Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

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High Flow Storage
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May 10 @ 2:42pm
Jun 2 @ 8:03am
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High Flow Storage

Adds storage buildings with room for more input/output ports.

Liquid storage with 3 input, 3 output (for horizontal pipes)
Liquid storate with 2 inputs, 2 outputs (for vertical pipes)
Gas storage with 3 inputs, 3 output (for horizontal pipes)
Gas storage with 5 inputs, 5 outputs (for verital pipes)

All can be flipped (mirrored).
Building cost and construction time doubled.

All buildings have an automation output to indicate if stored content is above/below threshold.

Storage capacity:
Gas: 300 kg
Liquid 5000 kg
Both numbers can be changed in the included config file.

While useful for gameplay, this mod is actually designed to test my new library, which allows adding an (in theory) unlimited amount of ports to a building. While it seems to work just fine, do note that it's a big change and please report any issues you might notice, regardless of how small they might be.

Launch update available on GitHub. More info in the forum thread.

For direct contact: use forum. I don't accept friend requests from strangers.
Forum thread[forums.kleientertainment.com]
GitHub repository[github.com]


1.6: added automation output, added vertical liquid storage, building colors can be set in config file
1.5: savegame format cleanup to prevent current and future mod incompatibility issues
1.4: fixed compatibility issue with Sensory Overload
1.3: improved performance when showing gas/liquid overlays
1.2: gas storage for vertical pipes can now be flipped
1.1: added config file
1.0: inital release
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nightinggale  [author] 6 hours ago 
Launch update available on GitHub. More info in the forum thread.
MadCuzBad Jul 3 @ 10:30am 
By the way, if you were interested in charging my dupes a balance costs, they would happily pay double its ore cost in refined metal! These are the natural cousin to the smart battery, equally innovative, and they often command the central focus of my base building experience.
MadCuzBad Jul 3 @ 10:26am 
Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate your work on this mod. Even just having 2 port sets on each, and automation output, result in the most improved quality of life experience of any mod i've seen and i cannot express how much they have upgraded my experience. Been playing since the very beginning... Just a few of these buildings replaces miles of pipe spaghetti and hours of time spent going back to rework pipe systems as the base grows. You are a gentlemen and a scholar!
nightinggale  [author] Jul 2 @ 6:19pm 
I know what's broken and ironically I'm to blame due to the experience from this mod. I made a bug report about how ONI is inefficient when drawing port icons and the Launch update optimized that part. However since that part of the code has changed, this mod no longer plays nicely with it.

I will fix this eventually. However first I need to figure out what precisely broke and updating this mod could be an issue if I can't make a mod, which works with the new and old versions at the same time.

One more thing to add is that Klei added new modding tools, but they haven't told us how to use them yet and I haven't found them myself in the source code yet.
MadCuzBad Jul 2 @ 4:27pm 
Looks like this is not working yet with the launch update expirimental branch. Any Chance of an update to the mod coming soon?
zhuyalin Jun 22 @ 4:46am 




nightinggale  [author] Jun 11 @ 11:13am 
I updated the description to make capacity more clear. It was there in text before, but numbers are easier to read.
嘉嘉 Jun 10 @ 8:16pm 
how about their capacity?
nightinggale  [author] Jun 10 @ 6:58am 
There is no output priority. Each port has a dispenser and the core game (unity itself?) will call each in whatever order it feels like. The mod isn't controlling this.

Once the mod was done and I saw the result I started to wonder about a custom dispenser, one which would do all output ports equally or in turns. However doing that means writing a custom dispenser from scratch using a different design and that file is rather big.
Sapper Woody Jun 10 @ 6:51am 
How do the outputs prioritize flow? I had assumed the outputs would be even, and I tried to use the vertical (5 in, 5 out) as a hub for my oxygen distribution, but it seemed like it would flow from only one pipe, and then randomly switch to another, etc.