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South Asia v1.6 ANZACSAS
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Nov 22, 2018 @ 6:24pm
Jul 3, 2023 @ 4:30am
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South Asia v1.6 ANZACSAS

South Asia port to Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve.No errors!!
- Massive 122x122klm South Asia Terrain from Bohemia Interactive's Helicopter Flight Simulator
"Take on Helicopters" port to Arma 3 .
- Changed some textures to better suit the satmap.
- Enhanced clutter,Insects,Dust Efx,Haze efx.
- Enhanced "Take on Helicopters" Weather.
- Uses A3 lighting and sky.
- SATMAP pic for onboard aircraft for in cockpit navigation.
- This terrain focuses on aircraft and large scale missions.
- Roads are painted so AI dont follow them the same as in Arma terrains.
- Extra waypoints are required for ground vehicles.
- Rivers are painted and are purely visual.
- Call to prayer,Arabian radio music and Arabian market Sound SFX added.They are found in the Sfx
sounds in triggers.
- Many objects added in the editor in the South Asia section that are in the data Pbo's from Take on Helicopters.
- Vegetation objects have been added in the editor in the South Asia section for mission makers.
- Objects in 3d editor are only partially supported.Feedback still welcome.:)
- Thanks to Bis and the Community.
- Enjoy!!

- Version 1.5
- Fully compatible with CUP Mod!!!
- Tinkered with the cloud lighting and clouds/weather.
- Edited objects to be seen from further distance.

- Version 1.4 -
- 10 digit coords.
- tidied up keys.Uses same ANZ key as most my other releases.

- MP Missions ready to use -
COOP 1-30 Air-War Over South Asia
COOP 1-50 Combat Air Assault
COOP 1-10 Anti-Aircraft Tank Hunt[/h1]

- Recommend this Extended View/Objects distance and shadows mod -

- Mission editors note below-
- Concrete runway,taxiway and parking areas have been added in the 3d editor,found in the South Asia section.
- Comes with an Airbase Template Mission that has concrete runways,taxiway,parking areas
and lighting already laid out and ready to use/test/modify.
- Template Mission is unpbo'ed in the Missions folder in your South Asia v1.5 ANZACSAS mod directory.

This mod is helpfull -
No Grass mod for South Asia.

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GAME LOGIC Jun 23 @ 4:25pm 
This map is great except it needs roads and actual runways.
PyroDude May 31 @ 11:07am 
Hey, it might be a stupid question but I was wondering if you'd ever consider adding water and roads to this map for AI ground units to travel on?
Ayso May 10 @ 3:57am 
everyone who tried got the same error so i think maybe a cup update broke the compatibility or something
Ayso May 10 @ 3:56am 
keep getting Verifying pbo failed cup_terrains_hsim_data_h_dummy.pbo when using this mod on a DS and only solution is to turn off check signatures
Wtf with water?
VEGITTO Jan 2 @ 11:24am 
We need more terrains like this, big, no cup, a lot of fun with jets.
Venom Dec 16, 2023 @ 12:55pm 
i would like to upgrade this map if possible
liwocom Nov 30, 2023 @ 12:20pm 
ANZACSAS Steven  [author] Nov 29, 2023 @ 2:51am 
@T.Gamble, lotsa little things.
@Chip Diamond ,No requirements m8.:)
@Cheeto, Thousands of buldings and objects.Roads are painted for now.This is how BIs made the terrain for ToH.

@Rosbif, unable to edit the world file itself atm.
@ItsStewie, There is a runway/airbase template in the mod folder to use for this.Bis made it this way...I thought the same thing back when they released it in ToH.
@liwocom, You messing with me?