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Deadlands - Factions, Weapon Styles, Sorcery and More
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Deadlands - Factions, Weapon Styles, Sorcery and More

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Deadlands Server: Mod Collection
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Mod ID: 1752877552
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For the Deadlands Server Mod, go here:

Please join the discord and the #deadlands-mod channel for questions & answers:

The Deadlands is a roleplay server and home to several factions that have their own feats with custom tools, weapons, and perks. There are a number of non-faction items in this mod as well, including admin-spawnable conveniences and commissioned items.

Slay or become the undead, welcome others into your faction and teach them your ways.

Many features in the mod, as well as server lore, can be learned about via craftable notes. Check the Deadlands feat categories in weapons and survival for information

Lore: Dominion-minded creatures of flame
Perks & Items: Fire magic, powerful enchantments

Lore: Grim hunters of demons & the undead
Perks & Items: Demon-slaying weapons, corruption cleansing magic

Lore: Chaotic and fey-like expert hunters
Perks & Items: Poison arrows and weapon coatings

Lore: Vicious undead & their servants
Perks & Items: Necromancy, corruption

Lore: Animalistic berserkers & primal hunters
Perks & Items: Powerful animal companions, beast-tongue

Lore: Shamanistic healers
Perks & Items: Healing & cleansing alchemy

Lore:Ishtar & Derketo Cult
Perks & Items:Sinister and delicious treats

  • Venom Arsenal. Adds 4 craftable poisoned throwing daggers (3 tiers of damage, and a crippling dagger) and new venom-infused weapons
  • Particle Effects. DoTs and other special effects have visual effects now - bleeding bleeds, burning or poisons drip or burn, etc.
  • Corruption weapons. Base game corruption weapons or ones from this mod do increased corruption and do bonus damage, as well as slowly healing the user, making them useful for PVE

  • Lance/Staff. A combination of precise thrusts and wide sweeps, and a few sudden emergency get back stabs with offhand combos
  • Scimitar. Uses a variety of quick sweeping slices and spinning attacks to stack bleed. Includes mainhand glaives
  • Dual Wield. Take a scimitar, and an offhand scimitar or thrown weapon and access a variety of lethal but risky attacks
  • Lethal Claws. Bare handed weapon using the claw moveset. Build from the Jhebbal Sag Shrine. Lethal claws also come in other forms, such as spectral claws, beast tribe relentless claws, and more
  • Doubleswords. These are doubl-ended weapons that are well rounded, elegant, but still brutal. Has bleed and sunder. Cripple on leap. Some attacks can block/parry during them if timed perfectly.
  • Different Bomb Type. Throws faster and uses offhand inputs like a throwing axe. Anti undead+demon bombs, spectral cursing hexbombs, dual wield eldritch fire
  • Man Eaters. Bare handed cleaving item, as in you can stand over corpses and eat them to get the meat
  • Glaives. Hard hitting throwing weapons that can be used in the offhand. Mainhand glaives use the scimitar moveset
  • Shortbows. Lower damage bows that shoot much, much faster than standard bows. Shorter range, but their power shot hurts much more up close
  • Unarmed Improved. Mostly original animations that all land hits properly and can be used as a solid fighting style. There are various craftable unarmed 'weapons' that you can learn and fight with. These are styles, while stances are offhand weapons that can be equipped that change your moveset

  • Flawless Hyperborean Light Loincloth. Light armor version of the heavy armored loincloth.
  • Jhil Champion Helmet. Adds custom jhil helmet (admin spawn) which is light armor, karmic, and accuracy.
  • Wight Armor. Adds Wight styled armor. The pauldron grants undead properties but also makes the wearer susceptible to anti-undead effects from base game and this mod.

  • Master Crafting. go beyond the normal kits available in-game and craft mod-added legendary weapons (and legendaries from other mods!)
  • Visibility Potions (2 types). Using one makes you appear on the map the same way guild map markers work, but to the whole server. The other removes the map marker. Useful for broadcasting location for events, roleplay, help, etc. Craftable out of inventory.
  • Various RP items meant for general use. Some have effects, some are submitted by players.
  • Admin-spawned enchant kits to take weapons from +6dmg/pen all the way up to +50 and more

  • [Override] Torches add offhand attacks when wielded with a weapon. They also do a small burn dot.
  • [Override] Heart of Heroes, Heart of Nordheimer, Skeleton keys stackable
  • [Override] Venom-infused weapons (includes venom-infused scimitar and lance) add 10 survival for poison/bleed resist. Poison damage increased slightly.
  • [Override] Greataxes attack animations are sped up 25% (light attacks) and 50% (heavy attacks). Great attacks do base weapon damage on their combos instead of +20% due to the attack speed increase
  • [Override] Katanas have light combos, heavy combos, and the dash attack has been moved to offhand. The heavy attack is faster, does a bit more damage, but also uses more stamina. To use the katana dash, use offhand attack, then heavy attack + light attack at the same time. Katana dash?s hitbox no longer hits 2.5 tiles behind it.
  • [Override] More hyper armor and ability to cancel second attacks in certain combos
  • [Override] Regular sword moveset adds bleed on some attacks
  • [Override] Bleed stacks up to 40 stacks now and lasts 7 seconds. Does a bit more damage at higher end, lower at fewer stacks.
  • [Override] npc wildlife undead. Community allied with other undead
  • [Override] darfari cannibals are now darfari ostrich farmer community, which is friendly to many undead (2008 + 2009 communities)
  • [Override] Basegame greataxes may do a bit more damage and cost less stamina. It is possible some mod weapons may also be affected