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DOI||Screaming Steel - WW1:Source 2.0 [gameMe Stats]
[EU] Day of Infamy Standalone Server for Screaming Steel 1914 - 1918:

Hostname: Screaming Steel - WW1:Source 2.0 [gameME Stats]
(useful when playing community content in custom playlist!)

Server is setup with a few SourceMod plugins like:
savescores (you did alt tab and DoI crash? no worries your stats are saved until the map end)
AFK manager (moved to spectator if IDLE)
Dynamic Playlist (by Nades & LUA, Updated and modified by JonnyBoy0719 and fixed by Linothorax) allows us to be in official playlist and siwtch to custom for community made content.
and so much more without denature original experience and bring a taste of WW1:Source 2.0 via some ost flashback and other miscs.

Server's Homepage:


Support us @ if you enjoy your stay!
Items (20)
Screaming Steel: 1914-1918
Created by ashton

Fight in rain soaked trenches or charge over No Man’s Land to battle in the War to End All Wars. Use authentic weaponry to conquer the enemy, call in artillery strikes to take out enemies en masse, and co...
Screaming Steel: Voice-over Pack
Created by ashton
READ: This item is highly recommended, but not a 100% necessity for playing Screaming Steel: 1914-1918.

Subscribing to this Workshop upload will overwrite the English, Canadian and some of the Commonwealth HQ voiceovers in the vanilla g...
MAIN MENU REDUX - The Way It's Meant to be Played!
Created by SHOUBI
Brought to you by 'TGP'!

Who helped our #INS2U[] community server back in the days.

Featuring: (Insurgency-like [url=ht...
WW1 Source Main menu Background & Music
Created by SHOUBI
You need to move .vpk in DOI/CUSTOM!

(vpk is located in steamapps\workshop\content\447820\1453827893)

Use 3 main menu sounds from WW1:S 1.13b for old timers.

Adds a nice background from trailer made possible thanks to SPYCER!

Stay tuned @ ...
WW1: Source's title themes
Created by Ribs
These are the themes of the once popular source mod called WW1: Source.

This mod contains all the musical cues found within the mod, that includes 3 menu themes, commonwealth victory and axis victory.

Credits goes to the WW1: Source development team, Dan...
Valenciennes - Screaming Steel Map
Created by ashton
France, November 1918

''Day by day throughout the hectic Hundred we drove him back and back, beating him at every point at his own game; giving him no moment to breathe; forcing apart him and his partners, and breaking them piece-meal, until, cr...
Passchendaele - Screaming Steel Map
Created by ashton
Belgium, October 1917

'‘There was not a sign of life of any sort. Not a tree, save for a few dead stumps which looked strange in the moonlight. Not a bird, not even a rat or a blade of grass. Nature was as dead as those Canadians whose bodies re...
Somme - Screaming Steel Map
Created by ashton
France, September 1916

''It seemed all over, hardly 20 minutes from the start. It was a strong point and still was, even with reinforcements it would be hopeless, with those sodding machine guns still in action. Behind we could see where we st...
Nimy Bridge - Screaming Steel Map
Created by ashton
Belgium, 23 August 1914

''The enemy at first came on in masses, and suffered severely in consequence. It was their first experience of the British "fifteen rounds a minute," and it told. They went down in bundles — our men delighting in a form o...
Givenchy - Screaming Steel Map
Created by ashton
France, January 1915

''We used to have tea sent up to us, up the communication trench. It used to start off in a huge dixie, two men would carry it with a stretcher. It would start off boiling hot; by the time it got to us in the front line, t...
City Walls (Screaming Steel)
Created by BenjaGuy
The first community map for Screaming Steel!

This map is not based on any specific battle or location. In invasion mode, the British Army must attack through no-man's land, and capture the entryway to the city. The battle continues within the city's wal...
Created by Cre8iveCat
Old Project.
Why is this on the front page this is from last year.

Screaming Steel map, mp_theater_override ScreamingSteel to play...
Created by SHOUBI
Original upload by Third Eye:
Strawberry Arena for DOI ( )

i don't own any right, all credits toward the original mapper.
Created by SHOUBI
Original upload by Third Eye.
i don't own any right, all credits toward the original mapper....
Created by SHOUBI
custom maps votescreen ressources for Screaming Steel - WW1:Source 2.0 custom server!
Loading screen & particles / manifest .txt added for the following custom maps:
city_walls invasion
trench_systems offensive
strawberry_arena_ww1 liberation

sm plugins ressources and others tweaks
Created by SHOUBI
for server do not subscribe!...
Better Realistic Shells Models
Created by Fooltaurus
High Poly Shells for all weapons !

Just a simple Remodel + Retexture for bullets shells

Watch screenshots for more infos...and work in any gamemode
I tried to get the best immersive bullet effect in the game...for more epicnes...
Ammo Pouch Fix
Created by Azusa
Ever notice how the support classes ammo pouches have nothing in them? This mod fills them with some ammo so they don't look like empty lunch bags anymore. Maybe it might remind you to also keep your machine gunners stocked up on ammo instead of hoarding i...
Created by NoNo
Who want gore ?

If you like ANY workshop content, it would be nice to RATE, FAV or COMMENT, thanks for us...
NOMIP Tracers
Created by 1v4n94
Originally, having mat_mipmaptextures set to 1 rendered bullet tracers in low-quality. With this mod, that gets fixed....
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