Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers

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Rails Modpack
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Oct 9, 2018 @ 1:44am
Feb 27, 2019 @ 9:27pm
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Rails Modpack

Getting Started
Try either the Introduction Video by EpikTek or the built in quests/tutorials that lead your through getting your first rails laid. If you're interested in learning about switches specifically there's the Switches Tutorial by Ivan_Cornelius
If you want to play around with the mod before you go to the trouble of laying your own track there's an example world.

Wooden Rails
Cheap 10m sections of both straight and bendy standard gauge rail, made of 100% wood. You can't propel yourself faster than 8m/s on them and they have 4x the friction of steel rails.

Steel Rails
More expensive 10m sections of solid steel (or any metal) rail. They have a speed limit of 30m/s and no friction multiplier.

A standard gauge bogie that you can attach whatever small grid blocks you want to featuring relatively low mass and friction. Additionally contains a modified bogie (handcart) that can be used by up to two players to propel yourself at 7m/s.

This pack features two types of switches. Single block solutions that have fully animated points, frogs, and guide rails but are limited to the shapes I've made (currently only a right hand switch since these are very time consuming). There's also a small block switch controller than can be placed near *any* junction point to control it, but doesn't animate the tracks themselves. A special thanks to Kreeg for making the external switch controller model when I really didn't feel like doing it.

Bugs and Future Plans
  • Report bugs on Git Reports[] or directly to me.
  • The player animation on the handcart is a little strange, I'll redo these but it's very time consuming.
  • Trains can't derail due to high speeds or sharp corners. Needs a lot of physics tuning I haven't had time for.
  • With a lot of weight on sub grids the bogies sink. Again, needs a lot of physics tuning I haven't had time for.
  • You can't have dynamic rails currently. I'd like this, but it's low priority.

Special Thanks
Deepflame, for putting up with my whitelist requests and bug reports.
Stori3D_Past, shad, and Ivan, for providing some great feedback during development and a wonderful short switches showcase.
Epiktetus, for putting together the lovely trailer and getting started videos.
Kreeg, for helping me create the switch controller model.

Related Mods
Do you have a rails mod related to this? Let me know and I'll add it here.

Why are there so many mods?
When you subscribe to this mod it will add 6 other mods to your world in the form of dependencies. I did this so as the collection of rail related mods I publish gets larger, and possibly gets some features that people consider too cheaty or not-medieval-enough people can individually choose what pieces they want.

I want to build a 5km rail network but I don't want to gather the resources!
Rails Modpack (Cheaper) is this exact same mod, but with the price of all rails roughly halved.

The engineer is a super man that can haul huge amounts of stone! Why can't I pull more carts?
Well now you can with the Overpowered Handcart for your unrealistic pleasure.

Donations are never asked for, but greatly appreciated.
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In fact, since that wasn't the first request, i added it back and will just include the restriction in our server tweak mod.
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This is because the Industrial Modpack disables it to encourage looking for own solutions.
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martanovai, they both use the vrage 2.0 engine, so translating it shouldnt be too hard, the real problem would come from making it work with the space engineer code and functions. the mod, i presume, is a big one, and space engineers is pretty big and complicated too, so i would definitely say its not going to be an easy task, doable, but pretty hard.
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So Mr mod creator how hard do you reckon would it be to make it work in SE? Just asking for future me who can program more then a explicit HTML message.
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tested in .7 For the handcart make sure to be in the operating position, {F Key in the small floor either side} than run wile holding shift .your character uses stamina.