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Napoleonic Zombies
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Feb 17, 2019 @ 3:15am
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Napoleonic Zombies

Napoleonic Zombies is a modification developed by me (DarthKiller454) based off many mods/games more well some less known in the gaming-community.

It is based off Napoleonic Wars and uses various assets, scripts and modifications to express the wonderful feeling of a zombie apocalypse.


- BF II Autofire (as Base for weapons but mostly with extended features like magazines, ammunition types, different aiming and shooting animations/sounds, reload animations/sounds etc.)
- Survival Gamemode (Siege with Death as Lose condition and without flags)
- Counter-Strike like Bomb Defusal Gamemode
- 100's of different weapons to choose from
- Loot System on some maps
- Zombies with their own custom animations
- Units stretching from WW2 to Modern Era to choose from
- Playable Guitar with songs
- Grenades (even Smoke Grenades)
- Some maps designed for the modification
- Zombies attacking Barricades and stuff
- Customized sapper-props to construct even whole forts
- Police brutality
- Bots using the guns(with automatic fire)
- Zombified bots spawning where you died (when killed by zombies)
- Zombie Infection slowly turning you into a zombie until you are no more safeable
- Medical System using bandages to heal damaged allies or cure the early stage zombie virus
- Script that lets zombies spawn over the map and walk around until they notify you (requires custom spawn points) (Enable/Disable in Admin Panel)
- Advanced Bot AI (Taking Cover, moving around specific bot nodes, defending/attacking positions) (Enable/Disable in Admin Panel)
- Set specific zombie types
- Special Zombies with different abilities
- Zombie Bosses with even more complex abilities
- Play as a zombie (but you cannot pick-up weapons)
- Enjoy CivLife with competent AI being slowly overrun by zombies
- Completely functional playable piano with 61 keys (Press the UP arrow key while using it and rebind the game log window to a non numerical-alphabetical key for full pleasure or keep
staying in the logs)
- Boss Zombies
- Special Zombies
- Advanced Admin Options to customize the apocalypse to your liking
- A set of maps made to comfort players from every corner of the zombie-fandom

Have fun!

Join our official Discord server!

Dedicated Server Files
You can always copy-paste the main folder without Textures, Music and Sounds and use that. It will be more resource-heavy and more likely to crash due to too many files being stored, but who cares.


Right Click - Aim weapon / Use Instrument / Use Sapper Hammer

Left Click - Shoot weapon

Quest-Key (default Q) - Reload weapon

V - Zoom using scope on weapon / Ironsight on weapons with attachments

B - Attach/Detach Flashlight/Bayonet

P - Salute

UP-Arrow - Disable any game keys (except for game log and use
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keyboard warior
< >
🍞Nameless_Hero🍞 Jun 9 @ 6:50am 
yes i have but i dont cheat in cs go that was unlucky ban ;(
DarthKiller  [author] Jun 8 @ 3:29pm 
I don't trust you you have VAC ban last year :P
🍞Nameless_Hero🍞 Jun 8 @ 3:09pm 
Darth Killer give update or we will kill yo
Buckley Jun 8 @ 1:17pm 
So it does! Getting mauled by zombies has never been so... Accessible. Thank you!
DarthKiller  [author] Jun 8 @ 3:27am 
Oh well you are not supposed to use Custom Battle on this one. I did not program anything related to that gamemode. Especially since even the stock custom battle from Napoleonic Wars this is based on bugs similarily to this. There should be one Server running albeit empty you can enjoy the working features on there.
Buckley Jun 7 @ 11:31pm 
Well, I absolutely love the concept. Damn shame there aren't any servers running this, or a limited single-player option. I did notice one thing: When I play the skirmish mode, my character spawns in with a spyglass, a saber, and a texture-less horse that, upon running, makes ATARI 2600 farting noises. That, and while the zombies can attack (Albeit while in a stationary position), the individuals with firearms refuse to fire. I think I am missing an addon or two to make this work properly. But, honestly? This is an utterly fantastic mod, visual and sound wise. I sincerely hope that this, somehow, gets traction again in the future, despite my own broken experience.

TLDR: This is an amazing mod, and I really, really, really hope it somehow thrives.
DarthKiller  [author] May 25 @ 6:38am 
It is.. complicated
🍞Nameless_Hero🍞 May 25 @ 2:56am 
exactly yes , but actually no
ATTOO May 23 @ 8:52am 
is this mod dead?
The real Sentry Mar 26 @ 12:12pm 
Its ok was just sad, seemd promising