Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Roman Models Extravaganza 1.0.9
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Sep 7, 2018 @ 8:50pm
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Roman Models Extravaganza 1.0.9

NOTICE: These models will be improved over time! Noniac and I have reskins planned using these models and future models that have not been released at this time. For those who want a reskin, just be patient!

NOTICE TO ALL MODDERS: When we release updates for models and bug fixes, to ensure that all fixes apply and that nothing of the old models remain, please delete all old copies of the extracted models from your working data or wherever you store extracted model assets. Then extract the new updated packs for modding and use.

Mod Summary:

Roman Models Extravaganza is a modders resource boasting a wide assortment of Roman helmets, armor, equipment, and other items fit for any modding arsenal. The content of the mod currently spans the time period of the Late-Republic to the dimming light of the 2nd Century AD. The following models and textures were designed and produced over the last several months in prep for Rome II's 5th Anniversary. Noniac poured hundreds of hours into the creation of many of these models as close to their IRL counterparts and Celticus spent hundreds more trying to paint these models into something that stood out and resembled history. Hopefully the game will soon look like the one we all dreamed of!


Included among the models are the follow:

-Set of Imperial Gallic Helmets with HD Textures covering the Imperial Gallic A to the Imperial Gallic I Aquincum and various types inbetween.
-Set of Imperial Italic Helmets, notably the C, D, and G.
-Set of Caesarean era Buggenum Helmets
-Set of Augustan Era Coolus helmets.
-set of HBO's Rome: Soldier and Centurion Helmets (PULLO! STAY IN FORMATION!)
-New HD textures and remodeled Segmentata - Corbridge, Cobridge B, and Newstead.
-New set of crests for the CA Generals helmet.
-New set of crests for centurions and parade.
-Fixed Lion Pelts for Standard bearers
-Remodeled Lorica Hamata with various leather colors and designs.
-Remodeled Centurion Phalerae, riggings and belts.
-Scabbards, Pugios, and Cingulum
-New Augustan Scutum model and remodeled Imperial Scutum models with proper curve and two types of boss.
-And a whole lot more...



The textures for the segmentata and helmets are mostly 1k diffuses, gloss and specular maps with the normal maps remaining at 2k resolution for the best detail. Performance when models are combined and used in Variant Mesh Definitions is acceptable with little fps loss if the PC setup is good. All models have LODs and should mix and combine together with minimal clipping and stretching.

Future Content Policy:

This mod will be updated over time to include many new models and resources for modders to use. This is not the final release.



Noniac: Creator of most of the new models including the Gallics, Italics, Mail, Segmentata, etc.

Celticus: Texture Designer of most of the various models found within the pack.

Benjin: Creator of New Montefortino helmets and dozens of other fixes.

Hloeric: Creator of the Coolus and Buggenum helmets.

Kaziel: Original creator of some of the crest models and smaller pieces of equipment features in his resource packs.

Zaskar70: Original Creator of the scabbard mesh which has been modified and changed to fit the new armor pieces and equipment.
If there are any who are not credited here who wish to be please contact us ASAP through PM! It is imperative all who contributed to this work receive their due.


Screenshots and Renders:

The images above are renders created in Substance Painter and do not represent the final product you will see in game. Quality loss is inevitable as the need for performance takes precedence. The models in game WILL look nice regardless. Their quality was kept as much as possible with the in-game rendering and lighting taken into account. We will try to include in editor screenshots as well as renders to show the best presentation and reality that is possible.



This Modders Resource is available to use by individual modders freely with credit to this mod and the appropriate modelers/texturers/and contributors. Large Modding teams who have lists of credits and a wide mixture of resources and those who wish to make submods involved with large overhauls and projects will have to discuss use of the models with the mod resource team in order to have permission granted or denied and specify what permissions and credits must be put. Modders and Modding Teams who do not allow their self-made assets to be used by other modders may not use the models or textures in this resource unless they adopt a "Use with credits" modding policy.


Special Thanks:

Special thanks to all the modders and fans who have provided feedback on the mod and to those who have put up with the constant teasers. Even more special thanks to Noniac, Benjin and Hloeric who put up with my nitpicking and push to make the best quality work we could all achieve. You guys are the best <3 - Celticus
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Eldgrim 21 hours ago 
Just search for Extravaganza in the workshop and you'll find several mods that do.
Prince Baphomet Jan 15 @ 3:59pm 
what mods use these models? They are very well made and I would love to see them in game.
Eldgrim Jan 14 @ 1:14am 
@Prince Baphomet, just subscribe, but keep in mind that this isn't a mod, just models. To have them in game, you also have to subscribe to a mod that uses these models for the units.
Prince Baphomet Jan 13 @ 12:19pm 
Is there a download link for the mod? Or do we just have to subscribe??
sangre por sangre Jan 11 @ 4:56pm 
Working with Radious?
Jason Wolf Jan 10 @ 10:30am 
Are you guys still planning on making a DEI numbered Legions mod?
10969Steven Jan 5 @ 7:45pm 
It doesnt work with DEI
riggsie15 Dec 28, 2018 @ 2:01am 
Hi just trying this with an updated DeI install, with Divide et Impera Extravaganza and although the game is loading fine, I'm finding my Roman units not showing and flesh. The armor weapons and shields load fine but no faces arms or legs. I deselect the mod and I get all the soft fleshy bits back again. Also if I only deselect the Divide et Impera Extravaganza mod about half of the flesh texture return. Wondering if this is common?
fernandoferrani Dec 27, 2018 @ 4:24pm 
good job
Xardovany Dec 16, 2018 @ 8:26am adds these assets to DEI, it replaces all of DEI's existing helmets and armor pieces though, so you'll have to decide for yourself if you want that or not.