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FlexPort v1.0.4 !BETA!
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FlexPort v1.0.4 !BETA!

FlexPort: Flexible Industries import/export port

You can export any cargo here, and import any other cargo you may need. However, it will not do straight alchemy, you need to have some activity at the dock:
* transport any surplus cargo to the FlexPort
* it will be turned into "FlexPort Credits"
* you need to transport these credits from one terminal to another, using either trucks or trains (modified trucks and wagons are provided that can carry only credits)
* once the FlexPort credits have been delivered to another terminal they will be converted into the cargo type you need for import.

There are lots of terminals in the FlexPort:
* 4x mainline rail terminals (import/export cargo to/from the rest of your network)
* 10x pier rail terminals (inter-terminal credit transfer)
* 6x pier truck terminals (inter-terminal credit transfer)
* 6x ship terminals (import/export cargo to/from the rest of your network)
* 2x bus stops (you could for example specify one as "unload only" to have more people walking around the terminal)

The FlexPort is physically large (512m x 256m)?, approximately 8x the size of a normal industry.

Overview of the commerce process:
FlexPort accepts all (vanilla) cargo types and "sells" them to the export market, giving you "FlexPort Credits", a special cargo type that is only of use in a FlexPort. When you need any type of cargo to transport to your city, the FlexPort will take those credits and "buy" the goods you need:
It would of course be much easier to simply "alchemy" one type of cargo into another type, but having FlexPort Credits means you need to have either trains or trucks running around the port transporting credits from one terminal to another. You could also set up two FlexPorts across the water from each other and use a ship to transport credits, giving a more immersive sense of "export <x>, import <y>" (FlexPort Credits version of ships added in v1.0.2).
YouTube video showing alchemy in action:

* Do not add FlexPort into an existing savegame (at least any with lines or vehicles), it will probably crash (confusion about new cargo types appearing in the game).
* v1.0.0 is known-incompatible with IndustryDLC (once I find the problem I'll try to make future versions more compatible).
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Mar 2 @ 10:36am
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Sterben Mar 14 @ 11:31am 
@SoftwareSimian; Okay, I think I get it.
Maybe it can come in handy that I got an alternative export-point for back-up.
Thanks for explaining the matter.
SoftwareSimian  [author] Mar 14 @ 9:45am 
@Sterben: while you can't "export" an unlimited amount of products, you can "export" quite a bit before the credits storage fills up.
Sterben Mar 14 @ 8:51am 
So in short, trading with Flexport-credits as a step in between?
If you just want to export and store those credits for later use?
Because some other mods, I don't need supplies.
SoftwareSimian  [author] Mar 14 @ 7:56am 
@Sterben: not quite. You bring in whatever materials you want (e.g. Construction Materials). The FlexPort then automatically converts them to FlexPort Credits (a type of cargo, not in-game money). You then use special trucks (or a train) than can carry FlexPort Credits and transport them between piers of the FlexPort. When they arrive at the other pier these FlexPort Credits are then automatically converted into whatever kind of cargo is in demand (Machines, Food, etc). You can watch the video linked in the mod description to see the process in action.
Sterben Mar 14 @ 7:05am 
@SoftwareSimian; So a 'train' arrives with 'construction materials', unloads, and then credits are available at the dock for transport to the warehouse for conversion into real ingame money.
That's the idea???
SoftwareSimian  [author] Mar 13 @ 5:56pm 
@Sterben: No, nothing can come from outside the map (nor leave the map). You basically exchange materials of which you have a surplus for those that you need.

It is possible, however, to have ships transport FlexPort Credits between different FlexPorts, so if for example you have some materials available on one side of a large body of water, and you need either the same or different materials on the other side of the water, it would be possible to "sell" the surplus goods, transport the Credits across by ship to another FlexPort, and "buy" the goods you need. Using only a single FlexPort you simply transport the credits between terminals inside the FlexPort (using trucks or trains) and you'll get out whatever goods are in demand.
Sterben Mar 13 @ 5:31pm 
When exporting/importing stuff, ships appear from off-map for materials???
I haven't used the port yet.
Infriga Mar 8 @ 8:52am 
@SoftwareSimian I don't know how I missed that mod, but that you for mentioning it! I've added it to my collection and I look forward to whatever you have in the works.
SoftwareSimian  [author] Mar 7 @ 6:34pm 
@Infriga: My other mod Flexible Industries has (optional) truck and bus stops in all industries, and I had started adding rail connections to some of them (Refinery and Chemical plant completed so far) when I got distracted by the idea of making FlexPort. I will eventually go back and add more rail-connected industries (but not this week, I've got yet another (different) mod idea that's taking my time :)
Infriga Mar 7 @ 8:30am 
This mod is fantastic, thank you. It breaths new life into the game for me.

I would love to see you do some more plop-able industries that have incorporated rails and truck stops like this one.