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Zombiefied (Zombie Apocalypse)
Mod, 1.1, 1.2
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 10:56am
Jun 20 @ 1:22pm
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Zombiefied (Zombie Apocalypse)

Zombie Apocalypse
A previously unknown disease that causes the host to show unseen aggression and survivability is spreading across the rim. Can you survive facing this new threat?

This mod tries to be vanilla-ish. So (hopefully) no unintuitive new behaviours, no fancy zombie mutations. Just walking dead people. All the zombies behave just like other pawns in the game and are clickable etc.

-Human zombies
-Animal zombies
-Humanoid alien zombies
-Modded animal zombies

For every living thing in your modded game a unique zombie-version is generated. When a living thing dies due to zombies, it will reanimate as a zombie that matches it's original appearance and stats.

-Zombie generation for any given Pawn
-Zombies get attracted by noise
-Zombies will attack any lifeform on sight

Mod compatibility
-Compatible with most modded animals
-Compatible with "Humanoid Alien Races 2.0"
-Compatible with "Multiplayer"
-Compatible with most mods unless listed as incompatible

-Incompatible with "Lord of the Rims - Elves"

Latest Patch Notes
-Support 1.2
-Amount of noise on the map influences amount of zombieraids
-Mechs dont attack zombies so they will be dangerous for the player regardless of zombie population
-Shooting zombies no longer slows down time
-Some balance changes (slightly faster zombies, less zombies, etc.) to make the mod more fun

-Problem where sometimes no pawns would spawn on gamestart is fixed
-Melee attacks with guns no longer attract zombies

JustinNeedsCaffeine, for making the original Zombie Apocalypse mod for v.1.5
treaverb, for religiously testing this mod and finding bugs

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Whenever i try to play this mod, my pawns dont spawn
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pgames-food Nov 4 @ 11:38pm 
hi can i check, if you kill a zombie and they have some good clothing, like a power armour... can we get their gear?
No zombies in 1.3. Dying to play this mod, it got me to buy rimworld after holding off for so long.
ChipsGray Oct 7 @ 12:08pm 
Really hope this is getting worked on, such a great mod!!
4ydra Aug 22 @ 6:39pm 
please Update to 1.3.
de Kimerült Magyar Aug 6 @ 8:11am 
Will this be updated soon?
jencova Aug 4 @ 10:22pm 
same issue as Luke, not seeing any zombies in 1.3
Luke Aug 2 @ 9:32pm 
Does this work in 1.3 or not? The game launched with the mod enabled, I just haven't seen any zombies show up yet and it's been just under a year since I landed.
羽仙子V Jul 27 @ 2:39am 
1.3。update yes
Zombiefied  [author] Jul 26 @ 5:33pm 
Debug remove all zombies option in mod options. Reload the save and save it. Then remove mod
MaxG4 Jul 26 @ 9:06am 
Is it possible to safely remove this mod? If so, how?