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Subsurface Conduit
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Dec 31, 2018 @ 1:54am
Dec 31, 2018 @ 2:18am
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Subsurface Conduit

Power conduits that go under the surface. They are immune to damage and fire and are invisible, so they do not decrease the beauty of the area they are placed in. Compared to the vanilla Power Conduit, they require a bit more steel (3 vs 1) and a lot more work (15 vs 1) to build, but it's fully configurable in the mod settings menu.

Requires HugsLib.


NON-STEAM VERSION: https://github.com/MurmurSix/RimWorld/raw/master/SubsurfaceConduit.zip
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Bob Loblaws Lawblog 8 hours ago 
Have you thought about adding Parallel Power Grid support? If you don't know it, you should check it out. Gives you 3 differently colored wires that dont intersect for complex electricity networks. Would go great with your mod but the author says implementation would have to be done on your end.
imPyre 15 hours ago 
@Murmur, it actually did me a favor probably, I'm sure I didn't need 5000 leather anyway... what would I do with it?
Murmur  [author] Feb 22 @ 12:01pm 
@imPyre, haha thank you for confirming, sorry about your leather though.
imPyre Feb 21 @ 11:45pm 
Update: it does explode lol, that was fun. my leather storage went up pretty quickly.
Bob Loblaws Lawblog Feb 21 @ 2:13pm 
Oh I see, Ill make a request
Murmur  [author] Feb 21 @ 10:33am 
@Bob, As far as I can tell Deconstruct Conduit would need to have support for this mod and not the other way around.
Bob Loblaws Lawblog Feb 21 @ 2:53am 
Could you make Deconstruct Conduit work with this please? Also, it would work very well with Parallel Power Grid, but the former is very much needed
imPyre Feb 20 @ 10:47pm 
By the way, thank you for this mod. My power grid (and my ocd) thank you. Can't tell you how many times I've grumbled "Oh? What's that? You can research starship tech but you can't bury a friggin cable??! No worries, just lay out a drop cord and go back to manufacturing a new bionic heart for Pigeon the psycho-raider-turned-hated-janitor"
imPyre Feb 20 @ 10:44pm 
My initial experience suggests that they don't, but I'd hate to be proven wrong since I took the liberty of running them right through the middle of all kindsa explodey badness (like my chemfuel storage depot). Oh well, I guess that's the fun of it.
Murmur  [author] Feb 20 @ 8:42am 
I... actually don't know! I usually play with that event turned off. I guess it depends on how the event works, I didn't do anything to specifically prevent it. I'm going to assume they will explode just like a regular conduit but I can't confirm.