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All You Need To Know: Dota 2 Guilds - [Old Client]
By Wyk
Dota 2 will soon have the guild system implemented for all users which brings in quite a few handy features and updates. Learn all you need about them below.
Creating A Guild
Dota 2 will allow users to create and manage Guilds within the game following the next update from under the Community tab. Guilds are independent from teams and are not to be confused with it.

Users will be able to be a part of 4 guilds simultaneously all of which will be accessible from under the Guilds tab. You can either join someone else's guild or create your own.

You can get started on building your own guild by clicking on the "Create New Guild" button on the tab shown above. This will pop up the Guild creation screen where you can customize your guild details.

  • Full Guild Name: As it suggests, this is the name of your guild. This will be unique globally so anyone trying to find you can look you up by searching directly. NOTE: You CANNOT rename or reuse the name of the Guild once created. So be careful before submitting your form.
  • Guild Tag: Like with teams, you will need to assign a short form for your Guild. This will show up in the lobbies, scoreboards and other areas where your guild is presented.
  • Guild Logo: Get visual with presenting your guild by adding up your own custom logo. A minimum size of 250x150 pixels will be ideal.
After you submit, you will be notified of your Guild creation and it will be available under your tab for further management.

Managing Your Guild
Now that your guild is created, you will be able to access it from under "My Guilds" in the Community Tab. You can click on the first slot to open up the list of Guilds that you are a part of. Selecting one of the guilds will further open up options more specific to that particular guild.

We created Guild 'Troll' so let's open that up.

In the home tab of the guild, you can find all the basic information about your guild including the date on which it was created. You will also be able to edit the Guild Logo and Guild Message here. You will also be able to leave the guild from here if you wish to.

All Guilds will also have their own marked Chat tab accessible to every member. This way you can stay in touch all your members and buddies with no extra effort.

Inviting Members To Your Guild
Inviting your friends to your guild is the same as when you create a team. Click on your buddy in the Friends tab of Dota 2 and you will now have the option of inviting him / her to your currently selected guild.

Once your friend accepts your invitation, they will show up under the Member List tab from where you can manage them.

As a Guild Leader, you will be able to promote any member of your Guild to an Officer status which will grant them extra rights including the ability to invite other members to the Guild.

The updated ranks are then shown in the Member List. As as guild leader, you will always be able to demote any Officer back to Member status.

With Officers and their expanded circle, you will now be able to be in the same circle as your near buddies without having to actually add them to your Steam Profile. There will always be your circle to enjoy Dota with.

Don't want to be bothered with these invites? No problem. You can adjust your privacy in the Settings > Game tab.

Guild Party
The biggest feature of Guilds is the ability to party up for a match with any member of any guild that any of your friends are a part of quickly without having to go through the hectic trouble of finding them, adding them and all that jazz.

Now with the help of the Guild Party Finder, you will not only be able to scout out for all Open Guild Parties but also join them and play as a Guild in Matchmaking. You can find the entire list of parties available to you under the party finder tab.

You can also open up your own Guild for this feature. As a Guild Leader, you can do so by using the "Open Party to Guild" button on the right hand side above your chat box.

You can also set a custom description to your party with details so that guild members can know what they are signing up for.

The description will show up in the Party Finder tab.

Once your party is open, you will start with one and any of your Guild members or allied guild members will be able to join you from the Party Finder tab.

You will be able to sign up together for any service under Matchmaking. You will also be able to find any game lobbies that your guild mates might be hosting through the newly added tab.

Go get started!
Guild History and Features
All games played by Guild Members will show up in the Game History tab of that particular guild. Guild Leaders will also be able to spotlight matches from the list for everyone in the guild to view.

More detailed info on this later.
The Guild System will be constantly worked on as the weeks go by with the feedback from the community. I'll update this guide as newer features get added to the system.

For any queries, feel free to buzz me on Facebook[] or on Twitter.

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