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Nordic Studios™ | Nordic Equipment Pack
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Mar 25, 2019 @ 7:44am
Jun 15, 2019 @ 8:38pm
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Nordic Studios™ | Nordic Equipment Pack

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Nordic Military Roleplay | Modpack
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Nordic Studios™

Welcome to the Nordic Equipment Pack!

This mod is made by Nordic Roleplay/Nordic Studios


Planned Next:

➤ Adding more Equipment & ETC.

Hoping to do weekly updates each friday!

Latest Update:

➤ Additions:

• M57 Firing Device
• C4 Charge
• M15 Anti-Tank Mine

Wanna have a chat with us hop on to our community Discord! [discord.gg]

Dont find a server with this modpack? hop on our servers!

IP -
Port - 27015


Q: Can i use this for my server?
A: Yes you can if you follow our EULA [docs.google.com]

Q: Can i use this for my modpack?
A: Contact me first and talk about it

Q: Can i reupload this?
A: No.

This mod is under License of Creative Commons
© Creative Commons 2019© Copyright 2020 BroXn[mirrors.creativecommons.org]
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if* lol