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Roleplay 1.8.1
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May 25, 2019 @ 9:22am
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Roleplay 1.8.1

This mod adds many new Roleplay oriented mechanics to the game.
The core features include:
- A D&D character sheet with attributes and skills for dice rolls.
- Lock picking and door breaching.
- Pick pocketing.
- 15,576 dyes with an RGB color picker.
- 100+ new emotes.
- Attribute respec profiles.
- In-game mail system.
- In-game consent sheets.

Check out my other mod, Roleplay Gear, which adds gear and items that integrate with Roleplay emotes and other mechanics.

The User Guide is available on Discord, as well as the full changelog and previews of upcoming features.
If you'd like to contact me, report a bug, get notifications for mod updates, or just follow the development of this mod, join:

How to use
Press Shift + R to bring up the Roleplay menu. First time you do, you will be asked to assign points to your character's attributes and skills.
Only an admin can reset a character's stats to prevent meta-gaming and people quickly maxing out the skill they are about to roll.

Additionally, you may set yourself a status that will be displayed under your name. These include a variety of IC at-a-glance descriptions, as well as an AFK and OOC indicators.
The OOC status must be enabled by the admins to be available for use.

The mod comes with a variety of customization options. Type /rpconfig in chat to access the player settings panel.

Speech Bubbles
This mod has Speech Bubbles bundled already, so if you have that mod on your server you must remove it.

- Only messages in Local chat range are displayed.
- Compatible with Pippi User & Server Management.
- An animated [...] indicator is shown when players are typing.
- Supports /me and /do commands to display actions in 3rd person context.
- Supports /shout command to speak in x2 local chat radius.
- Supports /act command to change your character's name in chat (must be enabled by an admin through /rpadmin)
- Bubbles can display approximately 1500 characters at once.
- The bubbles can be customized (or even turned off for individual users) by typing /rpconfig in chat. This will open a settings panel that allows you to change how it looks and behaves, including font size, number of displayed messages, and more.

Chat commands
Note: These will always say "Invalid command" in chat because Pippi doesn't recognize them.
/rpconfig - Opens the player settings panel where you can toggle features for yourself.
/rpadmin - Open the admin settings panel where you can configure global mod behavior.
/afk - Toggles an AFK status (if statuses are enabled by the server) over your head.
/pvp [reason] - Toggles a Hostile status, and declares your PVP intent in Local chat.

For Admins
Type /rpadmin in chat to access the mod server settings.
The mod offers a great deal of customization. You can fine-tune every feature it has, from visible UI elements to the attribute/skill balance.

For modders
This mod does not alter any of the game's assets and should play nice with just about anything. However, there is a slight chance it will not work if you made significant changes to W_ChatWindow.

The ItemTable/RecipesTable/FeatTable ID range in use is 574XXXX.
Dye colors are in the 57XXXXX range.
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Heroscrub 13 hours ago 
Someone in the IQOL discord said that there's a mod coming soon called Forsaken Roleplay that's supposed to be a revival of this mod with additional features in the future. According to them it'll be along possibly even today, at least in basic functionality, though I've no idea how reliable that information actually is.
Dread-Raven Sep 18 @ 3:51pm 
Any mod similar to this that has animations like it? They are so crucial for RPing and doesnt look like this is getting updated
Heroscrub Sep 18 @ 2:41pm 
The Fashionist 4.0 mod update will have something akin to a RGB picker for dyes, I hear, so at least that functionality will not be too far away.
Grayker Huntsman Sep 18 @ 9:05am 
we liked all aspects of this mod but we utilized it's DYE system to the full extent and I can't find one with that range of colors.
S P Y M A S T E R Sep 18 @ 4:55am 
I do agree that this mod is basically essential if youre on an RP/ lite RP server. Emotes alone were fantastic.
CaptainMorrigan Sep 17 @ 10:35am 
Thrall Wars has roll capability along with chat bubbles and similar things.
Davven Sep 17 @ 6:10am 
We need some mod that does the same thing as this as soon as possible !!
Voyren Sep 17 @ 4:54am 
Bad news. even worse - you can't take over something without the authors consent.
Well, we have to come up with something new.
No, there is nothing like this at the moment.
Servers will have to take it down, probably for the time being.
✪!Jackie Sep 16 @ 4:23pm 
Unless someone wants to rip this mod apart and make it there own would be nice
TheCynicalSorcerer Sep 16 @ 4:13pm 
Hopefully someone can take over creation/updating of this mod. It's absolutely ESSENTIAL for various RP servers.