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Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization
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Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization

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Ever had the problem that early game was way to hard and either you die early, or the game becomes boring very soon afterwards? Or do you think the game is too hard/easy in general and the player would deserve some bonuses/penalties? Or do you want stronger Fallen Empires. Or you want to reduce resource overflow in late game? The crisis or Great Khan is a lackluster or ruining your game? Or, or, or...

Then this mod is for you!

Compatible Versions
Works for Stellaris 3.12, mostly down to 3.1 (difficulties will be shifted for 3.1 to 3.4, select one easier than you want in galaxy setup). Legacy version for 2.2 to 3.0 can be found here. Legacy version for 2.1 can be found here.
More Modifier Extension/Standalone: If you think that some modifier is missing in the difficulty setting, try this mod and I'm pretty sure you'll find it there. It's a bit simpler and without scaling for performance reasons (it really has a lot of modifiers)

Hemothep's Dynamic Difficulty can be used on top of this mod (and the More Modifier extension). It automatically applies bonuses to the AI if the player grows too strong. These bonuses are in addition to any other difficulty buffs that are otherwise applied, whether from my mod(s) or vanilla.

1. Choosing any of the Vanilla pre-defined difficulties in mid-game. Mod can even be installed mid-game.
2. "Scaling" difficulty can be combined with other predefined difficulties (added on top).
3. Is fully customizeable. You can change 10 different types of bonuses in 7 empire categories (AI, Player, FE+AE, Leviathans, Crisis, Marauders, Other) to a precision of 1% (10% for player) and in a huge range: -127% to + 1023% for AI, -100% to 200% for player and -75% to 1,309,440% (yeah, that's crazy) for crisis.
4. Allows locking of the customized difficulty for MP (Troll prevention) or other reasons. Unlock via sub-mod.
5. Moved "Diplomatic Influence Upkeep reduction" from a bonus every AI gets to scale with difficulty and be customizeable.
6. Can set a difficulty randomness in the options of the mod: At the start of the game (or after one day in a running game) each AI empire rolls a dice. Depending on that roll, its bonuses are decreased up to the maximum given in the options. Bonuses/Maluses can even invert if more than 100% maximum randomness is chosen. If used, I advice to increase the base difficulty a bit, since this will reduce it in total (but might create a monster than devours weaker AI neighbors).

In contrast to vanilla, scaling is independent of the difficulty you select. If you select a difficulty, that one is always instantly applied. Scaling gives a yearly increase on top. You can fine tune it in the customization. By default, there is a 1% step every four years.

Main menu can be opened via:
- Mod Menu
- Dynamic Mod Menu 3.0
- Dynamic Mod Menu
- Infinite Stellaris ModMenu
- Country Edict

If you should have problems with lags at the start of each year, you can activate a delay mode in the options that let's the country updates of modifiers have a random delay, spreading the computations over half a Stellaris year.

- Can be added into a running game. You need to wait 1 day in this case before being able to open the menu.
- Can be uninstalled during a game (resetting to difficulty set when starting the game). Simply removing the mod will leave over "?" modifiers (who won't do anything), but there is an "uninstall" option in the Menu. Should you afterwards want to install the mod again in the same save-game, this will only work via console: "event custom_difficulty.20".
- Should have very few conflicts with other mods (yes, compatible with Glavius and Starnet. Also no problem with multi-crisis mods). Only overwrites vanilla difficulty settings.
- If a mod adds new country types (like a new crisis) they would fall in the "Other" category, unless one of the country flags in "Compatibility options for other Modders" is set (using the console or by the mod adding the country type)
- New races and predefined empires will always be "AI" without a problem (checking for "default" country).
- (Obviously) Not Achievement compatible.

Compatibility options for other Modders
If you added a non default empire type and want to make my mod apply the correct bonuses to your mod, please apply the according country flag from the following list:
- custom_difficulty_ai_flag
- custom_difficulty_fe_ae_flag
- custom_difficulty_leviathan_flag
- custom_difficulty_player_flag
- custom_difficulty_crisis_flag
- custom_difficulty_marauder_flag
- custom_difficulty_no_bonuses_flag
Hope the list of mostly self-explanatory. The last item means that this country never gets any bonuses from my mod and should be used if you want to balance your country yourself (done by Gigastructures for example)

- "pt","en","fr", "de","pl","ru", "es" language files given but all mostly English. Most modifier and difficulty names are links to the Vanilla localization.

- Choose between simple and custom (default) mode. Simple mode only changes modifiers in three categories. Thus much less modifiers are needed which improves the performance even more. Switching between the two works without losing any previously done settings. Switching to simple will use the value of the first bonus (Minerals, Research, Weapon damage) as group bonus. When changing the group, values for all entries are still changed while in simple mod.
- Player Vassal Bonuses: Choose between giving them the same bonus as the player (default) or the AI bonuses.
- Delay Mode: Changed Modifier changes are either applied whenever closing the menu and at the start of each year (default) or 1-181 afterwards.

Sci-fi stuff[] by EyeSeeBlack[]
Sci Fi Matte Painting 091917[] by rich35211[]

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Popular Discussions View All (2)
Nov 2, 2021 @ 5:25am
Not sure if the crisis difficulty settings are applying correctly
Gratak  [author] Jul 15 @ 8:47am 
Thanks for the report. Should be fixed now.

I haven't played the game for years, so I do need reminders like this if new stuff is added.
myhaurs Jul 15 @ 8:05am 
This mod doesn't count Cetana as a crisis. Crisis bonuses doesn't apply, and it also nullifies vanilla multiplier completely. I had to change "other" bonuses to scale up Cetana, which made Tiyankis have a fleet power of 520k. Hope this gets fixed soon.
Gratak  [author] Jul 7 @ 5:14am 
Hmm. Probably want to try reinstalling the mod. It that doesn't help, I could have a look at your error log. You could send it to me via discord (see link for Stellaris Modding Den)
Dustreaper Jul 7 @ 5:09am 
I set it to civilian now then i should see a modifier right? Don't see any. Also when changing any bonus like say crisis bonus current bonus: is just blank no matter if i add or remove steps. That is for every category so something is not working nice but no sure how to fix it. Like i changed my player ship cost a few steps and cannot see any difference when building so yea something broke on my side just no idea what or how to fix.
Gratak  [author] Jul 7 @ 12:03am 
It certainly is still working for me. Load order should play no role.

You see the applies bonuses in the empire tab (clicking of your flag in the top left) under modifiers. Of course by default none are applied to the player. But if you do, they should appear there. As far as I am currently aware, the only way to directly see if it is working for other empires, is to apply the modifiers and then switch to an AI empire using the console (`) and typing "tag 2" (or any other number). Then you should again see the modifiers in their empire view.
Dustreaper Jul 6 @ 11:04am 
Hmm The menu works i can change stuff but i don't think they apply. Crisis power doesn't seem to change when changing settings. I don't see a difficulty modifier on stats or like farming. That's how the game apply's the difficulty bonus right? IT was at the top of my mod list now it's at the bottom above giga but still nothing hmmm..
Gratak  [author] Jul 5 @ 1:32am 
Well yes. They should be in the mod.
KeinNiemand Jul 5 @ 12:56am 
Then is it possibe to add difficulty adjusted ai modifiers as something you can adjust or at least have an option to keep the vanilla based on the main menu setting?
Gratak  [author] Jul 4 @ 11:33am 
They are not the same. What you are talking about is "Difficulty Adjusted AI Modifiers multiplies empire-wide economic modifiers for AI empires on harder difficulties. Empire-wide economic modifiers includes things such as technologies which increase job output."
KeinNiemand Jul 4 @ 10:47am 
difficulty ai modifier multiplier (which I assume is supposed to be the same things as difficulty adjusted modifiers) dosn't seem to work for techs, no matter what I set or change it to the AI always seems to get the regular bonus from techs, it seems to work correctly on edicts.