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Color Coded Mood Bar
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Sep 2, 2018 @ 3:10pm
Oct 20, 2018 @ 12:18am
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Color Coded Mood Bar

Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.

Red: extreme mental break threshold
Orange: major mental break threshold
Yellow: minor mental break threshold
Gray: neutral mood
Light Blue: content
Green: happy

24-9-2017: Removed unnecessary error log messages.
18-11-2017: Updated for RimWord version 0.18.1722, and added content and happy mood colors.
02-09-2018: Compatibility with 0.19
03-09-2018: Removed unnecessary dependencies. Cleanup.
05-09-2018: Resized colonist bar images slightly to improve mood visibility.
07-09-2018: Fixed offmap transparency. More B19 adjustments.
20-10-2018: Compatibility with 1.0

Original Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1136819681

It is also combined in Evil Tacticians mod compilation found here:

I want to have an as small as possible signature so i even removed the source-code and everything else not needed.

**Known Issues:**
Mod incompatibilities:
- "Advanced biomes" and "Rimstory" should be loaded after this mod. Otherwise there might be some conflicts (Thx 2 Xerberus86)

Kept License MIT
GitHub: https://github.com/resTive2k12/ColorCodedMoodBar
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爱因牛顿 Oct 5 @ 2:04am 
Great Mod!
Le Pew Sep 20 @ 1:15pm 
Love it. My, shall we say `carrying a little more timber` Rimworld People (not pawns, you heartless sods!)`, were always a little troubling to gauge with their moods. Mainly due to taking up most of the mood bar with their bulk! No longer you pixelated chunk..I see through you!
(which is mightily impressive given your density)!
Cheers Modder.
Chaseeyy Sep 13 @ 4:00pm 
This should be base game
rizrune Aug 16 @ 11:54pm 
fps drop
Evil Tactician  [author] Jul 19 @ 10:44am 
@Boomer - it doesn't, you can use it on any ongoing save.

@Rector - All credit should go to semTex, he's really a great developer/coder.

@gyaban8 - The back color is entirely vanilla, it might look quite weird with a white background as it will clash really hard?

@trekkre - I never noticed and now I can't unsee it. I believe there was a reason, but I can't remember what the reason was. It will require semTex' expertise on how the color was drawn.
trekkre Jul 4 @ 6:30pm 
Can the colors be fixed to fit into the boxes? It's annoying that it doesn't quite fit
gyaban8 Jun 29 @ 4:33am 
Great mod.I think it would be nicer to me if the back color was white.Now the back color is dark blue, it's not good with the pawns' hair which tend to be dark. Besides
Contour of the pawns is also black.
Winter Jun 9 @ 10:47am 
Why isn't this in the vanilla game?!
Rectorforthegood Jun 2 @ 1:51am 
I absolutely love this mod thank you Semtex, Evil tactician
Waggy May 25 @ 11:25am 
Good idea