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" I'm not a bad slime, you know! Really! I promise!"

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Languages : English, Japanese

Add Another world "Syulipian" Slimes as a new creature to RimWorld.

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Current main features:

[Additional creatures]

New creatures
Golden chicken :
It literally spawns gold.

Slimes :
It has seven different colors and each personality.
- Syulipia slime (blue)
- Poison slime (purple)
- Meat slime (red)
- Harmony slime (green)
- Metal slime (yellow)
- Shine slime (white)
- Dark slime (black)

Workbench :
2 workbenches were added.
- Syulipian stove
- summoning table

Trait :
1 new trait added.
- zoologist

Items :
- slime water
- slime herbs
- Syulipian wine
Other, meat, leather, wool etc...
(Some are not implemented yet)

1) Vanilla chicken egg (fert.) are required to spawn slime into the game.
2) To utilize the individuality of each slime, it is necessary to grow up slime to adult.

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Future :

- Planning to add new slimes, furniture and items.
(new research will also be added)

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Problems currently confirmed :
- If you activate developer mode you will get an error.
(I have confirmed this cause and will fix in the future)

- This Mod is based on "animal temples MOD (author uniinu)".
For uniinu, I sincerely thank you for borrowing this place.

This mod is distribution prohibited.

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Thank you for many comments.
I can not do English.
I'm sorry

Translated by Pyroxer
pyroxer is great
I am very grateful to him.
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the milk man Feb 16 @ 10:24pm 
add pupgoos
Lucer_Syulipia  [author] Feb 16 @ 8:46pm 
Thank you for many comments.
I can not do English.
I'm sorry

Gold chickens are very weak
Therefore, it will easily be lost if it is not protected
You are need him to get a slime

They have clear roles such as battle and production
It is certainly an overtechnology
but,I try not to disturb the original balance as much as possible.

It is the same as "Glitterworld Medicine"

lechkingofdead Feb 16 @ 8:43pm 
here is that quote from as i have a feeling i watched some of where i think its from

guess: that time i got reincarnated as a slime
IvyP Feb 16 @ 10:22am 
I actually love these models! <3
Wrenny Feb 16 @ 9:35am 
The fact that their models are so cute scares me. The only thing about this mod that worries me a bit is the golden chickens. Given your description, they seem really over powered. Is there any balance to them? Are they really rare or hard to get? Is the rate they spawn gold low?
Kalrizion Feb 16 @ 9:03am 
Are slimes just pets to follow you or do they serve any material purposes like resources or fighting? Maybe they can consume planet life and produce whatever material they are made of like a steel slime would eat plants and produce steel, a devilthread slime would eat plants and produce devilthread, etc.
Deku Feb 16 @ 5:57am 
Rimuru when!
trolface1245 Feb 16 @ 2:27am 
Can you add a description for the slime herbs and other items because i don't see the usage of the slime herbs in game
Arcane Tactician Feb 15 @ 11:08pm 
Either i'm in Zelda, or Rune Factory.
Peeping peacock Feb 15 @ 8:07pm 
God dammit xenobio, keep the clown out of sci. Now look what happened.