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Sukritact's Better Great Person Screen
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Sep 20 @ 5:16am
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Sukritact's Better Great Person Screen


Tired of your Great People not fitting on one page? Keep forgetting how many charges Isidore of Miletus actually has? Are you bored of brown?

The Better Great Person Screen is my take on the Great Person Screen that hopes to solve these problems.

Key Features:

  • Assuming no additional modded Great People, they now all fit on one page!
  • Highlight to help easily identify recruitable Great People.
  • Action descriptions now mention the number of charges.
  • Boring bars replaced with colorful civ icons!
  • Less brown. (like seriously, why was there THAT much brown?)
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cyberhawk94 Nov 5 @ 1:20pm 
is this compaitible with CQUI?
Mada Gaskar Oct 26 @ 1:42am 
This looks beautiful! Any chance you could incorporate the "real great persons" portraits? <3
PrinceAmar Oct 18 @ 8:22am 
ok you guys are modders.
How do I fix this issue:
there are too many units on the map which results in a drop in frame rate.
Is there somewhere in some code you guys could direct me to to prevent the AI from absolutely going crazy with units.
Realistically they should build units when at war, and keep small peacekeeping force during peace, not every tile has a military unit. Or a few ballistic missiles that are more so quality rather than quantity as a means of an army, not a large spam.

do you guys get what i mean... there are so many it slows the whole thing down. So if you know anyone, or you know yourself, or if there is a mod to combat this, OR your knowledge of the civ 6 coding , could you tell me where and what i need to type in and change in the code to get this result
Moyocoya Oct 17 @ 9:00pm 
I'd be happy you answer this, yes or no, but an answer :
Moyocoya 25 sept. à 3h48
Sorry to bore everybody, but the great prophet window at the lower left corner would be great to make the whole thing easier to read !
conorbebe Oct 17 @ 9:48am 
@sukritact: Fair enough, thank you for your quick response :)
sukritact  [author] Oct 17 @ 9:08am 
@conorbebe: unfortunately no. I don't want to overwrite JFD's screen because he'll be constantly changing and updating it, and on his end, it's probably too much effort to support mine.
conorbebe Oct 17 @ 4:56am 
Any chance of getting a version of this that is compatible with JFD’s Rule with Faith?
Aristos Oct 16 @ 1:59pm 
@Suk: great work! Suggestion: can you modify the code for the counters so that it is ordered by the fastest to potentially reach each GP, and also show turns left? Shouldn't be a hassle, and it will make the mod even better I think.
nocebo Oct 15 @ 8:59am 
As always, amazing work.
Raven_2012 Oct 10 @ 9:31am 
Could you make it so when we click open the Policy Manager in the button up top, if we click it again it could close it too?