ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Oct 4, 2018 @ 12:31pm
Dec 31, 2018 @ 3:58pm
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From the storyline of ARK we know and see that there are many ARKs around the destroyed earth.
When you fight the Overseer you see in the far at least two other TheIsland Arks, plus the one on that you are.
This is where the story of MALFUNKTION starts.

MALFUNKTION is based on an early TheIsland Version (no Snow/Swamp/Redwood Biome)

Humans from the timeline of Diana Altaras stranded on the TheIsland ARK and tried to find a way back with their futuristic technology. They don’t behave so aggressive and only gathers the energy from the Obelisks to power there Machines. The lack of power caused the ARK to switch to an emergency mode from time to time and to reboot life support systems. That causes some map specific anomalies. To save the dying flora they build giant shield spheres with normal conditions inside.

An information system with big billboards keep track of the condition of the ARK and give optical feedback and sound feedback.

Conditions will be:
• Gravity Drop (ready)
• Oxygen Drop (half)
• Radiation
• Total Collaps

Plans for the Near Future:
1. Changing all Foliage to dying Version
2. Make whole outside playable
3. Add the other abnormally effects
4. Add an Underworld (around 1/4 of the Map)
5. Own Items that Help you in this unfriendly environment

Interested In the Projekt ?
Help me to get better and join discord to give feedback and report bugs
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Aggroviking Jan 16 @ 6:49am 
Enter the sphere at green obelisk. there u'll find some more species (para, phiomia, trike, stego, ...). but yes - the dinospawner seems to be weak at the moment.
dinogirl11 Jan 16 @ 12:04am 
I give it 5 stars I like the looks the story and the theme but I have one problem with it tho I went through the whole playable part of the map and I only found Dodos, Turtles, Roll rats, Sarcos, lots of Morellatops, and one Raptor, other than that, I had a very fun and great experience, keep up the good work. :)
★Eijmert★ Jan 13 @ 10:22pm 
wow it looks realy nice!
Dr Zoidberg Jan 13 @ 4:39pm 
Waylon_PlayZ Same I'm going to wait too.
Exilog Jan 11 @ 7:32am 
@ModdedEnderman_ its playable but not on the full surface and only the gravity event is currentlx running so to get a full feeling i would wait 1~2 month more for better experiance
ModdedEnderman_ Jan 11 @ 12:19am 
how far is this map? is it playable or should i wait?
tenebreate02 Jan 5 @ 3:34am 
I love the idea behind this map! Nice Story implementation and cool content. I want to see more
Rocket Noodle Hahnu Jan 5 @ 3:09am 
Just saw the vid and it looks absolutely dope!! I'm definitely checking this map out later today, finished or not XD
Waylon_PlayZ Jan 5 @ 2:45am 
Hey the map sounds really cool but im going to wait to download it and keep track because it sounds like it is not finished so im gonna come back on and off and see how its going and when Its 50% done or somthing ill come download it I hope it goes well (:
Exilog Jan 3 @ 8:26am 
@Cozmo - For Gravity are own boots planed but for the Oxygen drop are other helpet items planed too - and radiation, yes will be countered with hazard suit