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Alydus Base Systems
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Alydus Base Systems

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Alydus Base Systems


Alydus Base Systems adds a set of simple to use, effective base defense and monitoring modules for all of your base needs. It works flawlessly with roleplay gamemodes like DarkRP[] (with custom intergration), sandbox and other gamemodes that involve building bases. It works on singleplayer and multiplayer, however multiplayer is recommended for the best experience!

What does this addon require?

This addon includes everything required for the addon to work correctly, simply add it to your servers workshop collection, or subscribe to it and enable the addon when hosting a singleplayer server. Players connecting will download the addon automatically.

What modules are there?

Important Notes:
- All modules are destructable, and all have 150 health, excluding the base controller (which has 500).
- The base controller can only be repaired when it has been destroyed.
- Base modules are repaired using the base controller on the Dashboard (Mode 0), by pressing 'Repair Modules'. The time this takes is relative to the amount of base modules the base controller is linked to.
- All base modules output their health value via a Wiremod output. You must have it installed.

Base Controller - In order for each player to use any base module, they must have a base controller. Using this, they can claim other modules and they will be automatically linked. When placed, it must be claimed by the player (this will also link in with prop protection and make the controller their prop, if it isn't already). For gamemodes like DarkRP, it will attempt to automatically claim the entity for the player who purchased the entity when spawned via F4.

Module - Alarm (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_alarm) - The alarm module is a manually triggerable alarm, it is controlled by the base controller. When an alarm is enabled, it will loop a 'intruder' type alarm/warning - until disabled. There is an additional Wiremod output to this module, which outputs the status of the alarm (0: Disabled - 1: Enabled).

Module - Searchlight (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_searchlight) - This module will automatically look at any players/NPCs near it. It will disable when destroyed, or when it is held by a physgun.

Module - Camera (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_camera) - The camera module is a remotely accessible camera, mountable on any angle. Despite the angle the camera is placed, the display will always be relative to the horizon (flat to the ground). This allows you to mount cameras to the ceilings and walls, and the display will be unaffected, but the position will still be a benefit. To view a camera, press the camera uplink button on the base controller when in the camera system mode. The controls for this camera uplink mode will be visible at the bottom of your screen. If you are viewing a camera and you take damage, the camera gets destroyed, you get arrested/set wanted (darkrp) you will be forced to exit the camera uplink view.

Module - Door Servo (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_doorservo) - The door servo module is a servo that attaches to nearby doors automatically, allowing the base controller to remotely lock and unlock any doors near any door servo modules. This is useful for locking any doors to your base. This works with the DarkRP lock/unlock keys weapon.

Module - Gun Turret (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_gunturret) - This turret is a fully automatic minigun, loaded default with 350 bullets. The turret will priotise attacking players over NPCs and it will only consider attacking NPCs which have a negative 'relationship' (hostile) to the player. This prevents the turrets killing friendly NPCs. If you would like to whitelist a player not to attack, the addon uses the CPPI (Common Prop Protection Interface) system to get the owners 'friends' or 'buddies'. Install a prop protection system like Falco's Prop Protection System[], Simple Prop Protection or Nadmod Prop Protection, and add your friend as a buddy.

Module - SAM Turret (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_samturret) - This SAM (surface-to-air) turret is a fully automatic anti-vehicle turret. It will only attack vehicles which are not owned by the player (owner of the base controller). This also links in with CPPI, so it will not attack your friend's vehicles. Examples of vehicles are seats and WAC Aircraft.

Module - Proximity Trigger (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_proximitytrigger) - This trigger activates all available base alarms connected in your system, when a NPC or player you aren't friends with (through CPPI) enters it's range. Remember, you can disable alarms using the base controller.

Module - Transmitter (Class: alydusbasesystems_module_transmitter) - This transmitter messages the player if a module connected to it's owner's base controller is destroyed.

What modules are planned? (coming soon)

In the future, I have plans to implement the following new base modules:
- Traps (acoustic, vibration, laser; also rearmable)

Have any ideas for new modules? Leave them in the Suggestions & Bugs discussion below, and I will review your ideas - and consider adding them.

Known issues

- Searchlights can target through walls.
- SAM Turrets can target through walls.

How do I spawn the entities?

The entities are located in your spawnmenu, as illustrated on the following diagram.

What models does it use, and who made them?

- Server Rack Super Computer - Using the model of the server rack with laptop mounted, and without. Created by Mr.CoffeeStain / CoffeeStain.
- Texturizable Rugged Server Laptop - Using the laptop model, it will be available for a portable base controller later on. Created by Mr.CoffeeStain / CoffeeStain.
- Black Ops models: Equipment PROPs - Using the two versions of the gun turret, SAM turret and most of the other models in this pack. Ported masterfully by Moon / M O O N. (thanks for the brillant skeleton setup) - however the credit to the actual models goes to Treyarch for Black Ops.
- Laser turret model by Xaxidoro, thanks for the great work.
- Screenshots by Caboose, also a massive thanks.

Tags: Barricades Fortifications Defense Base Barricade Intruder Alarm System Player NPC Turret Emplacement Fortification Barricade Shield Base Wars Starwars Star Wars RP Roleplay Realism Realistic Server Room Server Rack Server Laptop Interface Sci fi Sci-fi Scifi Lasers Fallout FO Custom Content
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