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Fast Saddles
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Mar 19, 2019 @ 7:06am
Mar 28, 2019 @ 6:19am
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Fast Saddles

Sadly, im currently not able to work on the mod. :(

What is this mod?
Fast Saddles is a mod that adds a collection of saddles to your game.
Equipping these saddles to their respective dinos will increase their movement speed.
The amount of increased speed can be configured through the GameUserSettings.ini for every single saddle in this mod.

Mod ID: 1687518589

Currently, the mod features saddles for the following dino species:
  • Argentavis
  • Pelagornis
  • Pteranodon
  • Quetzal (Normal + Platform Saddle)
  • Tapejara (Normal + Tek Saddle)
Equipping a Fast Saddle also allows the flyer to walk backwards. This is very usefull for parking your dinos or just handling them in general.

Installation & Configuration
To install this mod, simply press the "Subscribe" button above this description.
Your Steam Client will now download the Mod into your ARK Folder.
To use it on a Dedicated Server, upload the Mod Files to your servers Mods Folder and add the Mod ID (Mentioned above) to your GameUserSettings.ini under "ActiveMods".

This Mod offers very basic Configuration.
Inside your GameUserSettings.ini you can specify the amount of Speed, that each saddle will add to your dinos. The values, you specify will be added on top of the dinos movement speed. Setting AddSpeedPtero to 65 would make a default Pteranodon have 200% speed.

Example Configuration:
[FastSaddles] AddSpeedArgy=50 AddSpeedPela=63.5 AddSpeedPtero=65 AddSpeedQuetz=63.5 AddSpeedTapejara=63.5
The values used above are default values. Only include the configuration if you want to change those values.

If you enjoy this mod, please leave a like :)

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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T.TV DerJoker Jul 16 @ 12:58am 
Hello, nice mod.
Can i get a spawncodeliste complete please?
CubE135  [author] May 9 @ 10:24am 
As i've said before, im currently not able to work on the mod.
amazingsg May 9 @ 9:56am 
Could you make a snow owl.....plz ;)
amazingsg May 9 @ 9:53am 
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Argy/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis'" 1 0 0
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Ptero/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Ptera.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Ptera'" 1 0 0
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Quetz/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Quetz_Platform.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Quetz_Platform'" 1 0 0
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Tapejara/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Tapejara_Tek.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Tapejara_Tek'" 1 0 0
CubE135  [author] Feb 28 @ 2:43pm 
Currently, i dont have time to work on the Mod. Sorry :(
Rocius Feb 28 @ 2:12pm 
Is this mod still being worked on, or is support no longer available? Looking for options now that CF is broken
PhorceOne Feb 17 @ 5:33pm 
Any chance of having this be able to apply the speed bonus to saddles with higher armor that have been found in drops or crafted from BPs?
Cruciare2750 Dec 8, 2019 @ 4:13pm 
Looks like with auto engram unlocked it will not unlock these saddles no matter what - just a FYI
krintiz Apr 18, 2019 @ 5:24am

not open Tek Saddle. Which boss should I kill?
please. help!
krintiz Apr 18, 2019 @ 4:55am 
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Argy/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis'" 1 0 0

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Argy/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis'" 1 9 0

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/FastSaddles/Argy/PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis.PrimalItemArmor_FastSaddle_Argentavis'" 1 9 1

mod thx. ^^