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Feb 13, 2019 @ 11:39am
Apr 12 @ 10:44am
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This addon provide Norwegian SOF units to BLUFOR side; It adds several new camouflage for uniforms plus custom opscore helmets and platecarriers in order to represent Norwegian SOF units in following factions:

- SOF(multicam): for every kind of environment from desert to temperate and wooden areas.
- SOF(woodland): for temperate and wooden areas.
- SOF(desert): for arid and desert environments.
- SOF(arctic): for snow and arctic environments.
- SOF(CT): blue uniforms and kits for CT/HR ops.
- SOF(Special troops): CBRN operator and combat suit operator.
- SOF(Paras): equipped with parachutes ready to be deployed fom the sky.
- SOF(Divers): divers units ready to be deployed fom the sea.
- SOF(Snipers): sniper and spotter in ghillie suit.
I used web sources for references.

- Units are equipped with HK416-HK417 derived from A3 Apex SPARs, so no other addons are required now.
- Units are equipped with custom Glock 17 pistols.
- Units are equipped with custom opscore helmets, headgear, platecarriers, uniforms.
- Weapons are compatible with CBA and all third party's optics/accessories compatible with CBA, even if CBA is not a requirement for this addon.
- Each camo class has its own faction now (Alive will spawn units with same camo now).
- Custom facegear like googles, gasmask and beard.
- Paras and Divers units already equipped with parachutes and diver gear respectively.
- There are 2 weapon boxes containing all weapons/ammo and custom gear/equipment.
- Wide variety of groups in the editor.
- Uniforms, headgear, weapons and equipment can be placed on the ground in 3d editor now.
- Preview pictures in the editor.
- Custom flags and markers.
- Classlist included in folder.
- Compatible with Alive,Eden Editor, Zeus, ACE, and all other mods.
- Reduced addon size, improved cfg, improved models and textures and removed dependencies from other addons.

- Arma3 with Marksman and Apex DLC.
- No addons required.

Not so far.
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[TFA] Price Jun 27 @ 1:33am 
massi  [author] Jun 26 @ 11:10pm 
It's already been updated for now, I'll update it in the future as soon as I'll manage to get better models , but for now that's the best I can do
Baxticus Meridius Jun 26 @ 3:09pm 
Jeg Elsker NORSOF plz update
[TFA] Price Jun 25 @ 10:07am 
Great mod, although some of the models seem quite old, any plans to update them?
massi  [author] May 8 @ 11:23pm 
Hi unfortunately is something that happen with ACE 3 for some unknown reason, that s why I made my own underwater mags, they re called 5,56 UW stanag , and my all scuba units are already equipped with them. If you use them everithing is working fine also with ACE both on surface and underwater, you ll find their classnames in the classnames file included in the mod
GHSE | Mattsson May 8 @ 5:21pm 
Sup! Me and my Arma 3 unit really likes this mod. We saw that there was an 416 UW, and thought that would be awesome to use. The problem is that the dual purpose mags does not work with the gun, they go straight up in the air. Is this something u are planning to fix in the future?
massi  [author] Apr 12 @ 10:49am 
- Added new facegear (balaclava, wrap, shemag)
- Added new multicam camo
- Added platecarriers variants
- Added combat belt to platecarriers
- Added winter camo HK416-417s versions
- Added R870 shotgun
- Added retextured TI suite (winter, wood, CQB)
- Added Airframe helmets
- Added Mich helmets
- Added new PVS 15 Nvg model
- Adde new beard model
- Added HK MP5SD6
- Added HK MP7
- Added rebreather with armor and load capacity
- Added divers with survival uniforms and helmets
- Added Unit's insignia
- Fixed armor and load values of platecarriers, uniforms, helmets ( now similar to BI/RHS values)
- Fixed Stinger aimpoint
- Fixed Javelin not locking with ACE3
- Fixed Underwater HK416 not firing with ACE3
- Updated units loadout
- Added new winter backpack with ski and snowshoes
- Added HALO-HAHO mask
- Improved models and textures of vest and helmets
Skilled_Player Apr 6 @ 1:22am 
can you add FSK and MJK and telemarksbattalionen
massi  [author] Feb 7 @ 11:16am 
you can use a modified version internally of course but no reupload on steam or other sites
JJ Feb 6 @ 11:15am 
Awesome mod tho some of the value on the gear such as armor are quite high, would I be allowed to modify it and reupload it with all credit given to you, for the purpose of use in our group.