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Lumbermill and Mining
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Apr 17, 2019 @ 8:45am
May 8, 2019 @ 1:01pm
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Lumbermill and Mining

Mod Description
This mod introduces a new feat "Nature Prospector" that will unlock Three new buildings, the "Lumbermill" ,"Mining Operations" and the "Quarry hut".
These three buildings will allow you to put processed food into them to let the workers do their magic!
The lumbermill will convert food into wood over time, whereas the mining operations will convert food into stone and iron ore.
The amount gained depends on the grade of the food, and using higher grade food in the mining operations even increases the odds to gain iron ore instead of stone.

Finally, there is a good use for all your surplus food to reduce the amount of base resource grind that you usually have to do!

Output Details
The Lumbermill will convert at the following rates:
1 x low grade food = 4 wood
1 x medium grade food = 8 wood
1 x high grade food = 12 wood

The Mining Operations will convert at the following rates:

1 x low grade food = 3 Iron
1 x medium grade food = 6 Iron
1 x high grade food = 9 iron

The Quarry Hut:
1x low grade food = 10 stone
1x medium grade food = 20 stone
1x high grade food = 30 stone

but this operation will yield twice as much and take twice as long to make.

Harvest Rate Settings
The mod will NOT change its output according to the harvest rates, but it's also not needed.
Since the amount of food that you gather already depends on the harvest rate setting, the mod indirectly scales accordingly!

Compatibility with other Mods
There should be no issues, as no core files have been touched.

Item table ID: 808524568 , 808524569, 808524570
Feat table ID: 60000589
Recipes ID: 456789125 , 456789124, 456789126

If you have any question or concern about the mod let me know in the comment below
If you found bugs with it please open threads in the discussion as its easier to track when bugs and makes communication easier to see.

Changed requirement from any food to only cooked food or those that are edible. If you find some cooked food not working let me know as i dont know which cooked version are edible or not... as this only check if it contain the Food poison debuff or not.

The changes that you see is because we feel the stone production is very low , too low for the real life builder. So we decided to add a quarry hut . and we adjust the other two to reflect this new additions... We wanted to balance out how much production of each can provide so it doesnt over whelm too much. I will not be adding any more to be automated as these are ways to cut down the basic for builder adventuring lifestyle. In regarding to the bark... Look at the other mods that has such machine and recipes for adding more bark to the mix recipes.
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imfasterke11 Nov 3 @ 12:57pm 
corruption so i can't play bummer :(
Kenny Oct 30 @ 12:40pm 
this is a great mod, wish someone would update it and make it use able in the new map
Wulf Oct 16 @ 1:03pm 
I used this in the past and it worked now seems the files are corrupt for me as I've subscribed and installed JUST this mod and tried to use it in solo play and it won't work. I get the corrupt files warning and have to delete the mod list from the files and do a hard shut down to get my system back as it goes to black screen.
DirtyVaderDaddy Oct 15 @ 7:30pm 
I've been using base_mat_worker that Tieio recommended and that's been running great for me
Milla_M Oct 15 @ 2:29pm 
dragonFire is currently online. I guess it depends on whether or not they still play CE. If they don't, it is very likely they won't reinstall it AND the Devkit just to update this mod.
DirtyVaderDaddy Oct 9 @ 7:00pm 
Not likely, they haven't been on here for over a year as I recall.
rdtravis73 Oct 8 @ 6:49pm 
ROMERO Oct 5 @ 11:16pm 
Still not updated...:(:steamsad:
DirtyVaderDaddy Sep 23 @ 1:40pm 
That it was, it really let you run the solo player build up pacing really well
NinjaOrigins57 Sep 23 @ 1:26pm 
Miss this mod. I always end up with too much food and no way to use it. This mod was just ideal.