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RT's Weapon Pack [1.0]
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Oct 14, 2018 @ 6:37am
Jan 26 @ 3:30pm
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RT's Weapon Pack [1.0]

*All Weapon Art and Assets made by and belong to rhtstm*

Rebalanced the weapons to bring them more in line with Vanilla while still giving them an edge to justify the research.

If you don't like my version try ColOddball27's version
or this fantastic mod by KV

Major changes:
  • M18 Smoke now deploys the same effect as Smokepop Belts in a smaller(more spammable) radius
  • Things that go boom when you throw or shoot them now go boom if you let them burn
  • M82 gated under Anti-materiel Rifle research
  • Both .50 cal pistols gated under Large Caliber Pistols Research
  • Moved Katana to Long Blade research and added new research for the deadlier melee weapons in this pack
  • Fire Extinguisher extinguishes fire!
  • Probably other stuff I forgot

Things left to do:
  • Second Pass Ranged Weapons(Maybe bringing down ranges to be closer to Vanilla)
    • Rifles
    • SMGs
    • LMGs and Heavy MGs
    • Shotguns
    • Pistols
    • Sniper Rifles
    • Things that Explode
    • Misc Weapons
  • Ensure Story Tab Readability
  • Try to update translation files so they work with 1.0

Since I can't playtest every weapon in a reasonable amount of time, any additional experiences you can give me will be extremely helpful in ensuring the weapons are balanced.

This mod will be removed upon rhtstm's request or after the offical release of the mod.
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BamboozleBallet Sep 20 @ 9:04am 
On the lower damage assault rifles I'd raise the burst number. Atm the vanilla assault rifle is just better. A three shot burst is much more likely to do damage than two shot because of how Rim does scatter.
Wildfire628  [author] Sep 20 @ 2:03am 
When I was balancing bullpups I wanted them to have slightly faster aim and cooldown times than the traditional rifles to keep things from getting too generic, so that ended up shaking out as a two shot burst. While I am happy with where the damage is at, I do agree that some weapons feel underpowered considering the extra research and am still deciding on how to handle it.

As far as integration with other mods...that's on the back burner until I finish what I started
BamboozleBallet Sep 17 @ 11:41pm 
They feel underpowered compared to vanilla, especially when you consider they cost extra research. I used to love the 5 shot burst SA80, now its 2 shot burst???
Telarin Jun 4 @ 6:07am 
Do you think it would be possible to make the tools give their skill bonuses when equipped as a sidearm using the simple sidearm mod?
Happy_Berry_crunch May 25 @ 5:34pm 
is there a comparison list of all the weapons ? I'm assuming .300 black out is the strongest, but most balanced rifle?
Wildblast Mar 23 @ 3:42pm 
alright thanks
Wildfire628  [author] Mar 23 @ 2:35pm 
The main differences are probably in how we balanced the damages for the weapons. Most of the stuff under major changes in the descriptions are things I changed from the base mod so those should mostly be different too.

I should probably also take this time to let people know that I'm only mostly dead and still working on the mod when I have the time/energy
Wildblast Mar 23 @ 9:55am 
it may be a tough question to answer, but what would the differences be between your version and ColOddball27's version?
Niylark Feb 8 @ 7:19pm 
i totally get the CE thing. CE is a very massive mod, that would be dumped and balanced out ontop of this already massive mod. this is all free work so its a whole lot to ask...
sirz345 Feb 3 @ 9:01pm 
@Wildfire628 Ah that does make sense and I completely forgot to account for the burst difference. I appreciate how much work goes into balancing, I definitely do appreciate the effort that goes into balancing the weapons