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Twitch Stories [Discontinued]
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Nov 26, 2018 @ 9:53am
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Twitch Stories [Discontinued]


This mod was discontinued, but please check TwitchToolkit out, it's based on Twitch Stories but way cooler!

General concept

Every 5 minutes this mod starts a vote in your Twitch chat. Once a vote happenes Twitch chat will have 3 options to vote on, and after 1 minute the winning option triggers a corresponding event. These vote options will not tell you directly which event will happen, but will give you a rough direction of the event instead. You are either able to vote on the category of an event (for example “Invasion”, “Environment”, “Drop”) or vote on the alignment (“good”, “neutral”, “bad”).

Each event has a difficulty rating from 1 to 5. The game is going to start with difficulty 1, which increases over time. The time needed to reach the next difficulty level depends on the difficulty of your game.

There are currently around 80 different events and 10 categories listed. The event list contains many of the vanilla events and some custom events. (And more custom events pending)

This Mod is for streamers and viewers alike, hope you like it ^.^

How to use

1. Generate a Twitch OAuth token
- You can generate one using this site[twitchapps.com]. This is to let TwitchStories write in your twitch channel.

2. When you have your token ready
- Start RimWorld and go to: Options > Mod Settings > TwitchStories.

3. Here you need to fill in:
- Twitch channel: Your channel name. The part after twitch.tv/
- Twitch username: The user you created the OAuth token with. This user needs to have moderator status in your chat. Twitch channel and Twitch username can be the same.
- Twitch OAuth: The Twitch OAuth token you generated in step 1.

4. Check if you want these enabled
- Commands: Enable/Disable the chat commands “!mods” and “!alive”.
- Other storytellers: Enable/Disable votes while playing a standard storyteller. Needs to be enabled when using a standard storyteller.
- Difficulty 5: Enable/Disable difficulty 5. This difficulty will try to kill your colony.

5. Connect the mod to your twitch channel
- Click the “Reconnect” button to connect with your twitch channel.
- Now you should see a message saying “You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike”.
- To test if everything works you can also post a message in your twitch chat. This message will appear here too.
- (Note that there is nothing posted in the twitch chat directly after you click Reconnect. This however might change in the future)

6. (Optional) Other options you can change if you want
- Twitch auto connect: Automatically connects the mod when RimWorld starts, otherwise you need to connect it manually.
- Vote interval: The time between two votes.
- Vote time: The time a vote is open.
- Vote options: The amount of options in a vote.
- Votes: Enable/Disable voting.

Suggestions / Bug reports

Got a cool idea?
Is something not working as expected?
Need help?
Leave a comment or join our discord[discord.gg]!

Working on
- Balancing
- More events
- Viewer names in game as enemies or colonists
- New vote announcement sound
- Polish translation


Special thanks to

Egoistus - German
PanSom - Russian


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