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Configurable Elevators - Ingame Speed Management
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Apr 19, 2019 @ 1:20am
May 4, 2019 @ 10:27am
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Configurable Elevators - Ingame Speed Management

This mod is supported and working as of this writing. (Patch 2.6.1 - November 2021)

Configurable Elevators

This mod allows adjustment of the speed of elevators while playing the game. Configure a global elevator speed or set different speeds on individual elevators.

Mod ID: 1716717492

Note from the Author

This mod is supported and working as of this writing. (Patch 2.6.1 - November 2021) It's currently running on my own private server, among others.

Because it doesn't modify any assets or blueprints it should be compatible indefinitely, barring some huge change in how elevators work. It's also safe to remove at any time (elevator speeds will revert to normal.)

I'm not planning to release a new version unless it stops working or needs a bugfix.


Settings are accessed by bringing up the radial menu (hold E) while targeting an elevator. By default, only admins can modify settings. Non-admins can be given limited access to configure elevators owned by their clan by enabling Allow Any Elevator Owner.

Default Elevator Speed: The global default elevator speed for all elevators in world. This can only be changed by admins.
Enable Custom Settings: If enabled, allows individual elevators to have different speeds. Disabling this will reset all elevators to the Default speed.
Allow Any Elevator Owner: If true, any clan member may configure elevators that belong to that clan. Disabling this restricts elevator customization to admins only, regardless of ownership.
Custom Minimum/Maximum Speed: Configure the allowed speed range for individual elevators. Does not affect global default speed.
Customize This Elevator: Enables the custom speed slider for this elevator only. Requires Enable Custom Settings to be checked. Disabling this setting will reset the current elevator to the global default speed.
Custom Speed: Overrides the global default speed for this elevator only.

Additional Notes

Without mods, horizontal elevators are twice as fast as vertical elevators (1.28s/foundation vs 2.56s/foundation.) This proved difficult to scale cleanly, resulting in ever increasing speed discrepancies at high settings. Instead, this mod changes the default horizontal elevator speed to be equal (in terms of foundations/sec) to the vertical elevator speed, so that they scale evenly together.

The scaling applied by this mod is non-linear, i.e., Taller/longer elevators will reach a higher maximum speed (and thus overall speed) than shorter elevators. This prevents short elevators from simply teleporting at high settings, and prevents tall elevators from feeling slower due to the lower initial acceleration. The exact curve is subject to change based on feedback.

Future Updates

Since the mod does not modify any existing assets, it should continue to work without being updated unless major changes are made to the elevator system. Please use the Bug Reports thread to report any such issues.

No features that require asset modification will be added to this mod, this keeps it safe to remove without breaking worlds.

Mod Compatibility

No vanilla assets modified, shouldn't have any compatibility issues. Uses the ConfigurableElevators component prefix namespace. The mod can be safely removed at any time.
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Olly Jan 17 @ 10:05am 
Ah, thank you. I read that and it some how it didn't stick, I guess.
Purple  [author] Jan 16 @ 2:23am 
@Olly Assuming it's not a conflict with another elevator mod, see the "Additional Notes" section of this mod description. This mod affects horizontal elevators differently, as they already have 2.0 speed in the vanilla game vs 1.0 for verticals. This mod will only increase the speed of horizontal elevators once you pass a certain threshold. If you leave this mod set at 1.0 speed, the horizontal elevators will also be at 1.0, which is half of their vanilla speed.
Olly Jan 11 @ 3:24am 
Is this only working with the vertical elevators? I'm not seeing it affect the horizontal ones.
Palateth Oct 4, 2020 @ 1:29am 
Thanks a lot for this mod, it allows to make the elevators really cool ! Any chance to get an option for adding an "elevator music" ? :)
Darnexx Sep 20, 2020 @ 12:15pm 
@Grymm a friend tested it on the normal Map and it still works.
Grymm Sep 18, 2020 @ 12:31am 
Hey All, I have tested this mod on Siptah and it works fine for both Vertical and Horizontal elevators. I have not tested in Exiled Lands, but the core engine's the same for both maps so it should be good. No idea if @Purple will, or needs to update, or is even active in here anymore - but thanks @Purple, this is still a very handy modlette.
Gush Sep 15, 2020 @ 5:44pm 
It loads, but I haven't confirmed if it works yet.
Priapus Morningstar Sep 15, 2020 @ 5:17pm 
Can anyone confirm if this mod is still compatible on private servers since the most recent update ?
Purple  [author] May 30, 2020 @ 12:45am 
@Stocky I've run into that bug too. I suspect it's a state desync issue, and I'm not sure it's fixable without modifying vanilla blueprints, something which this mod purposely does not do. It would likely be a new mod if it happens at all. Let's hope the Conan devs fix it before then.
Stocky Apr 12, 2020 @ 3:43am 
Any chance on fixing what the game devs haven't fixed? The elevators resetting to the top, is so annoying.