big hole... ie 100*100*100 meters
- now place the base on the side of the normal ground, just in the right height

- reset voxel-ground with admin-tools (0-values, active mode.)
- now disable voxel-cleaner (status = opposite of what the button-text is!) ;)

- use voxelhands and clean the space you need. #simple

In case you use pistons/rotors... beware of clang.... and maybe extend pistons first, before you place grid and clean the voxel... Sometimes pistons dont work after cleaning... and hurry up, start first with piston-area to clean with hand-voxel... Clang is inside... and performance can go into hell.... like sim-speed of 0,01.... in example. But after cleaning they should work again... If not, replace pistons... or in case you want to keep terminal/button-configs in the grid, just restart with step 1....

Use LCD-Screens for pics
Place your pics for ad, faction-/trade-info in the world... no mod required here...!

Use this tool to convert pics into 8bit (?) text-code:

LCD-Screen Setup:

Font: Monospace (last entry)
Font-Size: 0.100
Align: Left

- Copy text-code into text-window of lcd-screen.
- Enable text on screen.



Create a Respawn-Mod
Lets play with voxel...
And now... time to create an own Asteriod...

The DS-Software
Check my other guides... and dont forget to Like^^ :)
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Become a pro... u know?! Oo