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Caballus Custom Map - The Equestrian Land
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Caballus Custom Map - The Equestrian Land


The Lovely Caballus Map - A Equestrian Journey

Unofficial Map for ARK with beautiful environment,
stunning places,
treasures instead of air drops
and variants for equus and color variants for more creatures - developed by Doudel.

Mod ID = 1679826889
Command Lines: Caballus_P

Plans for the next Update
  • more little, hidden caves all over the map
  • a new treasure: the hunter treasure
  • east ocean
  • Clouds will be higher
  • new Trees in the Steppe
  • bug fixing
  • Some detail work
  • deleting old assets in the mod file
  • new Cave with Gen 2 dinos (adding Meawing, Shadowmane and Noglin)
  • more items in Treasure Loottable
  • all engrams will be learnable

! ! ! MAYBE ! ! !
  • a extension Mod with the first Caballus own Explorer Notes
  • Crystal Wyvern in the Wyvern Cave
  • R-Variants

Background Story

Caballus is a world born out of the heat.
Grown from lava, cooled and hardened in the wild sea. The largest of the Caballic islands. The still intact vulcano formed a multi-faceted world with a variety of biomes, recourses and live over millennia. Not long did this piece of earth be left uninhabited. Ancient nomads first reached the coast of neighbouring islands, until they discovered the richness of resources of Caballus. The different nations were all equestrian folks: numerous, with strength and war experience; always with the goals reaching wealth and making progress. They changed Caballus a lot, but as a completely new world Caballus turned everything upside down. New creatures were fought, nations continued their education, domestication started, new battles had to be beaten and leaders were overthrown. But who has remained?
Greed is a sin: Caballus stayed with the wild creatures, remaining horses, ruines and hidden treasures. Did they were the first? Even this civilization did not discover all the secrets of this graceful lovely world.
What´s your decision?
Cohension or war?
Which of the equestrian folks fits to your temperament?
Three nations fought for Caballus:
The Blue Scythians, who populated the areas of Griffin Mountain, Redwood and the area covered with snow.
The Green Huns, which conquered the grassland, the swamp and the jungle.
Last the Red Csíkos who managed the impetuous and threatening vulcano area with the Black Widen and the Steppe.

Caballus Special Equus Variants

On Caballus it is possible for you to find special Equus Variants - so more Fun to collect and to breed!

The Variants are breedable and mutations are possible.
All in all there are 28 possible Patterns (Textures)!

Caballus exclusive Shimmer Equus

The Shimmer Equus has four Variants and can be only tamed one Caballus with Element. It is only findable in the Shimmer Forest Cave! The Shimmer Equus is more fast than the normal Equus.

For the Equus Variants (no Shimmer Equus) I made a own mod: so you can use this mod for other maps. Unfortunately the horses you tamed on Caballus are still not transferable! On the Mod Page you can find pictures of all patterns (:

Direct Link to the mod:


Feel free and take a first impression of CABALLUS


What makes Caballus special?
  • A perfect Role Play (Roleplay/Rp) Map – no Tek on the surface (no airdrops) - ARK TERMINALS AVAILABLE
  • A lovely designed Environment
  • A well thought out concept
  • A background story that you always have in mind
  • A large cave below the White Birch Mountain, based on aberration, with the background that there are hidden secrets of ARK (Alien) (Aberration of Water)
  • A unique biome: The black wideness (obsidian stone)
  • Really good Loot from treasures, left behind by the equestrian folks
  • Ruins of the equestrian folks with a variety of beautiful statues
  • Stunning Dungeon Caves

Caballus Loot System - Treasure Loot System

IMPORTANT: I changed all Air Drops to Treasures!!! There are no more Air Drops on Caballus, you have to find the Treasures (Caballus Loot System). The Treasures match better to the background story and I want people to search harder for good Loot. REALLY GOOD LOOT - I changed the content of the Treasures, so that there is no stuff like a blueprint for a doorframe in it. Quality chain is: green - blue - yellow - red - purple. In the Treasures are Blueprints from the DLC Maps, too: For example a whip, or a Snow Owl Saddle BP

Current Content

Caballus has the following content at the moment:

  • Exciting background story
  • Treasures with insane loot instead of air drops
  • All The Island dino spawns, Desertspawns from SE and some spawns from Aberration, Extinction and Genesis
  • All Engrams Learnable
  • Loot out of treasures!
  • All artifacts hidden on secret places - so possible to fight The Island Bosses
  • Terminals are available - but NO cosmetic ARK Towers on Surface
    • bigger than The Island - Caballus has an ocean
    • a lot of little caves you can build in
    • All resources and new Foliage Variants, for example pure Flintstones
    • beautiful statues of Ark dinos
    • ruins of the equestrian nation
    • monuments at the ARK towers
    • Aberration Biome with Rockdrakes and Reaper
    • Loot out of treasures!
    • one big Cave with an artifact
    • Ten Dungeon Caves with artifacts
    • Possible to fight The Island Bosses

    • ELEVEN biomes:
    • Griffin Mountain (medium)
    • White Birch Mountain (medium)
    • Jungle (medium)
    • Swamp (medium)
    • Beach (easy)
    • Steppe (easy)
    • Black Wideness (hard) with a little grotto with Light Dinos (AB) in it
    • Volcano (hard) AND a Wyvern Trench
    • Snow (hard) --> this biomes have subbiomes
    • Redwood (medium) → with a special subbiome
    • Aberration of Water (AB Biome)

    • Big stunning Wyvern Cave
      100% of surface is finished and playable ( But I will add more details!)
    • a created terrain with world creator --> Mountains look like mountains in the distance
    • new textures --> the result are unique biomes
      • special variants for Equus and the Shimmer Equus
      • special colors for Griffin, Unicorn, Phoenix and Ice Wyvern!
      • Griffins AND Unicorns with gender, so breedable
      • A lot of DLC Dinos are available, including Deino

      Future Content

      My plan for Caballus and future content:
      • improve the look of surface
      • add the rest of ocean world
      • add more details to every biome (more ruins, etc.)
      • made own explorer notes for the history of Caballus
      • balance the dino spawns
      • balance resources
      • add a lot of the DLC dinos
      • stable and good performance
      • try to implement a brand new creature
      • always improve the map - I think ARK will give us a lot of content I can implement

      GPortal as a special supporter of Caballus! Join GPortal for your own Caballus Server with the Button below!

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_HUnTeR_ Sep 23 @ 12:28pm 
@doudel Hi! Thx for the awsner. So, isn't the dark of night. Because, sometimes, i change the camera with mouse, and the fog desapear. And when i make some move with mouse, the fog appears again (at same place)
Again, thx Man!
(Sorry for the english... Isn't Very good haha.)
valkuer Sep 23 @ 11:47am 
@Doudel : Danke dir für die schnelle Info. Wir freuen uns diesen Sonntag wieder deine Map spielen zu können . Server steht wieder seid heute Mittag ^^ LG:trsc_donovan::trsc:
Doudel  [author] Sep 23 @ 11:05am 
@valkuer: hey (: nein also zwingend braucht man alle DLCs nicht, vom Spiel ändert sich nichts, es fehlen keine Dinos oder so, die Map ist normal bespielbar. Es kann bei ihm halt nur auftreten, dass ihm manche texturen oder manche assets (also zb. Assets die von Genesis 1 oder 2 sind kommen (steine, pflanzen) fehlen. Aber normalerweise sind die im Grundgame drin. (:
Doudel  [author] Sep 23 @ 11:03am 
@Hunter - the REAL FOg is really really rare!! So maybe you are flying through clouds? This will be better with the next Update. Otherwise the map is really dark at night, try to use gamma (:
valkuer Sep 22 @ 11:32pm 
Hey Doudle :) ist es aktuell zwingend notwendig den Gen Season Pass zu besitzen? Einer unserer Mitspieler "will" ihn sich nicht leisten und deine Karte ist einfach der Hammer :) LG aus der Hauptstadt:trsc_donovan::trsc:
_HUnTeR_ Sep 21 @ 5:58pm 
Hi! I have a little problem with fog in this map. Every night there is fog, and is so massive i can't play at night. What can i do? Anybody have the same problem?
[SoW] Kotor Sep 15 @ 8:39am 
I have a problem in my server, it is Role play and we are encouraging the horse. The problem I have is that when people move away then they see each other again and the horse comes out with his mount but the rider is invisible, why can that be? if they get off the horse and get back on it will be fixed. We are using base horses and base mounts.
123 Sep 13 @ 8:53pm 
do you guys have pve server where i can play?
Holyshis Sep 11 @ 8:53pm 
I just started playing and I am getting lost connection in east hard by the portal
JustDan Sep 7 @ 1:22am 
Gorgeous Map! I love it, 1 major-ish issue I've found though, is on North spawn 1, the Tundra beach start, theirs a weird glitchy murder tree right near the spawn point that kill you instantly when you walk near it! Great map otherwise and I can't wait to explore the rest of it!