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[pjt] Nessland Lough

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[pjt] Nessland Lough

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The Nessland Lough route for Train Simulator 2019.

Nessland Lough is a fictional route set around the shores of a small inlet of water. Located just off the south Durham coast between Sunderland and Hartlepool, the mainline is served by both local and Inter City services. The most frequent services are the those that serve the three local branchlines.

The overall route length to drive is approx. 17 miles, although it's only about a mile as the crow flies.

Originally created in Spring 2016 as Donationware to support a Charity Event hosted by Matt Peddlesden raising funds for Cancer Research UK. The route itself raised over £650 in donations for the cause.

If you like the route, don't forget to give it a thumbs up rating. The sooner it get 30 positive votes, the sooner I can make this version 'Final' and the sooner I can upload a few ready made scenarios for it.

**Message to those who receive the route in 2016 as reward for donating**

"After much consideration and consultation with friends within the Train Sim community, I've decided it is time to upload the route to the Steam Workshop. This is my 100th upload to the Steam Workshop and wanted to make it something a bit special. Please don't think bad of my decision, the route has achieved what it was created for, over 3 years have now passed plus I'm proud of this route and would like many others to get enjoyment from it, Many thanks"

The route was created by myself over a 4 week period with a further week of testing and adjustments which resulted in over 350 hours work to have the route ready for the charity event.

Updated to include a functioning Quickdrive scenario. (note - If starting at Drumness I recommend a short consist, a 2 or 3 car DMU for example)

DLC needed:

East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On

West Coast Main Line Over Shap Route Add-On

Riviera Line in the Fifties: Exeter - Kingswear Route Add-On

Many thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy my creation.

Comments are always welcomed.

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Cyclone May 20, 2021 @ 8:03am 
Not marked as final still? I stumbled upon this due to scenarios on UKTS. Would be nice if this were marked final here.
chris5012 Aug 9, 2019 @ 3:08am 
Very pleasant route. Thank you for creating and sharing this.