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Cliffs of Insanity Volume II: "I Am Not Left-Handed"

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Cliffs of Insanity Volume II: "I Am Not Left-Handed"

The sequel to the 2012 smash hit Cliffs of Insanity. I took on board various comments made by players of the original map, and combined them with some new ideas of my own, and this is the result - you start at the bottom and work your way to the top... but the path is now crazier and knottier than ever!

With checkpoints etc courtesy of #BEEMOD.

Make sure you try the original cliffs too! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105062248
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Light Apr 3 @ 1:52am 
Boring, the solving is obvious witchout any options
Dman Jun 30, 2017 @ 9:25am 
Petutski May 13, 2017 @ 1:26pm 
Played this excellent map again after three years! Still great fun. Thanks!
Me May 1, 2017 @ 11:03am 
Nice puzzle,seemed a bit illogical at times but in the end it all worked out.
spaceowl Mar 4, 2017 @ 3:27pm 
I love theese huge maps! <3
gamecreator Feb 9, 2017 @ 7:36pm 
I got stuck after I lost the laser with the second fizzler and couldn't get it back. Looked fun though.
Portal Shoob Dec 8, 2016 @ 5:26am 
The Beast Machine Nov 28, 2016 @ 3:39am 
I greatly enjoyed this map; well done.
Jake Chudnow :P Nov 23, 2016 @ 5:16pm 
I have no idea what to do once you get past the companion cube bit with the aerial faith plates, but is still a good map! 9.5/10 :steamhappy:
700pounds_and_no_friends69420360 Jul 3, 2016 @ 7:20pm 
I was pleasantly surprised with this one. If ever you mess up, there's always a chance to fix your mistake.