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Caballus Custom Map - The Equestrian Land
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May 21, 2023 @ 1:11am
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Caballus Custom Map - The Equestrian Land


The Lovely Caballus Map - A Equestrian Journey

Complete finished unofficial Map for ARK with beautiful environment,
stunning places, breathtaking caves
treasures instead of air drops
and variants for equus and color variants for more creatures - developed by Doudel.

Mod ID = 1679826889
Command Lines: Caballus_P

Important Information:
Turn off the Antimeshsystem of ARK completly! Therefore the random killing or teleporting is happening!
In Dungeon caves you cant use cryos, sinos or tek suit - it is intended!

Complete Status: 100 %

Content last Update

- implemented the Shimmer Pegasus
- added a custom mini boss fight against Icarus, Adonis and Rih
- added Fjordhawk and Andrewsarchus
- reworked the Dam Cave

Background Story

Caballus is a world born out of the heat.
Grown from lava, cooled and hardened in the wild sea. The largest of the Caballic islands. The still intact vulcano formed a multi-faceted world with a variety of biomes, recourses and live over millennia. Not long did this piece of earth be left uninhabited. Ancient nomads first reached the coast of neighbouring islands, until they discovered the richness of resources of Caballus. The different nations were all equestrian folks: numerous, with strength and war experience; always with the goals reaching wealth and making progress. They changed Caballus a lot, but as a completely new world Caballus turned everything upside down. New creatures were fought, nations continued their education, domestication started, new battles had to be beaten and leaders were overthrown. But who has remained?
Greed is a sin: Caballus stayed with the wild creatures, remaining horses, ruines and hidden treasures. Did they were the first? Even this civilization did not discover all the secrets of this graceful lovely world.
What´s your decision?
Cohension or war?
Which of the equestrian folks fits to your temperament?
Three nations fought for Caballus:
The Blue Scythians, who populated the areas of Griffin Mountain, Redwood and the area covered with snow.
The Green Huns, which conquered the grassland, the swamp and the jungle.
Last the Red Csíkos who managed the impetuous and threatening vulcano area with the Black Widen and the Steppe.

Caballus Special Variants

On Caballus it is possible to find special Dino Variants
  • Horse - Equus with 39 possible patterns
  • Shimmer Equus
  • Shimmer Unicorn
  • God Horses
  • Caballus Unicorn
  • Shimmer Pegasus (exclusive for Caballus!)
  • Caballus Griffin
  • Shimmer Griffin

Variants of Caballus Mod

You are playing on a Cluster? You want to transfer the special Caballus variants to other maps in your cluster?
Than use the Variants of Caballus Mod! Follow Instructions on Steam Page.

Direct Link to Variants of Caballus Mod:

For the Equus Variants (!just Horse!) I made a own mod: so you can use this mod for other maps. On the Mod Page you can find pictures of all patterns.

Direct Link to Equus Variants Mod:

Caballus Wiki Page - all needed Information


What makes Caballus special?
  • Caballus Variants: Caballus Griffin, Shimmer Griffin, Horse, Shimmer Equus, Caballus Unicorn, Shimmer Unicorn, Shimmer Pegasus
  • A perfect Role Play (Roleplay/Rp) Map
  • A lovely designed Environment
  • A background story that you always have in mind
  • A large cave below the White Birch Mountain, based on aberration, with the background that there are hidden secrets of ARK (Alien) (Aberration of Water)
  • A unique biome: The black wideness (obsidian stone)
  • Really good Loot from treasures
  • Ruins of the equestrian folks with a variety of beautiful statues
  • Really Stunning Dungeon Caves
  • Caballus Adventure - earn Mutagen on a really new way!
  • Custom Mini Boss Fight

Caballus Loot System - Treasure Loot System

IMPORTANT FOR ALL ADVENTURER: There are no Air Drops on Caballus, you have to find the Treasures . The Treasures fitting better to the background story and you have to search hard for REALLY GOOD LOOT.
I changed the content of the Treasures, so that there is no stuff like a blueprint for a doorframe in it.
Quality chain is: green - blue - yellow - red - purple.
All the hard neededstuff is findable - DLC stuff und blueprints either. A detailed list is on the Wiki Page.


Caballus has the following content:

  • Treasures with insane loot instead of air drops
  • Almost all Dinos
  • All Engrams Learnable
  • All artifacts hidden on secret places - so possible to fight The Island Bosses
  • Terminals are available - but NO cosmetic ARK Towers on Surface
  • Aberration Biome
  • Caballus Adventure
  • Custom Mini Boss
  • bigger than The Island - Caballus has an ocean
  • a lot of little caves you can build in
  • All resources and new Foliage Variants, e.g. pure Flintstones
  • beautiful places, stunning building spots
  • monuments at the ARK towers
  • Aberration Biome with Rockdrakes and Reaper
  • 17 Dungeon Caves with artifacts

  • ELEVEN biomes:
  • Griffin Mountain (medium)
  • White Birch Mountain (hard)
  • Jungle (medium)
  • Swamp (medium)
  • Beach (easy)
  • Steppe (easy)
  • Black Wideness (hard)
  • Volcano (hard) AND a Wyvern Trench
  • Snow (hard) --> this biomes have subbiomes
  • Redwood (medium) → with a special subbiome
  • Aberration of Water (AB Biome)
  • Stunning Wyvern Cave
  • World Creator terrain --> Mountains look like mountains in the distance
  • new textures --> the result are unique biomes
  • special variants of Caballus
  • special colors for Griffin, Unicorn and Ice Wyvern!
  • Griffins AND Unicorns with gender, so breedable
  • A lot of DLC Dinos are available

Discord and Community


GPortal as a special supporter of Caballus! Join GPortal for your own Caballus Server with the Button below!

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Lee_Milla-Luna9899 Jan 25 @ 5:28pm 
more free to downloading like last year i losted all my equss my giraffes my archelong turtle my carnos my trex my rappors and many mores i lost my favorite map made for real equestrianes and equestrians in the worlds now i can only playing on lost island and the old map that is becoming less interessing as for me since im talking for myself and my opignion view the old DLC is less enteraining as this map it was making me thinking what next moves i was needing to doing for not lossing or be attacked by surprise that was always keeping me on my tips toes to not lossing any of my favorites tamed animals i was having. this is the second part Eclipse the Dragon
Lee_Milla-Luna9899 Jan 25 @ 5:27pm 
Eclipse the Dragon it seem she or her decided to not really carring so much about disables who is finacially in crissit and ownings reals life stock farm animals last year it was free and i never having any ark passes or any of them dlc and i was playing on it totaly fine till before this christmas witch i goted my first ever gamming pc set and i was back to 0 ived saved on a sparate disc hardrive event saved it on ark long before it stoped to be updating the first ark since in somes region in alots of country is not doing well finacially i can understanding to needing one of thems 2 DLC but it should said in the small info box when passing the mouse on the DLC map it is no
BOSSTING Jan 21 @ 9:01am 
can u pls make this mod on ascended cuz its the best map and i would really love to play it with the new graphics
caporaso.dante Jan 16 @ 10:34am 
can u pls make this mod on ascended cuz its the best map and i would really love to play it with the new graphics
Marvin_Void Jan 3 @ 1:04pm 
was this the map Syntac played on?
ITzRyley Dec 18, 2023 @ 9:28am 
how long does the mod take to install?
Piccolo de boné Dec 8, 2023 @ 11:36am 
Have a problem with overspawn of evo giga (giga mod from paleo ark mod)
Eclipse the Dragon Nov 23, 2023 @ 4:44am 
do you still need the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass?
it's to not be on steam anymore.
2055819489 Nov 17, 2023 @ 5:07am 
I want to use a cryogenic chamber in the cave
Puppy Nov 14, 2023 @ 12:44pm 
What is the Admin cheat summon code for the pegasus?