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Filling the shelf - all dead heroes
By gNuff!~©~gNom3™
If you're missing a collectible on the shelf and having trouble finding the fallen hero it belongs to, hopefully this should work to assist you getting the last for the achievement
The Shelf
Caution, this is not a hint or "nudge you in a general direction"guide, but full on location revealing. Massive spoiler ahead.

Top left, Glasses from spy:

nom nom flies help clear the ruin, there is a guy inside
(spikey) hair Wig/Goku hair
Top middle, Power Hair from spikey hair hero:

at volcano puzzle all the way behind in the back/across from guy that wants 2 gold to open his basement
baseball cap/Pokemon cap
Top right, Catch-Hat:

at the puzzle to get magnet buckle, indoor part (big ring and tubes to shoot through to activate platforms), at the door requiring the key on lower level section, there is a hole in the wall to get through vent to building's room on other side
red doll/Star Trek toy
2nd shelf from top -to the Left, Space-commander Toy:

on the ridge of the cliff up high right outside redville. -don't expect to be able to reach this early on, but later after couple of upgrades/areas opened up, so you can circle around to get it.
wooden Stick
2nd shelf from top -in the Middle, Wand from magic boy:

check out blueville
santa Hat & Beard
2nd shelf from top -to the Right, Hat & fake Beard from soda guy:

on the roof/chimney at the diamond rank supra player house (get there after doing puzzle to unlock the way -after beating Rattle Hag)
"cowboy" Hat
3rd shelf from top -to the Left, Adventure Hat from adventure guy:

at the Red Crystal, down at purple force cube button after you get the mcguffin
(blond) hair Wig
3rd shelf from top -in the Middle, Hair of Him-Guy:

up on the center rock on your way to blueville (after getting through second "gate" -that requires you to get Red Crystal mcguffin first),
Fallout doll
3rd shelf from top -to the Right, Vault Toy:

in the ravine/pit at the diamond rank supra player house (get there after doing puzzle to unlock the way -after beating Rattle Hag)
Bottom left , Skull(Murray) from pirate:

next/behind redville area is "supraball court" and supra ball house thingy, to the left of the gym there is a gate with pit and generator and these 3 graves with force-field you bounce on to get up (before later upgrades at least) guy hiding in corner/left of den
Han Solo doll
Bottom middle, Space Smuggler:

at the end of the game/after beating the game, at Mr Miracles place, up the little hill from his tent.
Green Hat from Zelda
Bottom right, Adventure kid Hat, from adventure kid:

in the area where the giant pickaxe is (area after first gate/after tutorial barrel area), there is a pit you open that leads straight down to lava. Down there is a hidden tunnel, that has adventure kid (after a section of darkness). Get it later on, -requires either lava resistant force cube, or teleport gun, or some superb precise triple jumping when going down the lava pit
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'IceTeaž' Apr 29 @ 2:49pm 
Thanks :abconion:
gNuff!~©~gNom3™  [author] Apr 21 @ 7:02am 
you are right @Nitro2300, i just reckoned people would have triple jump by then as default/easier
Nitro2300 Apr 21 @ 6:21am 
For the adventure kid you can do it with just the double jump
gNuff!~©~gNom3™  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:22pm 
or ofc if you have super jump (after finishing game) you can ofc just jump the mountains
gNuff!~©~gNom3™  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:21pm 
@sup you should have unlocked a pipe shortcut to get in there quickly, access from blueville near the green moon door if i remember correct
if you haven't you will have to do the slight hoops of going through the route where the puzzle access to him were
sup Apr 13 @ 7:17pm 
how to get to mr miracle's place after completing the game?
洋葱骑士 Apr 6 @ 3:43pm 
delenn13 Mar 20 @ 5:46am 
Oh, forgot to say...Awesome work.:cozyspaceengineersc:
delenn13 Mar 20 @ 5:45am 
I DO have this installed on my PC. It's just.....Time is so elusive....:steamfacepalm: