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Equalized Dino Levels
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Mar 7 @ 3:29pm
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Equalized Dino Levels

Mod Overview

One sentence explanation: This mod makes every dino level spawn with an equal chance!

For the people who want more details: Do you hate how skewed the vanilla level distributions are on the story maps?
Tired of finding ten million level 5 dinos while having to search for hours to find that coveted max level one? Then this mod may be just the thing for you!

With maps like Ragnarok and the Center, which skew heavily toward spawning in high level dinos, I found trying to play on the story maps (Island, SE, AB, Ext) especially painful due to all of the low level stuff spawning in. However, I really like those maps, so I decided to bend the game to my will! The Equalized Dino Levels mod alters the level range for vanilla dinos so that every single level has a chance to spawn with equal weight. This mod also automatically adjusts for the difficulty setting you use, even if you override it to get levels above 150.

Q & A Section...for the people who want ALL the details!

So, does this mod really work?

Yes, yes it does! I've tested it out myself in sp to verify that it works before making this public.

Does this mod affect modded creatures?

Mostly no, only vanilla creatures are affected by this mod. However, if the mod remaps vanilla creatures (ex. Kraken's Better Dinos), it should work with it. Modded creatures for stackable mods (ex. Primal Fear, Gaia) will still spawn in, they just won't be affected by this mod due to the nature of how this mod works and how modded dinos are usually added to spawns in order for them to play well will other mods and the vanilla game. I wouldn't suggest trying to get this mod to work with total conversions though, as unexpected results could occur.

What happens to my tames if I remove this mod?

You keep them! Whether you want a permanent boost to your taming experience or a temporary event for your server, this mod will work for you!

Does this mod work for modded maps too?

Mostly...if the map uses the vanilla island, scorched earth, aberration, and/or extinction spawners, then it will work. However, if the map has any custom spawners, those will not be affected by this mod and will spawn in dinos of all levels according to how the map maker set it up.

I'd rather eliminate all the low level stuff and have only high levels spawn it. What about that option?

Check out my other mod, High Levels.

I have a question not answered yet.

Post a comment or discussion post for your questions and I will try to answer it for you.

Hope you enjoy the mod! :) Mod ID = 1675932178
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Mar 15 @ 9:31pm
Servers Using this mod
Doctor Wallaby
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KitzyKatty  [author] Apr 28 @ 11:47am 
@Kurst No idea, I play with sped up hatching speed and increase player weight gain per point and I have had no issues. The mod doesn't touch anything regarding eggs or player stats, so my best guess is that the issue lies elsewhere.
Kurst Apr 28 @ 11:28am 
Just tried adding this mod to a private server and reduced our egg hatching speed and player stats back to vanilla. any ideas on how to fix that or what is interfering?
KitzyKatty  [author] Apr 13 @ 10:40am 
@nevcairiel I've tested the mod with a few other dino mods and while it doesn't affect their levels, they do indeed still spawn.
nevcairiel Apr 13 @ 3:53am 
Would this conflict also affect other mods that just add dinos to existing spawners, like ARK Additions, or Additional Creatures? Its ok if it doesn't affect their level, as long as they still spawn at all.
KitzyKatty  [author] Apr 9 @ 11:43pm 
@Karken:1 Ah, great to know! Absolutely love your Better Dinos mod, as it makes so many more creatures worth taming.
Kraken:1 Apr 9 @ 10:16pm 
Hey Kitzy, just started using this awesome mod on my community server, and discovered something that users of your level affecting mods and my own Kraken's Better Dinos mod might like to know. As both Better Dinos and both this mod (and High Levels) remap the Jungle Spawners on the Island and and Ragnarok (as well as other modded maps that may use that spawners) you'll want to ensure that this mod (or High Levels) is ABOVE Better Dinos in your load order. This will ensure that you'll get all that juicy high level dino goodness from all the spawns. It will mean that Stygimolochs from Better Dinos won't spawn on those maps affected until I roll out the next update where I'll be changing Stygi spawns to accomodate these mods.
nicoconcordia182 Mar 28 @ 11:14am 
Got it! it is a great mod, thank u!
KitzyKatty  [author] Mar 26 @ 9:42pm 
If it is an existing game, its best to do a dino wipe in order to get immediate results for the level distributions.
KitzyKatty  [author] Mar 26 @ 9:42pm 
@nicoconcordia182 Simply add it to your active mods list and you are set.
nicoconcordia182 Mar 26 @ 5:08pm 
How do I get thi? I mean how do I install it in my game?