Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Scania R730 HCT
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Truck
Tags: Cargo, Freight
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Jan 26 @ 1:19pm
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Scania R730 HCT

Due to the high transport capacity of the HCT combination, the environmental burden per shipment is lower than normal. Energy consumption is also reduced by new technical solutions.

Top speed: 90 km/h
Power: 544kW
Capacity: 80
Lifespan: 30
Available: 2015

Price and running costs are defined by the game automatically.
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mokum Aug 14 @ 9:02pm 
We cal this a small road train, there can be 3 trailers behind the primemover in Australia.
bullsp5 Aug 6 @ 9:42am 
Hi . I will test it.Thanks
ImTheRealSlayer™ Apr 20 @ 4:13pm 
Finally! A road train mod! We need MOREEEE!! (i like big trucks)
gruenderpeter Mar 13 @ 8:32am 
Danke Super Truck mfg.
Exo_Atami_122 Mar 11 @ 4:00am 
Never mind - I was trying to load stone... :(
Exo_Atami_122 Mar 11 @ 3:51am 
These trucks seem to take forever to load... They seem to be loading 1 item every 2 seconds (80 cargo = 160secs = almost 3 minutes!!). Am I the only with this problem? Am I doing something wrong?...
LongBeardWolf Feb 6 @ 10:55pm 
What you are describing, in my mind is actually what Onionjack has created here in this model.
Essentially, the 2 trailers are the same, the first is towed by the prime mover (tractor) and the 2nd trailer is coupled to a dolly.
The link you put up is what we call a B double here in Australia. It is a purpose designed front trailer, designed to support the front of the rear trailer. Bigger then that, is when a dolly is coupled to the rear trailer to then accomodate another rear trailer. We then step into the world of multi-combination trailers, what we call "Road-Trains"
Cattrick Feb 4 @ 11:16am 
Almost. This perticular setup is infact illegal since it's 32 meters long. The only ones using it is Scania Transport Laboratory, with a special permit, driving between Scania Factory and Zwolle collecting usage data while on the road.

It's amazing and a mandatory download :D
Maybe somone can create an awesome Scania Laboratory skin for this.
Kukow Feb 3 @ 7:37am 
Thats a live saver! Thank you!

Could you add fuel oil to the cargo options? =)
Swesim Feb 2 @ 11:38pm 
@Onionjack: not quite, more like this: .
As I have understodd it the combination is called link and uses a standard truck and semitrailer, but puts a middle section coupled like a semi to the truck and resting on a dolly in the other end.
The dolly has a coupling device so that the semitrailer can connect to the dolly as if it was a truck.
In total this combination measures 25,25 metres.