Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0 - Definitive Edition
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Sep 7, 2018 @ 2:03pm
Nov 17, 2018 @ 6:15am
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Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0 - Definitive Edition

This mod adds new Necromancy skills and improves upon vanilla ones as well, aiming to make a pure Necromancy playthrough all the more enjoyable, while keeping everything fair and balanced.

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At long last 2.0 is out, and with it come 9 new skills with custom made icons to enrich your necromancer playthrough!

The goal is to make pure necromancy builds more viable and fun in the early-mid game reducing the need to rely too much on other types of skills and/or respecing before having access to Grasp of the Starved, while also keeping the skills as close to the vanilla game as possible.

The Trader can be found outside Fort Joy, on the ruined bridge in Act 1, and in the deck of the Lady Vengeance in Act 2 and on. (Location shown in the video)

This mod does not require to start a new game.


Skills are in order of Tier from Starter to Master

Starter skills:

Raise Bone Crawler: Fast but weaker bone golem, high dodge chance, can use Burrow to close gaps.

Novice skills:

Raise Undead Zombies:
Raise 3 zombies to fight for you, they will act independantly and cannot be controlled. they have no armor but deal above average damage. Can be summoned alongside any other summon.

Corrupting Spikes:
Single target skill. Impales the target character dealing 40% increased base damage, also applies Decay and creates a cursed blood surface under the target.

Jump skill. Dissolve into blood and reappear at the target position, creating a blood puddle in the process. Designed specifically to give all races easy access to blood surfaces, synergizes with Elemental Affinity.

Adept skills:

Raise Undead Archers:
Raise 3 skeleton archers, they will act independantly and cannot be controlled. They also have access to a variety of Huntsman skills. Can be summoned alongside any other summon.

Raise Bone Walker:
Raise a skeleton beast amalgam, deals high damage, has high damage and can cast several spells.

Master skills:

Raise Bone Crusher:
Raise a goliath bone golem, sporting very high damage and armor, can also use Provoke. Costs 1 Source Point to cast.

Raise Death Knights:
Raise 3 Grave Wardens to fight for you, they will act independantly and cannot be controlled. They also have access to many Warfare skills. Can be summoned alongside any other summon. Costs 1 Source Point to cast.

Blood Surge:
Send a beam of blood that will split on impact up to 6 times. Can also explode corpses by targeting them. Cursed blood surfaces are created on impact. Enemies hit are cursed for 1 turn with Boiling Blood, which will make them explode on death, dealing massive damage to whoever is close by. Costs 3 Source Points to cast.

Skills are in order of Tier from Starter to Master

Starter skills:

Blood Sucker: Name changed to "Blood Absorb". Healing rate doubled.

Decaying Touch:
20% more damage. Cooldown reduced to 2 turns from 3.

Mosquito Swarm:
No longer a Single-Target skill, has a 1m AoE. Cooldown reduced to 3 turns from 4. No longer checks line of sight. Doesn't deal damage to self or allies.

Raise Bloated Corpse:
Cooldown increased to 5 turns from 3. No longer possible to target already exploded corpses. (Needs an intact body to work)

Vile Burst (Raise Bloated Corpse):
Damage increased by 50%. Explosion radius increased to 4m from 3m. Explosion no longer obstructed by objects.

Novice skills:

No longer a Single-Target skill, has a 3m AoE. Doesn't deal damage to self or allies. Damage reduced by 28.5% (Damage multiplier reduced to 100 from 140)

Rain of Blood:
Changed to behave more like regular Rain (more surface covered in blood). Cooldown reduced to 4 from 5 turns.

Adept skills:

Bone Cage:
No longer checks line of sight. (Corpses in range but hidden behind objects will now grant armor)

Silencing Stare:
Now also applies Atrophy for 1 turn. Slightly increased damage to Magic Armor. Cooldown increased to 4 turns from 3.

Bone Widow:
Added 20 base Magic Armor. Increased poison resistance from 100% to 200%.

Burrow (Bone Widow):
AP cost reduced to 1 from 2. Cooldown reduced to 1 turn from 3.

Devour Corpse (Bone Widow):
AP cost reduced to 1. Buff duration increased to 5 turns from 3.

Black Shroud:
Increased AoE radius to 6m from 4m. Increased cast range to 17m from 13m. Now also applies Decaying permanently to all characters in target area upon use. AP cost increased to 2 from 1. Cooldown reduced to 4 turns from 5.

Master skills:

Blood Storm:
Damage increased by 20%

Totems of the Necromancer:
Stat scaling of the totems was massively increased, resulting in much higher damage.

Descriptions of the skills were adjusted to better explain what they do and their new features.

This mod will be compatible with mods that add new necromancy skills, make changes to skillbook vendors, or character creation starting classes.

Almost all the new custom Icons were made by Dusk, the rest I made them myself.

Assistance: LaughingLeader, SeINfEID, Feenex, Dashiku, Razor
Lots of love for all who helped me coming up with cool names for the new abilities on discord.
A huge thank you to everyone who helped me out in making this mod!

Russian Translation of my mod by Forgotten Gruver
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brilliance Apr 25 @ 5:29am 
I should be able to get the skeletal archer trio book by now, but it hasn't showed up in the vendor? I'm currently level 8, Necromancer level (min) 5, and I really adore this mod.
Sleepy Bodhi Apr 21 @ 8:02pm 
The Vendor NPC is missing once you arrive in Arx :(
keepUP Feb 18 @ 8:03am 
Hi, does this mod works with faster casting mages?
aheram Jul 13, 2020 @ 6:33pm 
Question, is this compatible with Pet Power?
Godard Jul 10, 2020 @ 11:33am 
Excellent mod. I'd say it's the best out there. It adds what a necromancer should have: summoning of the dead, without breaking the game. A must have.
freeway  [author] Jun 28, 2020 @ 8:12am 
You're missing the point entirely. While it is true that necromancy ends up being the strongest build in the later stages of the game, a pure necromancy build is far from being competitive in the early-mid game, and is usually either used alongside other types of skills, or ignored entirely until you can make good use of it later on. Necromancy is also more like blood magic in the vanilla game, there's very few choices in terms of minion summons, which doesn't lend itself well to the core theme of necromancy, which is raising the dead, hence why I added new summon skills to make up for that. I don't intend to make necro more powerful than it already is in late game, which is why I didn't touch Grasp or (Mass) Corpse Explosion at all, the idea is to give more variety.
Captain Fail Jun 27, 2020 @ 10:22pm 
imagine thinking necro needed a buff when it was the strongest vanilla build in the entire game
Shackle May 18, 2020 @ 9:22am 
I'm honestly surprised blood rain doesn't cause the wet status. and i'm especially surprised that there's no mod that changes that.
[1PV]Matt9559 May 8, 2020 @ 11:13am 
Hello, i'd like to tweak the dmg from the archers. Is there a way to do it ? Tks for the answer
Forgotten Gruver Oct 12, 2019 @ 5:23pm 
Hello freeway. That mode is incredible job done. I would like to ask you about permisson to provide access to the translated by me version of the mod, for a Russian-speaking audience, with a link to the original (Steam and Nexus) of course. It's would be a nice for russian speking audience coz it's really wierd when most names on russian and some on english by the mod.