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Paddington To Exeter - 275 town massive map
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Apr 2 @ 5:40am
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Paddington To Exeter - 275 town massive map

Exeter in the bottom left - Paddington in the top right.

Bridgeend in the top left - Brighton in the bottom right

... And - nearly every town or village with a current railway station in that rectangle.

No industry...

Suggest running with GrandT's massive map settings.

Put together for the purpose of running a lot of passenger services but you will I think need some decent kit to run this.

So for example you can run trains from
Paddington to Exeter
Paddington to Bristol
Clapham to Exeter
Clapham to Portsmouth
Clapham to Southampton
Clapham to Alton
Clapham to Weymouth
Exeter to Teignmouth
Portsmouth to Bristol
Portsmouth to Brighton
Bristol to Cardiff
Bristol to Weymouth

Etc. ....

Herritage lines:- Somerset, Mid Hants, Swanage ....

As usual I've added land mass to the south / moved the continent a bit closer.
... And added the EU (Europe) and ROW (Rest of World) as destinations in case you want to play with ships
.... Also the USA is sitting in the Bristol channel for much the same reason.
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Mad Hatter  [author] Apr 16 @ 10:24am 
Hi jesuskitus
Es un mapa grande usted necesita de modo experimental en el archivo de configuración de juego

/steam/userdata/<Your Steam ID>/446800/local

Editar el archivo: settings.lua (Notepad or Notepad++)

experimentalMapSizes = false > Para > experimentalMapSizes = true

Guarde el archivo
jesuskitus Apr 15 @ 5:48am 
A mi no me deja leer el mapa, me da error de demasiados pixeles. Alguna ayuda por favor?
Mad Hatter  [author] Apr 13 @ 10:05am 
275 towns - if I've only made one spelling mistake - I'll count that as a win :)
Bridgend has only got one e - regards from someone who lives there!
buttheadlovepantera Apr 13 @ 6:51am 
a fine looking map to showcase all of jks beautiful gwr locos. thank you very much
juliejayne Apr 13 @ 3:15am 
OK, I was going to take the plunge, and try this map.... BUT horror.... I am going to show my Nerdiness now.... There are NO Southern Steam trains available. I can't possibly do this map with just the hated GWR... and NO Merchant Navy 4-6-2. And no Urie's or Schools class oh the horror.!
juliejayne Apr 12 @ 12:42pm 
Yes after watching GrandT I think that you are correct, Now if only someone had modded Southern Railways trains... I would be unable to resist. Lol.
Mad Hatter  [author] Apr 12 @ 11:04am 
Hi JulieJayne -.... I think if you bulldoze every last building in a town its gone forever
juliejayne Apr 8 @ 5:35am 
Mad Hatter... but if you bulldoze the town the Town marker stays doesn't it? in which case the town would revive as the population increases... Or am I wrong?
Vox populi Apr 7 @ 2:44pm 
Eyyy a map with my home town of andover in it :D nice work.