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Kewee.NET QoL Tools
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May 19, 2019 @ 11:12pm
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Kewee.NET QoL Tools

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Kewee.NET VIP - ARK Eternal
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This Quality of Life Tools mod is designed for servers

The purpose of this mod is to modify S+ to remove duplicated building structures without requiring a huge engram ini list, and to rename engrams that conflict with the base homestead update.

This mod is based on Structures+ opensource code (as at 16 July 2019)


MOD ID: 1746886372

** RESOURCE PULLING into any inventory **

Structures included:
- QoL Air Conditioner
- QoL Animal Tender
- QoL Bookshelf
- QoL Charge Station
- QoL Chemistry Bench
- QoL Command Tool
- QoL Cooking Pot
- QoL Crafting Station
- QoL Crystal Cracker
- QoL Converter
- QoL Dedicated Storage
- QoL Dedicated Storage Intake
- QoL Demo Gun
- QoL Domesticated Bee Hive
- QoL Dynamic Gate and Gateway
- QoL Element Catalyzer
- QoL Electric Cable Flexible, Straight, Intersection, Vertical
- QoL Electrical Outlet
- QoL Euthanasia Gun
- QoL Fabricator
- QoL Farmer
- QoL Forcefield Wall
- QoL Gates/Gateways: Wood, Adobe, Stone, Glass, Metal, Tek
- QoL Behemoth Gates/Gateways: Adobe, Stone, Glass, Metal, Tek
- QoL Gacha Gavager
- QoL Gardener
- QoL Glass Ceiling, Triangle Ceiling, Wall, Window
- QoL Hatchery
- QoL Industrial Cooker
- QoL Industrial Forge (half sized)
- QoL Industrial Grill
- QoL Industrial Grinder
- QoL Inventory Assistant
- QoL Item Collector
- QoL Metal Spike Wall
- QoL Metal Storage Box
- QoL Metal Water Pipes: Intake, Flexible, Straight, Vertical, Inclined, Intersection
- QoL Metal Water Tap
- QoL Model Selector
- QoL Mutator
- QoL Nanny
- QoL Refrigerator
- QoL Repair Gun
- QoL Sheep Herder
- QoL Standing Torch
- QoL Tek Elevator
- QoL Tek Generator
- QoL Tek Glass Ceiling
- QoL Tek Glass Wall
- QoL Tek Replicator
- QoL Tek Shield Generator
- QoL Tek Transmitter (half sized)
- QoL Transfer Gun
- QoL Transfer Tool
- QoL Transparency Cycler
- QoL Wall Torch

*** Do not use with Structures+ mod or other mods based on S+ ***

* Additional S+ QoL items may be added in the future. Core building structures will not be added.
* The mod is designed for our servers, however is supported for others to use. For this reason, anyone wanting to migrate from S+ to this mod can do so without structure loss. S+ structures not listed above can be admin spawned.
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Apr 2 @ 2:05am
Can't build any of the new tek stuff in this replicator?
Jan 29 @ 7:59am
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Jan 5 @ 1:25am
The Crystal Cracker.
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Hazel / Jenny Oct 12 @ 4:44am 
can u add all half walls? would be awesome bcs i would love to add this mod to the server, and deinstall the new s+ bcs of its new features
123 Jun 26 @ 11:15am 
@TheKewee If you can repair the item colector for gacha crystals you are a genius
Citadela Jun 26 @ 1:54am 
@TheKewee Will QOL ever be fixed, for example Gacha Crystals or updated? When Structures Plus is fixed and updated again (Open Source) :lunar2020thinkingtiger:
eighmy_lupin May 19 @ 9:01pm 
@Skish The guns/tools remember what mode/setting you had them in when you un/re equip them, for the sole purpose of letting players make multiple guns/tools and set them individually. So you can still use the guns/tool the same way you did before the update if you prefer that style. Syntac shows how to in his video about the update if I'm not being clear enough.
Skish May 19 @ 5:56pm 
I'm adding this mod because of the S+ update, to be honest. Purely for the Guns. Orionsun has combined them all into two tools, and I can't handle it, haha. It's too clunky for me
TheKewee  [author] May 18 @ 3:57pm 

With the release today of Structures Plus update 67 QoL tools may no longer be required, and if so development will cease.

In update 67 Orionsun has renamed the remaining conflicting homestead structures, and added many ini's to allow server admins to fully customise their own engram collections.

specifically this one:
- New Config: SPlusEngramWhitelist (a list of S+ engrams you wish to use, all others will be hidden. This option also disables the engram override.)

After testing the update I will publish instructions complete with ini settings if you wish to switch from QoL tools to S+ retaining QoL tools current engram list. You will be able to customise the ini's further adding/removing other S+ engrams to your liking.
Daerwenen May 13 @ 11:04am 
Can you please update mod? Gacha Crystals are completely ignored by this mod.
BakaOppai May 3 @ 8:36pm 
@123 Its been broken for some time now. Which is odd to me since if you play without Gachas you're doing it wrong.... Luckily AA Vacuum picks them up meantime.
AlcoFan Apr 20 @ 11:57am 
check the ID collector. Does not collect Gachi crystals.
BakaOppai Apr 13 @ 7:27am 
Any plans to add the trans-locator? Best item ever for mining etc. :P