The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Antibirth music++
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Oct 24, 2018 @ 11:24am
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Antibirth music++

Now updated with 18 new tracks from Antibirth Vol. 3, which covers most of the AB+ content!

This mod replaces almost all music (alt repentance floors/repentance endgame content excluded) in the game with Mudeth's compositions.

*not compatible with mods that change music.xml* (examples aside some music mods: StageAPI, Dad Insults Edmund When You Die)

Features/Differences from other Antibirth Music Mods:

Full Versions of
- "Hallowed Ground" (Downpour)
- "Lucidate" (Library)

Layered Version of
- "the Thief" (Cathedral)

New Music for
- Mega Satan (Chance of playing "The Flagbearer")
- Tainted Menu ("Descent")
- Game Over ("Journey from a Jar to the Sky")
- Credits/Alt Credits ("Underscore"/"Take Me Back Home" )
- 11th Wave in Greed Mode (Alt of "Tandava")
Full tracklist []
The Void Music plays from a random starting point
Alternative starting point for Blue Baby and Satan (random chance of playing)
DannyB's "$4cR1f1c14_" plays with a small chance in arcade
Story Boss Intros like in Antibirth (standalone mod) for
- Mom on Mausoleum/Gehenna
- Mom's Heart on Mausoleum/Gehenna
- Mother
- Isaac

Check out the content that was used:
Antibirth Soundtrack []
Spears 'n' Spades Soundtrack
Andrew Malefices' Memento Mori Cover
Abel Smids' Machine in the Walls Cover
Machine in the Walls 8-bit Remix

Antibirth mods recommendations:
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Antibirth Game Intro with new credits
Better Mausoleum Graphics
More minimalistic Antibirth Music mod
DannyB + Mudeth music mod
AB+ version of this mod
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giovannicoassolo Sep 14 @ 9:50pm 
FFinnGames You can do that by simply poking around in the files. You can also put new music. Say, I put Revelations' Vestige theme in Utero
Bluestk Sep 13 @ 2:03pm 
Hey minor bug I found, when you start the game when the tainted title theme is playing during the mother fight, no music plays at all.
Admostiel Sep 2 @ 10:53am 
Will there be an option to make Mega Satan's music permanent ?
Admostiel Sep 2 @ 2:37am 
Up Mangolano's comment, I witnessed that too
Mangolano Sep 1 @ 12:58pm 
There's a little problem when entering the arcade as the "$4cR1f1c14_" song plays every time you enter a new one, but after you leave it's back to normal. Any plans on fixing this?

Thanks for the addon! Repentance's soundtrack is really good but I'll stick with the original Antibirth ost ;)
usb Aug 27 @ 5:23pm 
It sounds like the Mines song has some volume inconsistency, everytime the Beep/Alarm goes off the music volume get's lowered by a considerable amount.
Another issue is that the Main Path Boss/Invictus seems to have it's volume too high up, i think it would be nice if you could turn it down by just a tiny bit.
Other then these 2 issues the mod works and sounds perfectly fine.
FFinnGames Aug 25 @ 5:31am 
Wow, good to hear that! I'll wait anxiously.
andboy  [author] Aug 25 @ 12:20am 
FFinnGames, IASSAN, that's in the plans
FFinnGames Aug 24 @ 7:37pm 
An idea: How about making the mod compatible with the Mod Config Menu? Giving the option to change the music of such floor/room to antibirth or original (repentance) for those who prefer the original music on one floor but prefer the Antibirth music on another (like me :P). I think it would be cool.
andboy  [author] Aug 20 @ 1:18am 
Frost_the_dragon90, you have a mod conflict (with a music mod, or something like StageAPI, Dad Insults Edmund When You Die)