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One Button Respec (Updated!)
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Dec 11, 2018 @ 9:13am
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One Button Respec (Updated!)

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Here is a mod that adds a single button to the character UI to fully respec the character's skills. This can only be done once per game per unique character. As far as I know this is a 100% full respec that does not mess with quest skills, innates, traits, ancillaries, or anything else. You should 100% just have a fresh lord to use as you like.

That is all. It is compatible with everything. Thank you to CA for supporting the modding community by continuing to improve the Lua interface.

If you enjoy my mods, please consider giving Sm0kin your money because he's far more reliable than me:

No, seriously though, he uses his own time to help me maintain script projects, and you should go thank him.

Will have the option to pay gold instead of a hard limit, or the option of unlimited through the Modding Configuration Tool but not until later next week when I'm done exams

Works with SFO, radious, etc etc etc etc ad nasuem. REQUIRES UIMF

Huge thanks to Sm0kin for code review and his help tracking down the infamous crash. You can take a look at all his workshop stuff here: and if you come across his patreon, you should probably give it a shout ;)

Thanks to [HN] for the mod image.
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kingjoedirt Nov 18 @ 4:52pm 
Just used a respec on Khazrak while I had his chariot equipped. I did not put a point back into the chariot but I still have it equipped. Maybe it's not possible to get rid of the item from the mod, maybe this is a known issue, but either way just thought I would bring it up.
❦Xeonzsღ💕 Nov 16 @ 11:34am 
I have the same as Mr Studdy Nutwood, game will ocassionally (not reproducable, happens intermittently and rarely) when clicking a skill for upgrading or closing skill tree window.

It happens not often enough to warrant disabling the mod, but it would be nice if it would be fixed someday.
Mr. Stud Nutwood Nov 14 @ 3:50pm 
Update to the below: Yes, it seems to have been caused by this mod. My skill tree menu crashes have stopped completely after disabling it.
Mr. Stud Nutwood Nov 14 @ 6:14am 
Sometimes (but not consistently) my game crashes when I close the skill tree on a character. Could this mod be the reason?
Rona Nov 8 @ 4:24am 
Causes crash when selecting "Spawning of Xhotl" skill on Kroq-gar. I've tested every possible combination and this mod is the only one that causes the issue on that specific skill. I would be very grateful if you could take a look into the issue, thanks.
Song Nov 1 @ 3:23pm 
So I guess author just noped out?
Dragon32 Oct 31 @ 5:35am 
That seems to be happening for some people with various mods since CA updated their launcher a few days ago. Try using Kaedrin's Mod Manager
So-Nanoka-? Oct 30 @ 9:50pm 
i cant see this in total war launcher
Shyva Oct 30 @ 4:15pm 
@Song I'm having the same issue as well! Checked with no other mods enabled and it still does not work
Song Oct 28 @ 9:55am 
This isnt working anymore, the button on the bottom left bar stopped showing up. Anyone else having this issue? I'm 99% sure im not using any mods that conflict or would disable it. When using Mod configuration tool it shows up and I have limits and cost all off.